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Giant Pencil Prop

Step into the world of giant pencil props, where creativity meets colossal scale! These towering tools are more than mere props—they're symbols of boundless imagination, ...

Giant Scissors Prop

Dive into the captivating world of giant scissors props! Beyond just oversized tools, these grand clippers symbolize new beginnings, grand celebrations, and cinematic drama. Whether ...

Large Book Prop

Step into the grandeur of giant book props! From theatrical stages to store displays, these colossal tomes blend artistry and nostalgia. Discover their craft, dive ...
Black Widow Spider 3D prop

Large Spider Prop

Unravel the spine-chilling allure of gigantic spider props! From ancient myths to modern-day horror films, these colossal arachnids blend artistry and engineering. Step into their ...
Cheez-It giant product replica

Custom Retail Props, Signs, Statues, and Replicas

WhiteClouds fabricates custom props, signs, replicas, statues, models, etc. for retail companies. Here is a gallery of some of our projects.
Nike Mt. 12skii Ja Morant shoe snow sculpture made of foam

Large Shoe Props

Journey through the world of monumental footwear, where shoes aren't just for walking but for dreaming. From historic streets to modern parades, these colossal creations ...
3d-printed bronze statue

Custom Museum Models, Statues, Replicas and Props

WhiteClouds fabricates custom models, props, replicas, statues, 3D maps, dioramas and more for museums. Here is a gallery of some of our projects.
Netline's Luna 3D mascot at trade show event

Trade Show and Event Projects and Examples Gallery

If you are looking to create a magnet to drive large crowds of trade show visitors to your booth, large and creative letters will accomplish ...
Cheez-It giant product replica

Food and Grocery 3D Large Replica Project and Examples Gallery

Food and grocery large product replicas are a great way to showcase your brand for holiday displays and retail promotions, in selfie museums, as 3D ...
Revlon at Walmart custom product replica

Beauty and Health Large Product Replica Projects and Examples Gallery

Beauty and health large product replicas are perfect for drawing crowds to your retail displays, at trade shows or convention booths and getting your brand ...
Netline's Luna 3D mascot at trade show event

How to make a perfect company mascot – NetLine’s ‘Luna’ 3D Statue

Read about the process of creating a custom 3D-printed company mascot statue for NetLine through our case study. Explore the intricate process, from concept to ...
Trade Show kiosk display

Custom Woodworking Services – Displays, Props, Signs…

Have you ever wondered how they built that futuristic weapon, or the realistic armor, or that incredibly detailed creature? Movie props can be built using ...
Disney Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe sign Crocodile closeup

Giant Alligator Prop

In the heart of the workshop, a monstrous creation takes shape. With each stroke of the sculptor's hand, scales emerge, teeth gleam, and eyes blaze ...
shoe snow sculpture

Giant Shoe Sculpture – MT. 12 SKII Ja Morant Nike

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build an outdoor 25 foot x 50 foot giant foam sculpture as part of the MT.12 SKII Ja Morant Nike Shoe ...
Giant Medical Model Props

Giant Pancreas Prop

Step into the realm of medical simulation and anatomical props with our blog on the Giant Pancreas Prop. Discover how this lifelike tool revolutionizes medical ...
Kona Brewing Co. Bus Retail Display Thermoforming

KONA Brewing Co VW Bus Retail Display Case Study

WhiteClouds recently completed their most diverse project yet in terms of incorporating all of the various skills and technologies of the company. The KONA “Liquid ...
3D printed 7' tall bobblehead

Bobblehead of Ryne Sandberg 3D Printed Statue Case Study

Sports teams throughout the years have made bobbleheads an iconic collectible, but Major League Baseball was the first to start the tradition. A pharmaceutical company ...
Pothole Man 3D-printed statue

Buster the Pothole Man 3D Printed Character Mascot Statue Model

Whiteclouds was commissioned to create a 3D-printed trade show model of The Pothole Man, affectionately named “Buster”, who recently made an appearance at his FIRST ...
E-axle system by Allison Transmission miniature replica

E-axle Industrial Model Miniature Replica – Case Study

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build a custom 3D scale 3D printed model replica of an E-Axle with a 60” L X proportional height and width ...
Captain America Ironman 3D Printed Statue Holding Toy Side View

Captain America SEN-TI-NEL 3D Printed Replica Statue Case Study

“What if Tony Stark integrates each of the Avengers’ superpowers into an armor?” This prompt was the inspiration behind our newest 3D Character Model. Created ...
Utah Jazz NBA Basketball Prop

Props Custom 3D Fabrication Services

Have you ever wondered how they built that futuristic weapon, or the realistic armor, or that incredibly detailed creature? Movie props can be built using ...
3D Statues

Custom Statues 3D Fabrication Services

From colossal dinosaurs to Venus de Milo, from Egyptian sphinxes to mermaids, from elephants to dinosaurs, from Mario to Harry Potter, 3D statues can be ...
Large 3D character model of homer Simpson with doughnut and bart with skateboard

Custom Cartoon 3D Models Fabrication Services

People really enjoy the experience of seeing their favorite cartoon characters up close and personal. These cartoon models seem to energize a character and its surroundings, ...
halo master chief life-size 3D Printed statue

Video Game Models Custom 3D Fabrication Services

Anything that can be represented in video games can be fabricated into real-life and real-size models. This includes characters (small to extremely large), video game ...

Halo Master Chief Life-size 3D-printed Model Project Gallery

Master Chief Petty Officer John is a life sized 3D printed model. He stands at a menacing 7ft 3in tall and is looking for a ...

She-Ra 3D Trade Show Display Project Gallery

She-Ra is a fierce woman, indeed. She-Ra’s character throne has impressive special effects. When fans sit upon the throne, magic happens.

Super Mario 3D Printed Model Project Gallery

Whiteclouds 3D printed the iconic Mario with its Creality 3D FDM printer farm out of PLA plastic. Standing at just over 6 feet tall, Mario ...
This is the Place Heritage Park scaled model

Heritage Park Diorama

Heritage Park Diorama We Build Custom Architectural Dioramas This Is The Place Heritage park is located on the east side ...

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