Garfield and Odie

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Jim Davis’ timeless characters, Garfield and Odie, entered the lives and hearts of many in the summer of 1978 in a comic strip. Over the years, these two loveable pets have moved on from their humble beginnings in a comic strip to animated television series, Emmy award-winning primetime specials, video games, and a handful of feature-length movies. The comic strip has also tipped the scales as the world’s most widely syndicated comic.

This 3D Cartoon Model from Whiteclouds highlights one of the most recognizable running gags in the history of the Garfield comic. Whiteclouds’ 3D model of Garfield is kicking Odie far into next week, and it is likely because the slobbering dog just ate some of the fat cat’s food.

Whiteclouds’ designer Tim Brown logged about 30 hours, total, sculpting the iconic pet “frenemies” in the 3D computer graphic software, Autodesk Maya. Turning a two-dimensional character into a three-dimensional statue can get pretty involved. While the dumbly unsuspecting Odie stands well on his four legs, Garfield’s tubby body needed to balance on one leg while winding up for a deep lasagna powered kick.

The main hurdle was to digitally sculpt Garfield and Odie so that they could stand on their own without the need for a base. Garfield’s center of gravity went into consideration, and the trick was to print Garfield’s standing leg solid, whereas the rest of his body is mostly hollow. Garfield stands about 3 feet tall and weighs in at 20 lbs. Odie weighs half as much as Garfield and stands about a foot taller.

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