April 2nd, New York City. WhiteClouds, a 3D printing and modeling service company, is demonstrating its capabilities at Mediabistro's Inside 3D Conference and Expo. WhiteClouds' display is located at the Javits Convention Center in the Maker Pavilion, booths M522 and M523.

WhiteClouds has several commercial 3D printers, including the Connex500, the ProJet 660, and has just acquired Stratasys' new Connex3 full-color 3D printer, capable of printing in multiple colors and materials. WhiteClouds is one of a few select companies in the U.S. with this printer.

WhiteClouds is staffed with a team of experienced designers and offers design services for those without 3D modeling experience, allowing anybody with a vision to have their idea 3D designed and printed.

Jerry Ropelato, WhiteClouds' CEO, said about the conference, "We're excited to debut our new models at Inside 3D. We have some displays that push the boundaries of 3D design and the capabilities of 3D printing."

Kyle Gifford, a designer at WhiteClouds said, "I think the services we offer are the first of its kind, and will continue to evolve over the next several years. 3D printing has started coming into its own recently, and more people are realizing its potential for both quick prototyping and elaborate consumer goods. Our 3D design services allow anybody to transform an idea into a 3D file, and ultimately a tangible item.

"The attention we have attracted with this spans from local inventors to foreign businesses, all with different motives, ideas, and experience. I think this has been a great opportunity for everybody involved to learn about new, exciting technologies. We are happy to serve as the bridge between ideas and technology, and hope to teach all those we interact with about the exciting world of 3D printing," Gifford explained.

Kelly Root, another WhiteClouds designer, agrees. "I think the projects we've worked on will help show the capabilities of 3D printing. This industry is still so unknown that most people aren't even aware that it exists, much less what can be done with it. By doing these large scale projects, we can help educate people what the possibilities of 3D printing can be, and hopefully in the future, give them ideas of the different things that can be done with it as well."

Some of the models WhiteClouds is showcasing includes architectural models, futuristic cities, and "Classic Crusaders," which are well-known fairy tale characters and legends reimagined and redesigned by the WhiteClouds team.

One model, a futuristic city, was designed by Root. It was printed in 38 pieces, using the Zprinter, Connext500, and the ProJet 3500 HD Max. It has a footprint of 14.15" x 12.15" x 11.5".

A home model designed by Gifford took 42 hours to design and all of the stone and roof slate were laid by hand. Plans were not available for the home, so the model was built entirely from looking at pictures. The model is based off an existing house in Alpine, New Jersey.

The Headless Horseman, designed by Root, was printed in 4 hours on the ProJet 660. It is 5.5" tall with over 8,000 layers, showing incredible detail.

For more information about WhiteClouds visit www.whiteclouds.com.

About WhiteClouds

WhiteClouds is a 3D printing company that offers both 3D modeling and 3D printing services, as well as content and tutorials. The company was founded in March, 2013, by Jerry Ropelato, CEO. Ropelato has successfully founded other companies, including TechMedia Network where he is currently a member of the board.

Ropelato states about the company, "We help bring your ideas to life through incredible design services and 3D printers, using the some of the most advanced technologies in the industry."

About Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo

Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo explores the applications of 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. The expo includes two full days of seminars, giveaways, and exhibitions.

The Maker Summit and Pavilion includes all levels of 3D printing, workshops, networking and more. WhiteClouds is proud to be an exhibitor at this world-class conference.

For more information about the expo, check out the Inside 3D printing Conference + Expo page.