Why whiteclouds? Our goal is the highest quality products 3D printing can offer and delivering unmatched service.


Next Generation Lab


We are the largest full-color 3D printing lab in the world with over 60,000 sq. ft. and 30 full-color 3D printers and counting. 



We are committed to innovating the entire process of 3D printing from design to fulfillment. Our quality is the result of years of R&D.

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Your intellectual properties are safe and secure. Our pioneering back-end fulfillment options are built to best serve your clients.


Clients & Partners





A fusion of architectural tradition with the latest in modern technology.



Connect with your fans in a whole new way with greater detail and in less time.



Launching soon to serve the healthcare and medical industries.



Real world connections with your favorite game characters.


The Right People

We are passionate about 3D printing. This technology enables us to create stunning models, detailed figurines, and precise prototypes.

  • Our talented designers specialize in creating objects that are 3D printable.
  • Our experienced production team has developed processes that ensure your part is perfect.
  • Our sales and client support will see your project through to the end and answer any questions you have along the way.
  • Our management team keeps whiteclouds on course and has the vision to make sure we are on the bleeding-edge of 3D printing.  

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