Case Studies

In-depth view of the process of creating a few of our unique 3D projects

24 sculpture Migue-Cabrera MLB Detroit Tigers

MLB Sculpture Case Study – The Miguel Cabrera Tribute Number 24 at Comerica Park​

Discover how WhiteClouds made a Number 24 tribute sculpture for Miguel Cabrera made of 3000 ...
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NFL Tennessee Titans 12th Titan Sword Plunge Prop

The Rebirth of an Iconic Tradition: The 12th Titan ‘Sword of Honor’ NFL Prop

Discover how WhiteClouds transformed the NFL Tennessee Titans' 12th Titan tradition with a custom-built, reusable, ...
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Netline's Luna 3D mascot at trade show event

How to make a perfect company mascot – NetLine’s ‘Luna’ 3D Statue

Read about the process of creating a custom 3D-printed company mascot statue for NetLine through ...
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Orca Security Company Mascot Giant Foam Sculpture

Giant Orca Company Mascot Sculpture

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build a 12 foot tall giant foam sculpture of the Orca ...
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shoe snow sculpture

Giant Shoe Sculpture – MT. 12 SKII Ja Morant Nike

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build an outdoor 25 foot x 50 foot giant foam sculpture ...
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School Custom Bronze Mascot Statue Case Study

Case study for the 13 foot high custom Bearcat bronze mascot statue commissioned by CORE ...
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3d-printed bronze statue

Custom Faux Metallic and Bronze Statue Production

WhiteClouds was commissioned by the Kaua`i Museum of Hawaii to re-create a permanent 3D statue ...
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Kona Brewing Co. Bus Retail Display Thermoforming

KONA Brewing Co VW Bus Retail Display Case Study

WhiteClouds recently completed their most diverse project yet in terms of incorporating all of the ...
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3D printed 7' tall bobblehead

Bobblehead of Ryne Sandberg 3D Printed Statue Case Study

Sports teams throughout the years have made bobbleheads an iconic collectible, but Major League Baseball ...
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Large Metal Letter Logo

“R” – Realife Church Metal Letter Case Study

Recently, WhiteClouds created a 13’ steel Replica of the Realife Church logo, a uniquely designed ...
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Pothole Man 3D-printed statue

Buster the Pothole Man 3D Printed Character Mascot Statue Model

Whiteclouds was commissioned to create a 3D-printed trade show model of The Pothole Man, affectionately ...
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E-axle system by Allison Transmission miniature replica

E-axle Industrial Model Miniature Replica – Case Study

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build a custom 3D scale 3D printed model replica of an ...
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