3D Courtroom Exhibits

Railroad Tracks

We Build Custom 3D Courtroom Exhibits

Courtroom exhibits are used in a trial when an object, testimony, or any fact needs demonstration to support an argument. Props such as these are often utilized as a forensic visualization to engage a jury in a courtroom setting. Commissioned by Fearless Eye, Whiteclouds created a 1:1 scale courtroom exhibit of a railroad grade crossing used as demonstrative evidence in a trial.

With the aid of a digital file, Whiteclouds’ CNC machine accurately cut down expanded polystyrene foam into the basic shape of the 15×7 foot model. The railroad track crossing section was segmented into three base pieces (for ease of transport) with the seams strategically hidden underneath the removable fiberglassed railings. Six ramp sections along with three asphalt slopes were also fabricated, as detachable elements, to help illustrate the facts of the case.

“This was a fun job,” states Whiteclouds’ lead sculptor, Jenni Lombardi, about the project, “we put some foam through an industrial shredder and then hand-selected pieces that looked like gravel. Then we did an amalgam of sorts with the gravel-like foam, mixed it with an adhesive, and laid it onto the base.” As realism was a key request, the railings have a high-gloss automotive finish to emulate steel, and the textures of the wood and rock are hand-sculpted foam. Aside from the fiberglassed rails, the entire model is hard-coated and then artfully airbrushed to look like the real thing.

Details of the case cannot be disclosed at this time, but for more information on our custom courtroom exhibits, please visit our 3D Courtroom Exhibits page.

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