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Disney Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe sign Gorilla closeup

Giant Gorilla Prop

Step into the workshop where dreams take shape and legends are born. Witness the birth of a towering behemoth, forged from steel, foam, and imagination. ...
Disney Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe sign Crocodile closeup

Giant Crocodile Prop

Enter the workshop where dreams loom large and monsters come to life. From the depths of imagination emerges a behemoth of foam and steel—a giant ...
Disney Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe sign Macaw side view

Giant Macaw Prop

In the heart of the workshop, magic unfolds as foam takes flight and steel comes alive. From the skilled hands of artisans emerges a giant ...
Disney Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe sign Red Eye Tree Frog closeup

Giant Frog Prop

In the depths of the workshop, a magical transformation unfolds. From humble materials emerges a creature of wonder and whimsy—a giant frog prop, poised to ...
Disney Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe sign Iguana closeup

Giant Iguana Prop

In the depths of the workshop, a creature of myth and legend begins to take shape. From the hands of skilled artisans emerges a giant ...
Disney Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe sign Jaguar closeup

Giant Jaguar Prop

In the heart of the workshop, a creature of primal majesty takes form. From skilled hands and boundless imagination emerges the giant jaguar prop—a masterful ...
Lipstick Prop

Giant Lipstick Prop

Unveiling the magic behind the scenes of creating a larger-than-life lipstick prop! From its lustrous curves to its vibrant shades, dive deep into the world ...
Revlon Giant replica models

Giant Makeup Props

Step into the mesmerizing realm of giant makeup props! From colossal lipstick tubes to oversized eyeshadow palettes, explore how these mega beauties are crafted, turning ...
Headphone Props

Giant Headphones Prop

Step into the rhythm of colossal art with giant headphone props! From music festivals to urban artscapes, these towering symbols encapsulate a generation's love for ...
Giant Popcorn Prop

Giant Popcorn Prop

Dive into the world of giant popcorn props, where art meets cinema nostalgia! Explore their creation, iconic roles in movie premieres, and their larger-than-life presence ...
Pineapple Shortbread Cookie by Honolulu Cookie Company Replica

Giant Cookie Prop

Journey into the delightful world of giant cookie props! From their mouth-watering design process to their starring roles in events and media, discover the magic ...

Life Magnified Stamps

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the invisible wonders of the "Life Magnified" stamp collection. From the delicate intricacies of red blood cells to ...
Character Model of an owl

Large Animal Props

Journey into the majestic realm of large animal props! From cinema's fantasy beasts to theater's emotive creatures, uncover the artistry behind these larger-than-life marvels. Dive ...

Giant Toothbrush Prop

Step into the captivating world of giant toothbrush props! From ad campaigns to art installations, these colossal brushes sweep you into a realm of nostalgia, ...
Character model of War of the Worlds Alien

Alien Props

Embark on a cosmic odyssey with alien props! These masterfully crafted entities transport audiences to distant galaxies, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Dive ...
Boeing Starliner 1000 spaceship replica

Spaceship Props

Venture beyond the stars with dazzling spaceship props! These cinematic wonders transport audiences to galaxies far, far away, merging craftsmanship with cosmic imagination. Step aboard ...
pancakes foam sculture

Food Props

Feast your eyes on colossal culinary creations with giant food props! These larger-than-life masterpieces blend artistry and whimsy, turning every scene and event into a ...
Tiger Shark Mouth Closeup

Shark Props

Plunge into the deep end of shark props! These masterfully crafted replicas bridge the gap between reel and real, making every scene and event a ...
Cheez-It giant product replica

Giant Props

Step into a realm where the ordinary becomes extraordinarily large! From massive cupcakes to colossal chairs, giant props captivate, delight, and transform spaces. Dive deep ...
Axelar Levitating Robot Company Mascot Statue

Video: Making of the Levitating 3D Printed Robot Character

Journey through the captivating blend of 3D printing and levitation magic. From concept to colorful creation, watch as a floating robot character comes alive, challenging ...
halo master chief life-size 3D Printed statue

Video: The Making of Halo Master Chief

From the digital battlegrounds of Halo emerges a 7'3" titan: Master Chief, crafted from 85 unique 3D prints! Dive deep into this fusion of gaming ...
Largest 3D Printed Statue in the World

Video: The Making of a 30′ 3D Printed Statue

Journey into the creation of 'Scout', a colossal 30' statue born from 3D printing genius. Crafted for CONEXPO/CON-AGG, this masterpiece symbolizes innovation and pays tribute ...
Dragon Archery 3D Prop

Video: 3D Dragon Sculpture

Unveil the magic of the 3D Dragon Sculpture! Watch as master artisans transform lifeless foam into legendary dragons, blending ancient myths with cutting-edge craftsmanship. Dive ...
Giant Can Prop

Giant Paint Brush Prop

Journey into the realm of the giant paintbrush prop! From whimsical origins to becoming a beacon of creativity, discover how this larger-than-life tool has captured ...
3d art of a cupcake

Giant Cupcake Prop

Dive into the delightful realm of giant cupcake props! From their sugary spectacle of creation to iconic placements in pop culture, discover how these oversized ...
Sharpie Fine Point Pen Giant Replica Model

Giant Pen Prop

Embark on a journey with the monumental giant pen prop! Beyond its visual grandeur, it weaves tales of human expression, historical epics, and artistic mastery. ...

Giant Crayon Prop

Venture into the captivating realm of giant crayon props! These colossal symbols of imagination not only ignite childhood nostalgia but also spotlight the boundless world ...
Ice Cream Scoop retail 3D Prop

Giant Spoon Prop

Journey into the realm of giant spoon props, where everyday meets extraordinary! These oversized utensils aren't just for show—they embody deep-rooted symbolism, from shared meals ...

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