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24 sculpture Migue-Cabrera MLB Detroit Tigers

Large Baseball Numbers Prop

Discover the craftsmanship behind the impressive 8' tall '24' Baseball Numbers Prop! This monumental creation stands as a testament to Miguel Cabrera’s legendary career with ...
24 sculpture Migue-Cabrera MLB Detroit Tigers

MLB Sculpture Case Study – The Miguel Cabrera Tribute Number 24 at Comerica Park​

Discover how WhiteClouds made a Number 24 tribute sculpture for Miguel Cabrera made of 3000 baseballs, to be permanently displayed at Comerica Park.
Disney Holiday Stage Props Candy

Custom Holiday Props, Signs, Models, Decor, and Replicas

WhiteClouds fabricates custom props, signs, replicas, statues, models, decor etc. for holidays. Here is a gallery of some of our projects.
Disney Holiday Stage Foam Sculpture of the Gingerbread man

Christmas Photo Booth Props

Step into the holiday spirit with Christmas Photo Booth Props! Whether you're planning a cozy gathering or a grand festive bash, explore diverse, enchanting prop ...
NFL Tennessee Titans 12th Titan Sword Plunge Prop

The Rebirth of an Iconic Tradition: The 12th Titan ‘Sword of Honor’ NFL Prop

Discover how WhiteClouds transformed the NFL Tennessee Titans' 12th Titan tradition with a custom-built, reusable, and transportable NFL prop, blending special effects seamlessly into the ...
Nike Waffle Shoe Branding Display Production Photo

Large Event Props

Step into the realm of colossal event props and unveil their enchantment! From breathtaking designs to state-of-the-art tech marvels, these props aren't just decorations; they're ...
Giant Fire Hydrant Prop

Giant Fire Hydrant Prop

Unveiling the magic behind the colossal fire hydrant prop! From design intricacies to material selection, immerse yourself in a world where everyday items are transformed ...
Belmont Park San Diego Spring hot-air balloon photo prop

Giant Hot Air Balloon Prop

Unveil the enchantment behind creating a giant hot air balloon prop! From conceptual sketches to towering displays, these larger-than-life replicas captivate and inspire. Whether adorning ...
3d art of a flower

Large Flower Props

Venture into the realm of colossal blooms! Large flower props are more than just decorations; they're a fusion of art and nature that elevates any ...
Giant Glasses Prop

Giant Glasses Prop

Step into the larger-than-life world of giant glasses props! From crafting the perfect oversized spectacle to making a statement at events, these mammoth eyepieces are ...
Giant Perfume Bottle Props

Giant Perfume Bottle Prop

Step into the world of magnified elegance with giant perfume bottle props! From initial sketches to dazzling finishes, discover the meticulous craftsmanship that transforms iconic ...

Giant Nail Polish Prop

Step into the larger-than-life world of giant nail polish props! Explore the meticulous artistry behind crafting these gargantuan bottles, where every shimmer and shade becomes ...
Simpson's 3D Foam Coach

Movie Props

Uncover the hidden stars of the silver screen—movie props! From iconic lightsabers to the legendary One Ring, delve into the fascinating journey of how ...
Delorean Movie Prop-Back-to-the-future

268 Movie Props

Step into the mesmerizing world of cinema with our list of 250 iconic movie props! From the powerful lightsaber in "Star Wars" to the ...
The Ring Movie Prop-Lord of the Rings

Top 10 Movie Props of All-Time

Dive into the cinematic universe with our countdown of the Top 10 Movie Props of All Time! From the mystical One Ring to the mind-bending ...
She-Ra Throne Dreamworks 3D Prop

Giant Chair Prop

Ever marveled at a colossal chair prop, grand enough for a giant's living room? Dive deep into the world of larger-than-life creations, exploring the art, ...
Large Skull Prop

Large Skull Prop

Step into the realm of the eerily enchanting as we unravel the art of creating a colossal skull prop. Melding symbolism with craftsmanship, these skeletal ...
Giant Coffee Cup Prop

Giant Coffee Cup Prop

Unveiling the magic behind the colossal coffee cup prop! Journey with us as we delve deep into the craftsmanship, celebrating every coffee lover's dream turned ...
Large Cake Prop

Large Cake Prop

Unveiling the magic behind giant cake props! Step into a realm where cakes aren't just for eating but tower over us, enchanting with their larger-than-life ...
Giant Fruit Prop-Apples

Giant Fruit Props

Unearth the magic behind behemoth bananas and mammoth mangoes! Dive into the fascinating realm of giant fruit props, where artistry meets lifelike realism, creating spellbinding ...

Giant Ice Cream Cone Prop

Ever wondered how a Giant Ice Cream Cone Prop comes to life? Dive into an exciting journey that combines art, engineering, and a sprinkle of ...
Giant lollipop prop

Giant Lollipop Prop

Step into the sugary wonderland of giant lollipop props! Learn how these jaw-dropping creations come to life, from the initial sketches to the final, glossy ...
Giant Hamburger Prop

Giant Food Props

Feast your eyes on the fascinating realm of giant food props! From towering tacos to behemoth bananas, these larger-than-life creations tantalize the senses, blending artistry ...
statue metallic smooth texture

Large Horse Prop

Journey into the world of crafting majestic, life-sized horse props! From intricate detailing to capturing a stallion's spirit, discover how artisans transform raw materials into ...
Ice Cream Scoop retail 3D Prop

Giant Props-The Ultimate Guide

Discover how our skilled artisans bring your creative visions to life, crafting unique and high-quality props for marketing, film, trade shows, events, retail, and more.
Jobot Company 3' tall 3D Printed Mascot

Giant Robot Prop

Venture into the realm of colossal creations with the magic of giant robot props. From intricate designs to awe-inspiring finishes, these metal giants blend art ...
Large Foam Model Batter Capital of the World

Large Bowl Prop

Step into the world of oversized art with the incredible journey of creating a large bowl prop. From concept to completion, every curve and contour ...
3D-printed Service Dog Statue

Large Dog Prop

Ever marveled at a colossal canine prop that looked ready to wag its tail? Dive deep into the world of crafting giant dog props, where ...

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