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WhiteClouds Project Collage

Recent 3D Fabrication Project Gallery

See a few featured 3D fabricated projects we have done in the past few months.

Kona Brewing Co. Bus Retail Display Thermoforming

KONA Brewing Co VW Bus Retail Display Case Study

WhiteClouds recently completed their most diverse project yet in terms of incorporating all of the various skills and technologies of the company. The KONA “Liquid Aloha” VW Bus, made for the KONA Brewing Company and modeled after their own Volkswagen bus, required woodworking, CNC, large-draw thermoforming, foam-cutting, 3D printing, vinyl wrapping, and painting skills. This project also involved mass production, for we were commissioned to create not just one, but many identical KONA Bus fronts.

3D printed 7' tall bobblehead

Bobblehead of Ryne Sandberg 3D Printed Statue Case Study

Sports teams throughout the years have made bobbleheads an iconic collectible, but Major League Baseball was the first to start the tradition. A pharmaceutical company promoting the use of medical marijuana made use of this beloved tradition to gather attention and support by commissioning a giant, fully-functional bobblehead statue of their representative, Hall of Famer and Baseball Legend Ryne Sandberg.

Giant Large Foam Letters

School, Campus and Education 3D Projects and Signage Gallery

WhiteClouds fabricates large high-quality custom 3D signs, large letters, and displays for schools. View our project gallery.

Computers and Electronics 3D Replica Projects and Examples Gallery

Computers and electronics large product replicas are a great way to get your brand noticed at trade shows, conventions and new product releases.

Pothole Man 3D-printed statue

Buster the Pothole Man 3D Printed Character Mascot Statue Model

Whiteclouds was commissioned to create a 3D-printed trade show model of The Pothole Man, affectionately named “Buster”, who recently made an appearance at his FIRST ever trade show, the National Pavement EXPO in Charlotte, NC. With a cheerful smile and welcoming demeanor, he is the perfect greeter to welcome guests wherever he is placed.

Healthcare 3D Models Gallery | Medical 3D Printed Model Examples

We create custom 3D medical models. Our designs help healthcare professionals. With our models, they are able to better visualize what they are looking at, which helps them in their work.

Architectural Model Closeup Top view

3D Printed Architectural Models Project Gallery

3D Architectural Models Gallery We build Custom 3D Architectural Models Get a Quote Now for a Custom Architectural Model 3D …

3D printed multicolored medical model of heart chambers

Healthcare 3D Models Videos

Healthcare 3D Printing in the News We build custom 3D Medical Models Get a Quote Now for a Custom Healthcare …

E-axle system by Allison Transmission miniature replica

E-axle Industrial Model Miniature Replica – Case Study

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build a custom 3D scale 3D printed model replica of an E-Axle with a 60” L X proportional height and width (¾ scale). 3D Industrial models enable viewers to fully realize a product’s potential, being able to hold it in their hand, see it from a 360° perspective, and is a low-cost, lighter, and safer option to carry around than the actual product.

Captain America Ironman 3D Printed Statue Holding Toy Side View

Captain America SEN-TI-NEL 3D Printed Replica Statue Case Study

“What if Tony Stark integrates each of the Avengers’ superpowers into an armor?” This prompt was the inspiration behind our newest 3D Character Model. Created by SEN-TI-NEL (a company based in Hong Kong which produces high quality action figures), Tony Stark’s Captain America is the third character of a new action figure series “Fighting Armor”. WhiteClouds was commissioned to create a 7-foot tall replica of this new action figure.

Engage Foam Floating Letter

Large Letters Custom 3D Fabrication Services

Large letters are ideal for making a bold emphasis on a brand, product, or message. With today’s fabrication technologies, simple foam letters and metal letters can be turned into pieces of art with vibrant colors, airbrushing, and special painting techniques.

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