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We build custom Sports Props, Signs & Displays. Let's collaborate to elevate your brand, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression on fans and athletes. 

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Camping World Grand Opening Large Stacked Foam Letters

Large Letters Custom 3D Fabrication Services

Large letters are ideal for making a bold emphasis on a brand, product, or message. With today’s fabrication technologies, simple foam letters and metal letters ...
foam carving soccer ball and gloves

Sports and Outdoor 3D Projects and Examples Gallery

Sports and outdoors large product replicas provide a fun setting for young and old alike to interact at sporting events. They’re perfect for taking selfies ...
24 sculpture Migue-Cabrera MLB Detroit Tigers

Large Baseball Numbers Prop

Discover the craftsmanship behind the impressive 8' tall '24' Baseball Numbers Prop! This monumental creation stands as a testament to Miguel Cabrera’s legendary career with ...
24 sculpture Migue-Cabrera MLB Detroit Tigers

MLB Sculpture Case Study – The Miguel Cabrera Tribute Number 24 at Comerica Park​

Discover how WhiteClouds made a Number 24 tribute sculpture for Miguel Cabrera made of 3000 baseballs, to be permanently displayed at Comerica Park.
NFL Tennessee Titans 12th Titan Sword Plunge Prop

The Rebirth of an Iconic Tradition: The 12th Titan ‘Sword of Honor’ NFL Prop

Discover how WhiteClouds transformed the NFL Tennessee Titans' 12th Titan tradition with a custom-built, reusable, and transportable NFL prop, blending special effects seamlessly into the ...
Giant Orca whale company mascot foam statue for Orca Security

Giant Mascots

Dive into the mesmerizing world of 'Giant Mascots' and discover the artistry and passion that transforms fabric and foam into towering titans of team spirit. ...
NBA Mascots-Franklin the Dog

The Furry Side of Basketball: NBA Mascots and Their Unique Appeal

Step into the furry frenzy of NBA's courtside stars! From heartwarming hugs to thrilling tumbles, these mascots do more than just entertain; they encapsulate the ...

Behind the Antics: The Real Stories of NBA Mascots

Ever wondered about the stories behind the NBA's most beloved mascots? Dive into the world beyond the courtside comedy, discovering the passion, dedication, and love ...
Revlon at Walmart custom product replica

Custom Props

Discover how our skilled artisans bring your creative visions to life, crafting unique and high-quality props for marketing, film, trade shows, events, retail, and more.
shoe snow sculpture

Giant Shoe Sculpture – MT. 12 SKII Ja Morant Nike

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build an outdoor 25 foot x 50 foot giant foam sculpture as part of the MT.12 SKII Ja Morant Nike Shoe ...
3D printed 7' tall bobblehead

Bobblehead of Ryne Sandberg 3D Printed Statue Case Study

Sports teams throughout the years have made bobbleheads an iconic collectible, but Major League Baseball was the first to start the tradition. A pharmaceutical company ...
3D Logo

Custom 3D Logos Fabrication Services

Creating a physical model of your logo is the next step to developing a brand presence. At WhiteClouds, we cut fine details like lines and curves ...
Orca Security team at tradeshow with the foam company mascot sculpture

Character Models Custom 3D Fabrication Services

Character models are representations of characters such as comic book, video game, cartoon, movie, or marketing characters. Any existing character or imagined character can be ...

Custom 3D Thrones Fabrication Services

Thrones can improve any comic convention, sporting event, and trade show experience for guests as they sit and take the ever-popular selfie to post on ...
Texas Texans Selfie Sports Throne

Sports Themed 3D Thrones Projects and Examples Gallery

Sports Thrones are great displays for taking awesome selfies at sporting events, conventions, and trade shows. These crowd-pleasers help to create the perfect setting for ...

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