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The Hershey Kiss Odyssey: A Lustrous Journey Wrapped in Silver

Journey through time with the Hershey Kiss, a beacon of chocolate luxury. From its birth in 1907 to its iconic silver embrace, this tale unwraps ...

Sour, Sweet, Unforgettable: The Epic Saga of the Sour Patch Kids

Embark on a tart trip with Sour Patch Kids, candies that surprise, delight, and vanish! From Martian-shaped origins to pop culture icons, discover how these ...

Lifesavers Through the Ages: Mascots that Truly ‘Save’ the Day

Dive into the sweet saga of Lifesavers—candies that have been our refreshing rescuers for over a century. From knights in minty armor to luminous sparks ...

Jelly Bellies: A Bellyful of Stories and Surprises

Journey through the colorful tales of Jelly Belly beans, from White House endorsements to cinematic spotlights. Discover how these tiny candies encapsulate history, bold flavors, ...

Drumming Up Sweetness: The Beat of the Dum Dum Drums

From their inception in 1924 to their echoing presence in pop culture, Dum Dums have created a beat of their own. Delve into the rich ...

Over the Milky Way: Unraveling the Mysterious Cow Mascot

Embark on a cosmic adventure with the Milky Way bar's enigmatic bovine ambassador. From its candy constellation birth to grazing across pop culture's vast landscape, ...

409 Candy Mascots

In a world awash with flavor, 409 mascots stand tall, weaving tales of sugar-spun adventures. From chocolaty chases to sour escapades, journey through candy lore ...

Top 10 Candy Mascots

Venture into a world sprinkled with sugar and magic! Meet the top 10 candy mascots: timeless icons who've danced through decades, turning treats into tales. ...

Candy Mascots

Venture into the enchanting realm of candy mascots! From sugary sorcerers to chocolate champions, discover the vibrant personalities that turn mere candies into timeless tales, ...
Cereal Mascots-Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear’s Jazz Lounge: Smooth Tunes and Crisper Crunches

Sway to the rhythm at Sugar Bear's Jazz Lounge! Immerse yourself in a world where jazzy beats meet the satisfying crunch of cereals. From saxophone ...
Cereal Mascots-Count Chocula

Count Chocula Uncovered: The Sweet Side of Transylvania

Travel deep into Transylvania's cocoa-coated corners with Count Chocula! Discover chocolate rivers, cocoa-bean groves, and ancient recipes that make this realm a dessert lover's dream. ...
Cereal Mascots-Lucky Leprechaun

Chasing Rainbows with Lucky: The Magic Behind Every Charm

Venture into a world of whimsy with Lucky! Unearth the secrets behind each charm, from shooting stars to blue moons. As we chase rainbows alongside ...
Cereal Mascots-Boo Berry

Boo Berry’s Haunted Hideouts: Spooky Places to Explore

Step into the spectral world with Boo Berry! From forgotten mansions to mysterious forests, embark on a journey through the most haunted hideouts. With every ...
Cereal Mascots-Franken Berry

Franken Berry: A Modern Retelling of an Old Monster Tale

Dive deep into the world of Franken Berry! As classic monster myths intertwine with sugary tales, witness a creature's quest for identity in a modern ...
Cereal Mascots-Snap-Crackle-Pop

Snap, Crackle, Pop! The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Journey into the melodic tales of Snap, Crackle, Pop! From breakfast tables to cultural moments, uncover how these three simple sounds shaped mornings and echoed ...
Cereal Mascots-Rabbit

The Trix Rabbit: More Than Just a Mascot, an Underdog Story

Discover the untold saga of the Trix Rabbit! Facing countless challenges in his pursuit of cereal delight, this tenacious bunny's journey from obscurity to fame ...
Cereal Mascots-Capn Crunch

Nautical Tales with Cap’n Crunch: Adventures Beyond the Bowl

Embark on thrilling voyages with Cap'n Crunch! Navigate uncharted waters, discover hidden cereal islands, and unravel deep-sea legends. Beyond every bowl lies a tale of ...
Cereal Mascots-Toucan Sam

Toucan Sam’s Travel Diaries: Exploring Fruity Paradises

Fly with Toucan Sam to the world's juiciest destinations! From berry-rich bays to citrus summits, uncover nature's flavorful wonders and Sam's vibrant tales. An exploration ...
Cereal Mascots-Tony the Tiger

Behind the Stripes: A Day in the Life of Tony the Tiger

Dive into the bustling life of Tony the Tiger! From sunrise stretches in the jungle to electrifying adventures with fans, discover the zest, zeal, and ...
Cereal Mascots-Rabbit

Cereal Mascots

In the vibrant realm of breakfasts, cereal mascots reign supreme. From whimsical leprechauns to roaring tigers, these icons do more than just sell cereal. They ...
Cereal Mascots-Tony the Tiger

Top 10 Cereal Mascots

Journey back to mornings filled with animated antics! Our list unveils the top 10 cereal mascots that have danced, sung, and hopped their way into ...
Cereal Mascots-Capn Crunch

268 Cereal Mascots

Journey through the colorful world of 268 cereal mascots! From Tony the Tiger's roaring mornings to the whimsical adventures of Trix Rabbit, our listicle takes ...
Netline's Luna 3D mascot at trade show event

How to make a perfect company mascot – NetLine’s ‘Luna’ 3D Statue

Read about the process of creating a custom 3D-printed company mascot statue for NetLine through our case study. Explore the intricate process, from concept to ...
Orca Security Company Mascot Giant Foam Sculpture

Giant Orca Company Mascot Sculpture

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build a 12 foot tall giant foam sculpture of the Orca Security company mascot for trade show events.

School Custom Bronze Mascot Statue Case Study

Case study for the 13 foot high custom Bearcat bronze mascot statue commissioned by CORE Construction for their client Sherman High School made by WhiteClouds.
3D printed 7' tall bobblehead

Bobblehead of Ryne Sandberg 3D Printed Statue Case Study

Sports teams throughout the years have made bobbleheads an iconic collectible, but Major League Baseball was the first to start the tradition. A pharmaceutical company ...
Pothole Man 3D-printed statue

Buster the Pothole Man 3D Printed Character Mascot Statue Model

Whiteclouds was commissioned to create a 3D-printed trade show model of The Pothole Man, affectionately named “Buster”, who recently made an appearance at his FIRST ...
Captain America Ironman 3D Printed Statue Holding Toy Side View

Captain America SEN-TI-NEL 3D Printed Replica Statue Case Study

“What if Tony Stark integrates each of the Avengers’ superpowers into an armor?” This prompt was the inspiration behind our newest 3D Character Model. Created ...

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