Next-gen 3D Fabrication

Next-gen 3D Fabrication​

On-Demand Custom and Ready-made Models, Displays and Consumer Products

On-Demand Custom and Ready-made Models, Displays and Consumer Products

WhiteClouds is a Next-gen 3D fabrication company. We use 3D technologies to fabricate a wide-range of products for businesses and consumers but our key ingredients are innovation, craftsmanship and creativity. Our projects range from the largest 3D Printed statue in the world to 3D topographies of the Mars surface as home decor but describing these projects just doesn’t do them justice. Browse our website and see our amazing projects for yourself.

Specializing in the Extraordinary

Extra Personalized, Extra Customized, Extra Large, Extra Complex, Extra Unique, Extra Cool

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With a variety of fabrication technologies for dozens of use cases.


Foam, Metal, Wood, Acrylic 3D Displays


Original size or massive replicas, this is the perfect way to market a product.

Product Replicas

Full Size to Giant Replica Models


Our 3D maps and models are on display at museums, parks, campuses

3D Raised Relief Maps

Topographical, City, Physical…

diorama models

Recreate an entire campus, property, or estate in miniature accurate detail.

Diorama models

Campuses, Estates, Properties…

3D props

Props for movies, events, trade shows, photo, home decor and more.

3D Props

Events, Trade Shows, Decor, Movies…


Whether it’s simple or complex, turn your logo into something memorable and functional.

3D logos

Unique Branding Displays – All Materials


These models are used in planning, design, fundraising, construction, marketing, etc.


Interior or Exterior Building Models


A unique display engages users and invites them to participate in your brand.

trade show displays

Stand Out with Unique or Engaging Displays

character models

No project is too large  to bring to life your unique characters.

Character Models

Small to Giant 3D Mascots, Characters

industrial models

3D models allow you to show complex equipment in a small space.

Industrial Models

Simple to Complex Machines or Tools

metal letters

3D Large Metal Letters are much more durable and long-lasting than foam and are easily installed.

Large Metal Letters

Giant, Durable 3D Metal Letters & Logos


Massive size is not an issue. This 30′ statue is the largest 3D printed statue in the world.


Miniature or Giant Sculptures & Statues

medical models

These medical models can be segmented and are ideal for planning and education.

Medical Models

3D Products, Educational, Scans…


Themed thrones at an event or convention can be a unique and popular attraction.


Themed Chairs and Benches

Large Numbers

Large numbers are ideal for making a bold emphasis on a brand, product, or message.

Large Numbers

Foam, Metal, Wood, Acrylic 3D Displays


Advanced 3D printing can now print home designs with a high-degree of detail.

Residential Models

Home Interior or Exterior 3D Models


It might be difficult to get a factory in a room for a demo. A miniature model is the solution.

Scaled Models

Miniatures or Scaled-down Replicas


Slash your footwear development time with models for prototyping, trade shows, & marketing.

Footwear Models

Models for Marketing or Prototyping


Used in a trial-by-jury when an object, testimony, or fact needs physical demonstration.

Courtroom Exhibits

Physical Models used in Court Cases

interior models

A 3D interior model can take the guesswork out of what a finished architectural project will look like.

Interior Models

Architectural Interior 3D Models

terrain models

Terrain models are similar to topography models but they have additional 3D elements incorporated.

Terrain Models

3D Raised Relief Terrain Maps

Veterinary Models

Veterinary models are used in pre-surgery planning,  preparation, and education.

Veterinary Models

Animal 3D Scan Models

3d cartoons

Simply put, cartoon characters are iconic. Use this to your advantage to draw crowds.

Cartoon Statues

Cartoon Character 3D Statues

data visualization

Everyone loves show and tell. Let a model do all the talking. 

Data Visualization

3D Physical Models to Explain Info

video game models

Nothing gets gamers more excited than seeing their favorite character in life size.

Video Game 3d Models

Products, Educational, Scans…

giant shoes

For whatever reason, if you ever find yourself needing a Mother Hubbard size shoe, look no further.

Giant Shoes

Large Shoe Displays for Events or Retail

3d art

3D printing empowers artists to think outside the box to create new and innovative art.

3D Art

Art, Sculpture, Decor 3D Displays

theme models

Do you need a specific model, prop, background or display to portray thematic elements? We got you.

Themed 3D Displays

Models, Props, Backgrounds…

foam letters

Giant foam letters are an awesome way to make your message or brand stand out and get noticed.

Large Foam Letters

Giant Foam Letter Signage

Selfie Backgrounds

Turn your company brand into a social media image sharing campaign.

Selfie 3D Displays

3D Props for Social Engagement


Custom wood displays, decor & accents.


Wood Displays, Decor & Accents.


Custom 2D or 3D Maps built to your exact needs.

Custom Maps

2D or 3D Maps Tailored to You

2D to 3D wall displays

Imagine what we can do for you combining 2D & 3D.

2D to 3D Wall Displays

Unique Wall Decor Combining 2D & 3D


We can print unique sizes such as panoramic images.

Panoramic Canvas

Extreme Wide Format Canvas Prints

panel canvas prints

Cover a huge space in a unique way.

Panel Canvas Prints

Separate Canvases of One Image

channel LETTERS

Affordable, weather-proof  outdoor signage for a storefront.

Channel Letters

Outdoor Signage

small metal LETTERS

Affordable, weather-proof, and customizable metal letters for that unique aesthetic look.

Small Metal Letters

Affordable, Smaller, Flatter Signage


Affordable, weather-proof, and customizable plastic letters.

Plastic Letters

Affordable, Smaller, Flatter Signage


Show off your business or event with affordable illuminated letters.

Illuminated Letters

Smaller Lighted Letter Signage

Interior LETTERS

These signs are designed specifically for indoor use.

Interior Letters

Affordable, Smaller Signage for Indoors

3D Map Models 

Ready-made 3D Raised-Relief Maps.

3D Map Models

Ready-made Raised Relief Maps

Map Canvas prints

2D Map Canvas Print Wall Decor for Businesses and Homes

Map Canvas Prints

2D Map Canvas Wraps

canvas prints

2D Canvas Print Wall Decor for Businesses and Homes

Canvas Prints

2D Canvas Wraps for Business or Home

3D marscapes

Images and data from NASA to create stunning 3D relief wall art.

3D Marscapes

Martian Raised Relief Wall Decor

gigantic prints

Make a statement with huge 2D prints.

Gigantic Prints

2D Extra Large Prints

Why Choose Us

Whether you are a ‘mom and pop’ self-owned business, small agency or a Fortune 500 company our level of service and commitment remains the same.


We operate one of the largest 3D printing farms globally and have the capacity and talent to support projects of any size.


We help product designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs turn imaginations into 3D representations of their innovative ideas.

Quality Workmanship

Our experienced designers are talented 3D artists supported by a group of artisans such as carpenters, sculptures, painters, and welders.


We employ a crew of artists and dreamers who can meet you where your fantasies live. We help creatives realize their concepts in 3D form.

Professional Quality

WhiteClouds maintains the highest of quality standards with a proven track record and extensive experience in creating custom event displays.

Competitive Pricing

We provide customized pricing that balances your budget with the complexity of your project to create a fair bid.

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