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Why Map Canvas Prints?

Here at WhiteClouds we are known for our custom 3D topographical map models. We are now entering the 2D world with our new Canvas Art! With canvas printed maps of all kinds, we want to help you decorate your space with informational or aesthetic renderings of maps.

Maps as art is one of many ways to tell someone about you or a business. Whether it’s a favorite memory location, a special interest, or to simply mark your place in the world, maps have been used to tell stories for centuries.  Our inventory of ready-made map canvas print imagery is the largest collection on the internet with over 600,000 unique maps and 20 different types. From hand-painted beautiful historical maps that are truly works of art, to current and past USGS topo mapsterrain mapssatellite mapsnational park mapsrailroad mapswaterway mapscelestial maps, spanning over the entire globe or small areas in the United States. We are here to show you how versatile map decor can be!

Maps as Informational Decor

Some of our modern images include topography maps, city maps, even satellite imagery maps. The possibilities are endless for locations; popular uses include topographical displays of ski runs, marathon routes, hiking trails, underwater terrain (ocean bathymetry), residential and commercial planning, subsurface earth features, and geographical features. Map wall art can all be displayed for an informational purpose, such as to showcase the cities famous attractions or a park’s best routes. These canvas wraps can be great if you have ties to a certain area such as in a hotel, vacation rental, or you are near a national park! It is also a unique way to memorialize your favorite experiences at a specific location whether through a family vacation or if you are an avid traveler who loves to document their adventures. Our map decor may have scientific purposes as well for those meteorologist or geologist buffs who love to see how the surface of the world can change.

Maps as Aesthetic Decor

A more aesthetic look can be achieved through vintage historical map decor or our images of the earth as art! We have subcategories that can transport you to an earlier time such as celestial-astronomyblue waterwaysrailroads, even war maps. Some of these are hand drawn, intricately designed with unique elements such a mystical creatures or exotic plants surrounding the edges. Others are focused on accuracy and packed full of information, with troop positions and colored borders. History can come alive through these maps by showcasing famous events that occurred in the neighborhood, such as a well-known battle. Images of the earth from space can almost look like abstract painting from far away, then a closer look reveals the natural beauty of the earth through real images from satellites that may surprise all viewers! It can also be very educational to see the changes that occur in a location throughout time. If one sees the historical or scientific maps of a favorite area, one can better appreciate how much a city or location has changed over time. 

Our Ready-Made Map Image Categories Are...

We have 20 categories of Map Wall Art that are continuously being updated with images that are sure to appeal to you and your visitors. 

USGS Topo Maps
USGS Historic Topo Maps
USA Maps
USA Historic Maps
World Maps
World Historical Maps
State Maps
State Historical Maps
Satellite w USGS Maps
Terrain w USGS Maps
High-Altitude Satellite Maps
Continent Maps
Continent Historic Maps
National Park Service Maps
Space-Constellation Maps
Celestial-Astronomy Historic Maps
Blue Waterway Historic Maps
Railroad Historical Maps
War Historic Maps

Custom Map Prints

If you don’t see anything to your liking from the ready-made Map Canvas Art we have on our eCommerce store, or you have something special in mind in terms of imagery, size or presentation, please contact us for a free quote on a custom project.

Important Map Terms to Know:

Topographical Map:
Topographical Maps (also known as Topo maps) are widely characterized by their representation of geographical features using contour lines that show the curvature and elevation of the Earth’s surface. Their purpose is not to show photo-realistic colors or textures. They may also show other features either natural or manmade, such as rails, railroads, boundaries, or mountain, streams, lakes, etc. They can be used for hikers to determine what their desired route might be, but they are also used by architects, scientists, or other professionals for information about a vast landscape. 

USGS (United States Geological Survey):
Many of our maps come from USGS, or the United States Geological Survey. Tasked with creating maps in 1879, the USGS is still the foremost agency in mapping the United States today. Their mission statement is “to provide National topographic information to advance science, support government, enlighten citizens, and enable decision making”. US Topo maps are updated on a three-year production cycle. 

Terrain (Physical) Maps:
The terrain style, or ‘relief mapping’ is a style meant to show the natural physical features of an area, including specifics such as height, depth, and shape. These features often include mountains, rivers, lakes and more. If you can see something on the face of the land, a physical map is meant to identify it. This style does not show photo-realistic colors or textures but is meant to show elevation details such as hills, ridges, valleys, saddles, and depressions along with bodies of water. Occasionally different altitudes are represented through different color schemes. The focus is to represent geography as accurately as possible, allowing map readers to understand the layout of the land. A pivotal feature to all maps, a key should be provided explaining what any symbols or colors might mean.

Navigational Charts:
These are maps that are specifically designed for navigation, oftentimes for ocean or air-related travel. These maps are likely to highlight certain obstacles that are meant to be avoided such as submerged rocks or high-altitude mountains. Similar to topographical or terrain maps, these charts may indicate the depth or height of these obstacles. 

Political Map:
While physical maps provide information about a location’s natural makeup, political maps identify the man-made, invisible elements of a location. These can include a nation or state’s boundaries, cities, or territories. The most famous example might be a world map which showcases the different regions of the world. State, national park, or continent maps may fall under this category if the purpose is to outline political boundaries over geographical features. 

Satellite Maps:
These maps come from satellites or aircraft that hover above a specific area, taking snapshots to send down to earth. The satellite style shows how a particular site looks in real life photographic realism. These are images that show every feature of a geological landscape from the sky, ensuring accuracy with the added element of a natural beauty. 

Astrological Maps:
Astrological maps chart the night sky, using stars as landmarks. There are 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), many of which serve as natural compass points for navigation. Anciently, they were also used to determine times in seasons, as the location of constellations change dependent upon the orbit of the earth around the sun. Many find it an enjoyable activity to find constellations from a nearby location with clear skies. Additionally, constellations are the basis for the increasingly popular 12 Zodiac signs. These 12 Zodiacs are famous throughout the world, particularly in Asian cultures. One can be associated with a specific zodiac when born between specific dates that can be associated with certain traits, and may even be used for fortune-telling. For example, those born between March 21 to April 19 are associated with the Aries constellation. 

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