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3D statues of a dog and rat sculpture for PETA

3D Printed Statues

3D Printed Statues 3D printed statues are highly detailed pieces of art. Each piece is ...
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Puptopia Dog Bowl Large Model at Dog Park

Puptopia Dog Bowl

Puptopia Dog Bowl Large product replicas like this giant dog bowl and slide are perfect ...
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Wasatch Mountain Range Topography side view

Wasatch Mountain Range Topography

Wasatch Mountain Range Topography Seeing the stunning vistas amidst tall pine trees on the Wasatch ...
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Large Product Replica of soccer ball and gloves for ally's Own the Save campaign

Giant Soccer Ball and Gloves

Giant Soccer Ball and Gloves Whether your business is sponsoring the local soccer team or ...
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LOVE Letters Greenery Large

Love Letters Gallery

Love Letters Gallery Love letters are the perfect way to add to the ambience of ...
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3D Owl Logo

3D Logos, Letters and Numbers

3D Logos, Letters and Numbers There are so many options to choose from when you ...
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Super Mario Model closeup

Super Mario Gallery

Super Mario Gallery A big shout out to Super Mario. He took time out of ...
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Giant 3D statue of Yeti Archery Target

Foam Character Archery Targets

Foam Character Archery Targets Archers and Ogres and Yetis, oh my! Towering above the crowd ...
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4xFar Lighted Letters Night View

4xFAR Lighted Letters

4xFAR Lighted Letters Whether by day or by night, this large letter display lit up ...
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Character Model of an owl

3D -Printed Owl

3D-Printed Owl How’s it made? This model is 3D printed using fused deposition modeling (FDM) ...
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BOSS Guitar effects pedal model

BOSS Guitar Effects Pedal

BOSS Guitar Effects Pedal This massive BOSS guitar effects pedal is the latest addition to ...
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Futuristic 3D-printed bumper side view

3D-Printed Bumper

3D-Printed Bumper When you think about it, technology is pretty awesome. With 3D design software ...
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LED Foam Letters X Outdoors

Foam Letters

Foam Letters Getting your brand noticed can be a challenge, but with giant foam letters, ...
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Moon Topography

Moon Topographies

Moon Topographies Moon topographies are just a sampling of the many models that can be ...
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Industrial Model Rotoshovel Closeup

The RotoShovel – A Large Product Replica

The RotoShovel A Large Product Replica It’s been a busy 2019 at WhiteClouds and as ...
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Large Keyboard model

Large Keyboard

Large Keyboard Today’s cool project highlights special effects that can be added to our ...
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Bart Simpson

3D Printed Video Game Model Bart Simpson We Build Custom 3D Video Game Models Bart ...
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Large 3D Cartoon model of Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson

3D Printed Cartoon Model Homer Simpson We Build Custom 3D Cartoon Models Meet the newest ...
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Mincon 60" diameter drill-through ring-bit casing system

Large Product Replicas – Mincon

Mincon Large Product Replicas Mincon is a long-time innovator in the development and manufacture of ...
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Large 3D model of video game war of the worlds alien

War of the Worlds Alien

War of the Worlds Alien The fantastic team of engineers, sculptures, painters, air-brushers and model ...
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Bugs Bunny Model by piano

Bugs Bunny Gallery

Bugs Bunny Gallery Bugs Bunny has been part of our lives for decades. This beloved ...
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BYU Campus Diorama with LED Lights

BYU Campus-wide Diorama

BYU Campus-wide Diorama We recently completed the installation of Brigham Young University’s (BYU) Campus-wide Diorama. ...
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Boom Chicka Pop TradeShow Model

Cool Projects November 27, 2019

This Week at WhiteClouds… Learn More About Product Replicas Learn More About 3D Characters ...
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LED Letters Galleria

Cool Projects October 24, 2019

This Week at WhiteClouds October 24, 2019 Learn More About Selfie Backgrounds Learn More About ...
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3D logo for Hotel Data Conference

Cool Projects September 5, 2019

This Week at WhiteClouds… September 5, 2019
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Trade show model of oversized dice

Cool Projects Mar. 19, 2019

This Week at WhiteClouds… March 19, 2019
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Large Multicolored Live your Color Matrix 3D Logo

Cool Projects Feb. 26, 2019

This Week at WhiteClouds… February 26, 2019
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