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Why Canvas Prints?

Canvas Prints, also known as Canvas Wraps, are a rising trend resurrected from the gilded age of art, culture, and beauty: the Renaissance. The canvas today reflects the material commonly used by classical oil painters in history, adding a depth of texture to your image that cannot be achieved through any other medium. The crisscrossing weaves of the threads smooth out any imperfections and seamlessly blend the entire image together. The simplest landscape photo can transform into a beautiful work of art, as if a painter had spent hours upon hours perfecting every detail. These are only a few reasons among many as to why Canvases have survived the ages and resurfaced as a popular style. 

Today, canvas prints can be found anywhere, from businesses, vacation rentals, hotels, and private decorative use in homes. They are a simple yet cost-effective way of adding texture, character, and/or meaning to an empty space. Other benefits include:

  • No Glares or Reflection
  • Great Flexibility in Size
  • High Durability
  • No frame necessary
  • Light weight

Canvas Wraps vs. Framed Canvas?

Another question might be, a canvas sounds great, but why would we not use a frame? Frames have also been in use for hundreds of years, so why should we do away with them?

The answer lies in the versatility of the canvas print. Frames may become outdated but the simple yet elegant canvas wrap will remain timeless despite the ever-changing trends. As the famous adage says, “Simple is best”. Landscapes, patterns, detailed or abstract image all match well without the need to find the one design or color of frame that matches your desired style (particularly in the case of abstract art). Content can be displayed without worrying about finding the perfect border to match! Canvas Wraps can also match any style of room as there is no contrasting frame, making it easier to decorate without any room for error. Due to the lack of a border, a canvas print can also seamlessly blend into the background, or, if desired, achieve a look as if it pops out of nowhere. Finally, using a canvas wraps over a frame means that an important or miniscule detail won’t be obscured.

Why WhiteClouds?

With thousands of quality images to choose from, X-large sizes, artist-grade cotton/polyester canvas, quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing, WhiteClouds is simply the best choice. We lead the 3D cloud services market for finished end-use products for hundreds of brands, including 85 Fortune 1000 companies. WhiteClouds has everyday low pricing, a satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping in the continental U.S. We work with individual customers and home-buyers as well companies large and small. Our customers come from all over the world in all industries, including many Fortune 500 organizations. See some of our customers here.

Construction and Materials

Our gallery quality large canvas wraps are each crafted by hand by professional fabricators in the United States. Built to last with precision around a wood frame, each canvas wrap is hand-stapled with care, so they stay firm with tight, clean corners for years to come. Our latex archival inks prevent fading to preserve as much fine detail as possible for up to 200 years according to HP. We use artist grade cotton/polyester canvas materials that are acid-free. Our canvas prints are slightly more heavyweight for a quality feel, but it is much lighter than a standard framed painting and less likely to cause damage to the wall. Our large-scale canvas wraps ensure that you will achieve the grand effect you desire, as well as ensuring that no detail will be missed out due to the wrapping. Our canvas prints also come complete with a hanging kit of either a sawtooth hanger or D-ring stainless steel hanging wire, depending on the size and weight of the canvas, saving you the trip of leaving your home for extra supplies.

Our Unique Products...

Ready-Made Images (Over 500 categories / subcategories)

  • Default sizing options that can go up to 82” x 55” on artist-grade canvas. 
  • Over 600,000 pre-edited and carefully selected images.
  • We have some incredibly unique categories such as:

Custom Gigantic Canvas Wraps

  • Talk about making a statement! Whether you choose an image from our directory or provide an image yourself, we can make your image as big as you want it, provided the photo quality resolution supports the size! 

Custom Large Panoramic Wraps

  • Whether you choose an image from our directory or provide an image yourself, we can make it as long or as tall you want it, whilst keeping that unique Panoramic ratio! 
  • Panoramic Images allow for the full scope of a landscape or portrait to be shown, enabling every element to be perfectly balanced or utilizing a space most effectively.

Custom Large Multi-Pane Wraps

  • This allows you to cover a great space in an aesthetic manner. 
  • You can include multiple art pieces that are the same size or you can divide a single photo into multiple panes, with no frame obstructing the space in between. 

Custom 2D Wraps to 3D

  • Amaze your viewers with this mind-boggling display of characters or objects that seem to jump out of your wall! 
  • This will provide the best background for whatever character and/or object you would like to display, ensuring that it blends seamlessly with its surroundings. 
  • Check out our 3D printing pages for examples of our favorite projects, ranging from famous characters, cartoons, and statues!

Our Ready-Made Image Categories Are...

We have over 20 categories of ready-made canvas prints that are continuously being updated with new images that are sure to appeal to you and your visitors. If you don’t see anything to your liking from the Canvas Art we have on our eCommerce store, or you have something special in mind in terms of imagery, size or presentation, please contact us for a free quote on a custom project.

Space Images
National Parks
Abstract Art
Fine Art
City Skylines
Current Maps
Historic Maps
Earth as Art

Shipping and Delivery

WhiteClouds has delivered models and products large and small around the world. Our Canvas prints are shipped completely FREE to the continental United States. For outside the U.S., there is an additional shipping charge.

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