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Do you want an 8ft tall goblin and yeti, and a 10ft tall dragon for target practice? Sure thing, Whiteclouds can build custom 3D archery targets! When Mike Hernandez, from Break the Barriers, contacted Whiteclouds about creating a few mythical archery targets, we were intrigued. Not only were these targets going to be massive, but they also needed to be durable enough to endure being outside and a whole bunch of arrows. The basic instruction that Mike gave, along with a few proofed reference images, was to “think strength and rigidity.” After completing both the Goblin and Yeti for the Vegas Shoot, it was on to the final “menacing show-piece” that will be showcased on the Mckenzie archery range for Break the Barriers’ annual BTB 3D Open.

Weighing in at about 600 pounds and at just over 10 feet tall, 2.5 expanded polystyrene foam blocks (8’x4’x 3′) were fused together and then hand-sculpted down into a beautifully detailed Dragon 3D Archery Target. A prime concern of the client was that archers would shoot arrows toward elements of the sculpture that was not intended to be targeted. With this consideration in mind, an extremely durable hardening agent reinforced the majority of the Dragon’s head and other delicate areas of interest. Once sculpted, the Dragon flew over to the paint area for another round of hard coating and a scorchingly great paint job. Paint and finish work consisted of airbrushing, dry-brushing, and exquisite detail work, which brought the Dragon to life.

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