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Axelar Levitating Robot Company Mascot Statue

Video: Making of the Levitating 3D Printed Robot Character

Journey through the captivating blend of 3D printing and levitation magic. From concept to colorful creation, watch as a floating robot character comes alive, challenging gravity and sparking imagination. It’s where cutting-edge engineering dances with artistic vision!

halo master chief life-size 3D Printed statue

Video: The Making of Halo Master Chief

From the digital battlegrounds of Halo emerges a 7’3″ titan: Master Chief, crafted from 85 unique 3D prints! Dive deep into this fusion of gaming lore and 3D artistry, watching as Officer John-117 stands tall, not just in our consoles but in our reality. A monumental testament to technology and tribute to an icon!

Largest 3D Printed Statue in the World

Video: The Making of a 30′ 3D Printed Statue

Journey into the creation of ‘Scout’, a colossal 30′ statue born from 3D printing genius. Crafted for CONEXPO/CON-AGG, this masterpiece symbolizes innovation and pays tribute to the unsung heroes of construction. Watch as digital dreams scale to towering realities, celebrating the fusion of art, technology, and human ambition!

Dragon Archery 3D Prop

Video: 3D Dragon Sculpture

Unveil the magic of the 3D Dragon Sculpture! Watch as master artisans transform lifeless foam into legendary dragons, blending ancient myths with cutting-edge craftsmanship. Dive into a realm where dreams are sculpted into tangible wonders, and where every contour tells a timeless tale. Join the odyssey of creation!

Orca Security team at tradeshow with the foam company mascot sculpture

3D Mascots

Step into the vibrant world of 3D mascots! These dynamic, lifelike figures are redefining brand storytelling, transforming passive audiences into enraptured fans. Dive in and witness the future of interactive branding!

Giant Orca whale company mascot foam statue for Orca Security

Giant Mascots

Dive into the mesmerizing world of ‘Giant Mascots’ and discover the artistry and passion that transforms fabric and foam into towering titans of team spirit. From design intricacies to the unsung heroes inside, uncover the magic that makes these colossal characters the true MVPs of entertainment!

NBA Mascots-Franklin the Dog

The Furry Side of Basketball: NBA Mascots and Their Unique Appeal

Step into the furry frenzy of NBA’s courtside stars! From heartwarming hugs to thrilling tumbles, these mascots do more than just entertain; they encapsulate the spirit of their teams and cities. Dive deep into the world where fur meets fanfare, and discover the magnetic appeal of these delightful, dynamic characters. Basketball’s fluffy side awaits!


Behind the Antics: The Real Stories of NBA Mascots

Ever wondered about the stories behind the NBA’s most beloved mascots? Dive into the world beyond the courtside comedy, discovering the passion, dedication, and love that fuels their antics. It’s a backstage pass to the heart and hustle of these unsung heroes. Get ready for a slam dunk of emotions and unexpected tales!

NBA Mascots-Benny The Bull

Benny’s Reign: Reliving the Chicago Bull’s Most Iconic Mascot Moments

Dive deep into Benny the Bull’s realm of razzle-dazzle! From jaw-dropping aerial feats to heartwarming fan interactions, relive the magical moments that crowned Benny as Chicago’s ultimate courtside entertainer. It’s more than just a mascot story; it’s a tribute to the unyielding spirit of the Windy City. Ready to charge with Benny?

NBA Mascots-Rocky

Rocky’s Rise: Denver’s Mascot and His Role in Elevating Game Day

Journey to the peaks with Rocky, Denver’s dynamo mascot! From exhilarating stunts to heart-tugging fan moments, delve deep into the story of how Rocky elevated every Nuggets game day. It’s a tale of passion, energy, and sheer commitment to the fans. Ready to reach new heights with the mascot that’s truly on top of the world?

NBA Mascots-Gorilla

Sunshine and Slams: The Phoenix Suns Gorilla’s Best Performances

Step into the radiant world of the Phoenix Suns Gorilla, where every slam is a spectacle and every dance move dazzles! From breathtaking acrobatics to heartwarming fan engagements, journey through the Gorilla’s brightest moments under the Arizona sun. Are you ready to bask in the sunshine of NBA’s most electrifying mascot performances?

Mascots-Clutch the Bear

Houston’s Furry Hero: Celebrating Clutch the Bear’s Greatest Moments

Dive into the heart of Houston with Clutch the Bear! From epic dance-offs to unforgettable fan surprises, join us in celebrating the furry hero’s most iconic moments. It’s not just about the game; it’s about the warmth, laughter, and sheer joy Clutch brings. Ready for a bear-hug of memories?

NBA Mascots-Blaze-the-trail-cat

Blazing the Court: The Evolution of Blaze the Trail Cat

Journey with Blaze, the Trail Cat who’s been setting the court on fire! Witness his evolution from a curious kitten to an NBA sensation, capturing the hearts of Portland fans. From thrilling dunks to touching fan moments, dive into the legacy of a feline icon who’s redefined mascot magic. Are you ready to blaze the trail?

NBA Mascots-Harry the Hawk

Feathers, Flight, & Fun: A Day in the Life of Harry the Hawk

Swoop into a day of adventure with Harry the Hawk! From sunrise stunts to twilight antics, get an exclusive peek into the feathery world of Atlanta’s high-flying mascot. It’s more than just feathers and flight—it’s a whirlwind of laughter, passion, and unforgettable courtside moments. Ready to spread your wings with Harry?

NBA Mascots-Spurs Coyote

Courtside Comedy: The Unbeatable Wit of the Spurs Coyote

Step into the hilariously wild world of the Spurs Coyote! From slapstick pranks to ingenious skits, uncover the secret behind San Antonio’s favorite comedic genius. As the lights dim and the crowd roars, it’s not just about the basketball—it’s about the uncontrollable laughter and joy the Coyote brings. Ready for a comedic slam dunk?

NBA Mascots-Hugo the Hornet

Buzzing with Spirit: A Dive into Hugo the Hornet’s Courtside Charm

Dive into the world of Hugo, the Hornet with unmatched zeal and charm. From captivating dance-offs to hilarious fan interactions, experience the magnetic allure of Charlotte’s buzzing superstar. It’s not just about basketball; it’s about the spirit, heart, and delightful mischief Hugo brings to every game. Get ready for a courtside adventure like no other!

NBA Mascots-The-Raptor

Flight of the Raptor: How Toronto’s Mascot Soars Above the Rest

Unleash the sky-high adventures of the Raptor, Toronto’s legendary mascot. From heart-stopping aerial stunts to unforgettable courtside encounters, delve deep into the world where feathers meet fandom. Experience the passion, flair, and unmatched energy that make the Raptor an unparalleled NBA spectacle. Ready for takeoff?

NBA Mascots-Jazz Bear

Jazzing it Up: The Unstoppable Energy of the Jazz Bear

Step into the world of the Jazz Bear, where courtside charisma meets unrivaled energy. From gravity-defying stunts to heartwarming fan moments, explore how this iconic mascot has transformed Utah’s game nights into unforgettable spectacles. Experience the beat, the moves, and the roaring applause – this is the story of the NBA’s most spirited performer!

NBA Mascots-Franklin the Dog

30 NBA Mascots

Meet the dynamic mascots of the NBA! From high-flying hawks to mischievous magic dragons, these sideline stars ignite the crowd’s spirit. Dive into the vibrant world of basketball’s most charismatic characters and discover how they each bring unique flair and energy to their team’s court. Who’s your favorite mascot?


Top 10 NBA Mascots

Journey into the exhilarating world of the NBA’s top 10 mascots! From gravity-defying stunts to hilarious courtside antics, these iconic figures transform every game into a spectacle. Experience the infectious energy, unforgettable moments, and heartwarming interactions that only these sideline superstars can offer. Who will top your list?

NBA Mascots-The-Raptor

NBA Mascots

In the electrifying world of NBA, mascots reign supreme as charismatic jesters of the court. Dazzling fans with gravity-defying stunts, they’re not just sidekicks, but the unsung heroes who weave magic into every game. Their antics transform arenas into theaters of joy, where every leap, dance, and jest binds the crowd in a shared celebration of the game’s spirit.

Bengals Chiefs Football

NFL Mascots

Dive into the exhilarating world of NFL mascots! These larger-than-life characters ignite stadium energy, turning every game into a spectacle and forging unforgettable bonds between fans and the gridiron.


Blue’s Blueprint: Designing the Indianapolis Colt’s Vibrant Vision

Gallop into the world of Blue, the vibrant heart of the Indianapolis Colts! Delve into a blueprint brimming with creativity, vision, and unbridled enthusiasm. From concept sketches to roaring stadium moments, discover the journey of crafting an equine sensation that resonates with fans and rivals alike. Blue’s legacy is ready to be unveiled!


Blitz’s Backstory: The Making of Seattle’s Spirited Seahawk

Uncover the spirited origins of Blitz, Seattle’s electrifying Seahawk! Dive into a journey of creation and evolution, where feathers meet fervor. From soaring into the hearts of fans to rallying the Seattle spirit, Blitz’s tale is a saga of vibrant energy and unwavering passion. Ready to explore the making of an icon?

NFL-Mascots-Freddie Falcon-Falcons

Freddy Falcon’s Flight: From Mascot Newbie to NFL Legend

Join Freddy Falcon as he transforms from a fledgling newbie to an NFL legend! Witness the highs, the dives, and the moments that crafted a legacy in the skies of Atlanta. Freddy’s tale is more than just flights; it’s a story of determination, spectacle, and undying fan love. Ready to soar into legend?


Rampage Rundown: The Los Angeles Ram Who Stole Our Hearts

Meet Rampage, LA’s heart-stealing Ram with an untamed spirit! Venture into a journey filled with rambunctious antics, heartfelt fan moments, and an infectious energy that’s uniquely Los Angeles. Beyond the horns and hooves lies a tale of passion, dedication, and sheer mascot magic. Get ready for a Ram-page like no other!


Swoop’s Soaring Success: What Makes the Eagles Mascot Stand Out

Take flight with Swoop, the emblematic Eagle soaring above the rest! Dive into a journey that reveals the dedication, charisma, and spirit behind those majestic wings. As rival mascots tread the field, Swoop’s unique essence shines, setting a new pinnacle of mascot success. Ascend into the captivating world of an NFL avian icon!


T-Rac Tracks: Uncovering the Tennessee Titan’s Mascot Mysteries

Step into the enigmatic world of T-Rac, the mascot titan with a trove of secrets! From mysterious rituals to untold stories, tread the tracks of a legend that’s as intriguing as the game itself. With every twist and turn, the mysteries of Tennessee’s iconic mascot unravel. Ready for an epic T-Rac revelation?

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