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A big shout out to Super Mario. He took time out of his busy gaming adventures to join us for some victory poses and selfies. His simple beginnings as Jump Man in the 1981 Nintendo game Donkey Kong were catapulted to super stardom within a couple of years. He earned the nickname Mario shortly after distribution in America and he eventually became the Mario we all know and love. Mario has appeared in Mario Bros, Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario 2, Super Mario 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Galaxy. Whiteclouds 3D printed the iconic Mario with its Creality 3D FDM printer farm out of PLA plastic. Standing at just over 6 feet tall, Mario was cut into 33 prints and took 2,013 hours of print time to complete. After printing, fusing and filling any inconsistent seams, Mario headed over to our paint booth for priming. To learn more, check out our 3D Cartoon Models 3D Cartoon Models page. 

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