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Why Plastic Letters?

Plastic letters three-dimensionally show off your business or event. You typically see these types of letters used for business signs. They are affordable, weather-proof, and customizable.

Compared to other materials, plastic letters often prove to be more durable and affordable than other signage options. Plastic letters for signs are made of durable plastic that doesn’t crack, fade, or chip. Every letter comes with a lifetime guarantee. Letters are available in a variety of materials, fonts, and colors. Large plastic letters for outdoor signs can even mimic more expensive materials such as cast metal. Most plastic letters are suitable for outdoor or indoor use and lighting options are available.

And don’t let the idea of “plastic” concern you, our large plastic letters are made of organic ingredients, the plastic is recyclable, and all by-products are recycled. We care about our environmental impact as much as you care about your audience impact.

Installing the plastic letters is simple. Most customers can install the letters themselves without having to hire a sign company or contractor. Every order comes with an instructional installation video. If you have questions, you can contact our customer service team for installation assistance.

How to Order

To place your order, you’ll need to know: letters, colors, letter sizes, mounting requirements, and font. Fill out the form below, call 385-206-8700 or email [email protected] for a custom quote. Or contact us if you have questions about our product or placing an order.

Common Uses of Plastic Letters

How plastic letters are used is only limited by imagination. But the most common uses include business signs and event signage. Business lettering may be installed on the business building or on external street or parking lot signage. For events, letters may be used outside the event or connected to event booths. For displays that are meant to be large, free standing letters rather than mounted letters, check out our custom large 3D letters.

Plastic letters help highlight and call attention to your event or business. They also help promote your branding.

Plastic Letters: Pros and Cons


  • Plastic letters are durable and come with a lifetime guarantee
  • Letters are available in 60+ colors and 100+ font styles
  • Formed plastic letters can be mounted to any material including brick
  • Letters are available in flat, round, prismatic, or beveled face
  • Multiple thicknesses are available


  • Customized fonts, sizes, or colors may cost extra
  • May not be suitable for those looking for metallic option

Types of Plastic Letters

Plastic letters are available using an array of technologies including laser cut, thermoformed, and injected molded plastic.

Laser Cut Acrylic Letters

These are flat letters cut using laser technologies. The laser precisely cuts acrylic letters. This technology can easily replicate instructions with details such as drill holes, if needed. Materials are lightweight and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Low Cost
  • Quick turnaround
  • Durable


  • Custom colors cost extra
  • Wide pricing variances
  • Limited edging options

Types of Letters:

Thick pigmented acrylic, thick painted, thick clear, transparent white, green glass, and pigmented gloss.

Mounting Types:
Plain, threaded stud, fixed pad, flush stud, double face tape, full coverage tape, and combined options.

Best usage:
Acrylic letters are suitable for indoor or outdoor use for letters up to four feet tall. The most common usage is for outdoor signage.

The smallest letters start at just short of $5 each. Large, thick letters may cost around $400 without customized elements. Custom colors and sizes may cost more.

Thermoformed Plastic Letters

Formed plastic letters involve forming a plastic sheet over a form. The form can be made of wood or another product. The process involves forming the plastic sheet using vacuum technologies. Plastic sheets are made of cellulose acetate butyrate which is UV stable, recyclable, and non-petroleum. The end product is durable and attractive.


  • Attention grabbing 3D letters
  • Over 30 popular font options
  • Multiple letter edging options


  • Limited standard colors
  • More pricey than other options
  • Custom colors cost extra options

Types of Letters:
Flat face, prismatic and round face, and edge molded. Flat is like the form of a staple, round is a half circle, and prismatic is similar to a triangle.

Mounting Types:
Plain, stud, pad, flange, outside bracket, standard, and combination.

Best usage:
Thermoformed plastic letters are most suitable for situations where 3D letters are beneficial. 3D letters more easily capture attention than flat letters. For example, they are used for outdoor or trade show signage.

The entry price is $11 per letter. Large letters may cost nearly $700.

Injected Molded Plastic Letters

This process involves injecting plastic into a mold to form the letters. It is a popular method and can replicate complicated designs. It is suitable for mass production.


  • 40+ standard colors
  • Metallic colors available
  • Automotive quality paint


  • Custom colors cost extra
  • Limited font and size options
  • Priced higher than acrylic

Types of Letters:
Standard colors in Architectural, Helvetica, or Times Bold fonts. Letters provide the look and feel of cast metal, but at a more affordable price. Metal colors include gold, copper, bronze, and silver variations. Letters are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Mounting Types:
Plain, stud, pad, and combination.

Best usage:
For the most part, these letters are most suitable for those looking for letters that look like metal. Additionally, sizes are limited to 18 inches which may limit some applications.

The lowest priced option starts at just short of $12 each.

Comparing Plastic Letters

Laser Cut Acrylic Thermoformed Injected Molding
Pricing $4.84+ $11.11+ $11.90+
Colors 60+ 20+ 45+
Production Time 3 Days 2 Days 2 Days
Height 1" to 6' 2" to 4' 2" to 18"
Thickness 1/8" to 1 1/2" 5/8" to 2" 1/2" to 1 1/2"
Durability Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Mounting Options 9 8 5
Lighting Types LED LED
Custom Colors Yes Yes Yes

Sample Pricing

Estimate pricing for a basic order of ten, 12” tall, painted letters with stud mounting. Prices are for capitalized letters. Lowercase letters and punctuation costs less than capitalized letters. 

Keep in mind that any variations such as thickness, custom colors, pigments vs paint, other finishes, curved edging, lighting, or material choices add to the price. Price does not include shipping costs.

Note: Laser Cut Acrylic pricing is exponentially more expensive the thicker the letters are.

Laser Cut Acrylic (1/8" thick) Thermoformed (1" thick) Injected Molded (1" thick)
$234 $414 $335

Plastic Letters Edging Options

Plastic letters are available with a variety of edging options. Edging most often refers to the sides of the letters, but may also refer to the surface of molded plastic letters.

Laser cut acrylic: clean polished edges
These letters feature laser cut polished edges. The edges are precisely cut and clean looking.

Formed plastic: shaped edges
Formed plastic creates 3D looking letters with formed, shaped edges. Molded edges may be straight or curved. You may add painted borders, flames, and returns.

Injected molded: fully formed edges and surface
Injected molded letters are typically flat on the back and shaped on the front. The formed sides and surface of the letter are formed to create a 3D effect.

Plastic vs Metal Letters

While plastic and metal letters differ in materials and finish, it is also notable that plastic letters are the more affordable option. If you are on a tight budget, cost may be a consideration. However, even though they are lower-priced, plastic letters are durable and suitable for outdoor or indoor uses.

Metal letters are more often used for businesses such as banks or medical offices due to its sharp design and sophisticated look.

Example of a plastic letter
Metal Letters Closeup
Example of a metal letter
Plastic Metal
Methods Laser cut acrylic Flat cut metal
Formed Plastic Cast Metal
Injected molded plastic Fabricated metal
Cost Lowest priced option Higher entry-level cost
Indoor/Outdoor Yes Yes
Lighting options Yes Yes

Plastic vs Interior Letters

We offer letters specifically intended to be used indoors as well as plastic letters. As you may infer, interior letters or “lobby letters” are designed to be installed indoors. While interior letters are “weather resistant,” they are not designed to withstand intense weather conditions and are made with different materials. Whereas plastic letters are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and include UV protection.

While interior letters can include pigmented colors, the primary finishes available are GemLeaf colors such as brushed brass or polished aluminum and wood imitations such as cherry or walnut. Interior finishes are suitable for upscale applications where you want a “classy” finish such as for medical, beauty, or legal offices.

Gemleaf on Acrylic Base

Standard Thicknesses: 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ deep Standard Heights: 1″–22″ high

Metal or Acrylic Laminate on Foam

Standard Thicknesses: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″ deep Standard Heights: 1″–24″ high (25″+ email for quote)

Metal Laminate on Acrylic

Standard Thicknesses: 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ deep Standard Heights: 3″–24″ high (25″+ email for quote)

Edge Mold Formed Plastic

Face Profiles: Flat, prismatic or round Standard Heights: 2″–15″ high (16″+ email for quote) Standard Colors: Pigmented in black and white or painted any color
Plastic Interior
Pricing $4.84 $4.62
Colors Pigmented (60+) Pigmented (10)
Painted Painted
GemLeaf or CHEMETAL Face Colors
Materials Acrylic Laminate on Acrylic
Formed Plastic Edge Mold Formed Plastic
Injected Molded Laminate on Foam
Custom Colors Yes Yes
Sizes Up to 6' Up to 95"
Lighting options Yes Custom
UV Protection Yes Weather resistant

Mounting Options Explained

When ordering letters, you’ll need to consider how they will need to be mounted. Will you be mounting the letters outside to brick or inside to drywall? Mounting options are available to suit any situation including outside and indoor environments. Mounting packages include required pieces such as screws, pads, plastic blocks, stand-offs, adhesives, strips, nuts, and studs.

Your sales rep will help you choose which mounting option will be best for your situation. Mounting is an additional cost to your basic order. Keep in mind that if you do not install using an approved method, your warranty may not apply. Self-installation is surprisingly easy. In most cases, you will not need to hire a sign company or a contractor. Most customers install the plastic letters on their own. We have a range of mounting options, from plastic mounts or adhesive glue or tape, depending on where your letters will be installed. Your sales rep will discuss the best options for your situation. We send instructional videos and templates on how to install the plastic letters along with your order. We are available to help you with your mounting questions and concerns.

Some mounting options include,

No mounting:
In this situation, you are required to figure out how to mount plainly formed letters. While this option may be lower priced, it may be better to use the mounting option suggested for best results.

Plastic Letters Plain No Mount
Plastic Letters Plain No Mount

Flange or rim mounting:
In this case, the letters are created with a small perimeter of plastic around the letter that can be utilized to connect the letters to the desired mount.

  • Standard flange is 3/16″ -1/2″ wide
  • Installed with glue on flange or drilled to receive mounting screws
  • CAB plastic letter, pigmented or painted
  • Standard or custom styles or logos
  • Optional pads in line with rails
Plastic Letter Flange Mount
Plastic Letter Flange Mount

Pad mounting:
If you require pad mounting, the letters will be affixed with plastic disks that can adhere to a variety of surfaces. Larger letters will have an adjustable pad, while smaller letters have a fixed pad, which will create a stand-off.

  • Smaller letter will have solid pads on mounts
  • Larger letters may have studs & pads, screwed into plastic blocks
  • Optional pads in line for rails
  • CAB plastic, pigmented or painted, standard or custom styles, or logos
Plastic Letters Pad Mount
Plastic Letters Pad Mount

Stud mounts:
Stud mounting utilizes threaded posts that can attach to brick or block mortar joints. They can attach to as deep as six inches.

  • Typical stud length 2″ beyond back of letter
  • Plastic Stud Boss solvent bonded to inside of letter (size varies)
  • Optional plastic or metal spacer sleeve
  • Aluminum 10/24 stud (length varies)
Plastic Letter Stud Mount
Plastic Letter Stud Mount

Flat and light letters may be installed using adhesives or double face tape. We have tested and approved Chem-Calc 1200 or GE RTV108 squeeze tubes of clear silicone. Otherwise, always test your adhesive for the installation situation. Heavier and larger letters should be installed with a stronger adhesive than silicone. If in doubt, use a stronger industrial adhesive or epoxy – along with appropriate anchors and/or additional structural support.

Plastic Letters Silicone Adhesive
Plastic Letters Silicone Adhesive

This option allows you to combine different mounting types in one letter. You can mix mounting options such as stud mounting on the top and pad on the bottom.

  • Smaller letters may have solid pads on bottom mounts.
  • Combination mount has stud through pads on the top mounts and pads only on bottom mounts.
  • Optional pads in line for rails
Plastic Letter Combined Mounts
Plastic Letter Combined Mounts

Formed Plastic Letters: FAQs

  • How durable are formed plastic letters?
    Plastic letters will last as long as you need them to last. They are constructed of durable plastic materials designed to last indefinitely. They can survive all weather types including intense heat and rain. In some situations, such as intense UV or chemical exposure you may notice some degradation.
  • What is the difference between pigmented and painted colors?
    Pigmented color is when the color elements are mixed into the plastic to create one cohesive product. Painted plastic is when the plastic is painted topically. We use a painting method that is as durable as pigmented plastic that is available in more colors. 
  • Are logos available?
    While we offer a long list of fonts, logos are also available. Email us to obtain a quote and to start the process of creating a custom logo product.
  • Can I order illuminated letters?
    Yes. We can create customized illuminated letters. LED and LED Halo type lighting options are available.
  • Are metal letters available?
    Yes, we provide metal letters. Material available include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, and Cor-Ten steel. Letters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and up to 120 inches tall.
  • What plastic lettering colors are available?
    We offer over 30 standard colors. But we can provide custom plastic lettering colors if needed. See our channel letters page for our standardized color options.
  • Are custom letters available?
    If you cannot find standardized plastic letters that suit your intentions, we can produce extra large custom letters. WhiteClouds can fabricate any type of letters at any size. Learn more about our custom large letters and large metal letters fabrication services.
  • Do letters come with a warranty?
    Letters are covered if letters fail, but our warranty does not cover costs for removal, re-installion, or additional work. Standard wear and tear is also not covered. Please review our full warranty, return policy, and guarantee before installing the letters. If you have questions, please ask us.
  • Are plastic letters suitable for inside and outside use?
    Yes, we can help you choose the correct material for the environment you will be installing the letters in. For example, some plastics are better at maintaining quality with UV exposure than others.
  • What letter sizes are available?
    Letters are available as small as one inch and as tall as six feet. We can help you select the proper size for your intended use. Various depths or thickness of the letters are available. See our Channel Letters page for a recommended size chart for visibility.
  • What shipping options are available?
    Most orders are shipped via UPS. Since you cover the freight costs, you can choose another shipping option if desired. Larger letters may need to be shipped via truck freight.
  • Do I need to pay a down deposit?
    In most situations, you’ll need to pay 50 percent upfront.
  • How much do plastic letters weigh?
    Weight varies greatly depending on size and materials used. You’ll want to make sure you select the best mounting options for the weight of your letters. Additionally, large letters may require specialized shipping methods.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    How long an order takes to process depends on several factors including the type of project and resources available. Once orders are approved, they may begin to be produced in as soon as four days. More complex orders may take longer.

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