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When it comes to foam sculpture, WhiteClouds is the place to bring your ideas to life. David Edwards of Imperiad Entertainment is busy creating a desolate science-fantasy world where his protagonist seeks to overthrow a tyrannical government in a film that is still in pre-production phases. David contacted WhiteClouds to bring a part of his vision to life by creating a massive robot head as a prop for the film.

David sent WhiteClouds some concept art made by the Indonesian character design artist, Keninkenap, of a damaged robot head. This artwork was our reference to re-create three-dimensionally in foam sculpture. It took about four weeks to plan, sculpt, smooth-coat, and prime the 8-foot-tall and 4-foot-wide robot head.

The head itself is a hollowed form with many hand sculpted details and appliques. Bolts, rivets, ripped wires, and cracked facades help to create a genuinely war-torn robot head. Once the sculpting was complete, the entire thing was hard-coated with a plastic-like layer for added strength and then primed for paint.

David intends to paint the head to look weathered to fit into the dystopian universe that he is creating and we cannot wait to see what it looks like after he has it finished.

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Robot head 3D foam

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