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Microsoft’s video game franchise, Halo, masterfully weaves the tale of a 26th-century science fiction universe where humanity is in a holy war with an alien alliance known as the Covenant. From the debut of the game in 2001 with Halo: Combat Evolved, to the novels, comic books, and series that detail the characters, factions, and timelines this universe is rich with lore and deeply involved, as are the gamers who have dedicated most of their free time to play it. Halo’s scheduled 2020 holiday season release of their newest offering, Halo: Infinite, is highly anticipated.

According to the Halo universe lore, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 started as one of 150 human children who were a part of a secret government genetic engineering experiment to create super-soldier “Spartans” who would maintain order in space colony rebellions. John-117 soon found himself to be the last of his kind. He subsequently ranks to Master Chief Petty Officer as tensions rise with the Covenant, who are wiping out human colonies, and he shifts from a peace-keeper to an alien annihilator.

Whiteclouds recreated the Master Chief, in all of his menacing glory, to appear as though he is fresh off of the battlefield. This 7ft 3in tall 1:1 scale replica artistically depicts the Master Chief down to the most minute detail. Whiteclouds’ digital design artist, Jack Staley, built the nearly 4 million polygon Master Chief in about 87 hours. Jack’s design was then cut into 85 total pieces that fit into 59 builds. The Master Chief kept Whiteclouds’ Creality 3D FDM print farm running for a staggering 2,360 hours and used over 180lbs of filament.

Whiteclouds’ expert team of fabricators fused the 3D prints and utilized proprietary techniques to fill seams and any print imperfections. This process took around 207 hours to achieve a seamless, paint-ready figure. Shawn Malott, Whiteclouds’ lead airbrushing artist, paid exceptional attention to detail in recreating Master Chief’s armor coloring and finish work. “Master Chief has been through a lot of battles. I wanted to make the finish look real,” says Shawn of the scrapes that he purposely put into his paint after his 50+ hours of airbrushing.

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