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New and Noteworthy Projects by WhiteClouds

Giant 3D statue of Yeti Archery Target

Foam Character Archery Targets

4xFar Lighted Letters Night View

4xFAR Lighted Letters

Breakthrough conference logo and display

Breakthrough Wall Lighted Trade Show Display

Character Model of an owl

3D -Printed Owl

BOSS Guitar effects pedal model

BOSS Guitar Effects Pedal

Futuristic 3D-printed bumper side view

3D-Printed Bumper

LED Foam Letters X Outdoors

Foam Letters

Moon Topography

Moon Topographies

Industrial Model Rotoshovel Closeup

The RotoShovel – A Large Product Replica

Large Keyboard model

Large Keyboard

Bart Simpson

Large 3D Cartoon model of Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson

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