409 Candy Mascots

409 Candy Mascots

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In a universe sprinkled with sugar crystals, where the stars may as well be sweetened sparkles, there exists a galaxy far more vibrant and alive than our own. The Milky Way has nothing on this sweet stratosphere!  Every celestial body is but a sugar-dusted confection, and spiraling across this vast saccharine space, are the glittering tales of 409 candy mascots.  From the outer orbits where bubbly beings from “Bubblicious” drift, to the dense centers where the “Milka” cow grazes on pastel pastures, this is a realm where stories don’t just satisfy cravings; they serve as the lifeblood of an ever-expanding universe of flavor.  As we journey through these candy cosmos, prepare to immerse yourself in tales spun from caramel dreams and minty musings, and let these mascots lead the way.

409 Candy Mascots

1. 100 Grand: The “Rich Kid” character is all about flaunting his wealth, reminding us of the rich caramel and chocolate goodness of the bar. (Introduced by Nestlé, date varies)

2. 3 Musketeers: These delightful bars have been represented by animated floating feathers and the Musketeer characters. A nod to its light and airy texture. (Mars, Incorporated, 1932)

3. 5th Avenue: The stylish city characters embody the urban sophistication that the crunchy chocolate bar represents. (Introduced by Hershey’s, 1936)

4. Abba-Zaba: These chewy taffy bars take us on a jungle adventure with zebra or other jungle-themed characters. (Annabelle Candy Company, 1922)

5. Aero: The Aero bubble characters perfectly capture the bubbly, airy texture of this chocolate treat. (Nestlé, 1935)

6. Airheads: Floating through the air, the Airheads balloon character is as fun and unpredictable as the candy’s taste! (Perfetti Van Melle, 1985)

7. Alexander the Grape: A grape character with a historical twist celebrates this flavorful candy. (Ferrara Candy Company, date varies)

8. Almond Joy: Think of a sunny day on a tropical island, and characters experiencing pure joy capture the essence of Almond Joy. (Hershey’s, 1946)

9. Almond Joy’s Mounds: The beach or island scenes emphasize the delicious tropical flavors of these chocolate and coconut treats. (Hershey’s, 1920)

10. Altoids: Known for its strong minty taste, the Altoid tin itself occasionally becomes personified in creative ads. (Wrigley Company, 1780)

11. Andes Mints: Capturing the chill and elevation, the Andes mountain mascot reminds us of the cool minty freshness. (Tootsie Roll Industries, 1950)

12. Annabelle’s Rocky Road: Think of mountain climbers or adventurous trails, highlighting the rocky texture and marshmallow goodness. (Annabelle Candy Company, date varies)

13. Annabelle’s Big Hunk: A strongman character flexing his muscles embodies the chewy nougat and whole roasted peanuts. (Annabelle Candy Company, 1950)

14. Astropop: Delve into the cosmos with space explorers or alien-themed adventures, highlighting the layered lollipop. (Spangler Candy, 1963)

15. Atomic Fireballs: Get ready for a spicy kick with explosive or scientist characters emphasizing the candy’s heat. (Ferrara Candy Company, 1954)

16. Baby Ruth: Swing into the world of baseball-themed settings, a tribute to America’s favorite pastime. (Curtiss Candy Company, 1921)

17. Banana Splits: Dive into a beach setting with fun banana characters. (Necco, date varies)

18. Bazooka Bubble Gum: Join the ranks with military-themed or comic strip adventures with characters like Bazooka Joe. (Topps, 1947)

19. BB Bats Taffy: Swing into deliciousness with bat or baseball-themed characters for these long-lasting taffies. (Runk Candy Company, date varies)

20. Beemans Gum: Soar the skies with the aviator or pilot character, celebrating this historic gum. (Beeman, 1898)

21. Big Cherry: Cherry-themed mascots bring out the rich fruitiness of this candy. (Ben Myerson Candy Co., date varies)

22. Big Hunk: Power and strength are exemplified by the strongman characters for this nougat candy bar. (Annabelle Candy Company, 1950)

23. Big League Chew: Step up to the plate with baseball player characters representing this shredded gum. (Wrigley Company, 1980)

24. Big Red: Feel the warmth and spiciness with the Big Red humanoid character. (Wrigley Company, 1975)

25. Bit-O-Honey: Sweet bee characters emphasize the honey flavor in these chewy candies. (Schutter-Johnson Company, 1924)

26. Bit-O-Licorice: Dive into the rich dark world of licorice with characters that highlight its unique flavor. (Schutter-Johnson Company, date varies)

27. Black Cow Chocolate Caramel Candy: Indulge in a farm fantasy with cow characters set against a rich, chocolaty backdrop. (Holloway Candy Company, date varies)

28. Black Jack Gum: Take a gamble with the black jack card characters, reminding you of the strong aniseed flavor of the gum. (Adams Company, 1884)

29. Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy: Experience the magic of taffy-making with characters pulling and stretching the candy to perfection. (Bonomo, 1912)

30. Boston Baked Beans: Step back in time with historical or Bostonian characters, representing this peanut candy coated in sweet candy shell. (Ferrara Candy Company, date varies)

31. Bottlecaps: Relive the soda fountain days with bottle or soda fountain-themed characters celebrating these soda-flavored candies. (Wonka, 1970s)

32. Bubbaloo: Dive into a bubbly world with animated bubble characters, emphasizing the juicy liquid center. (Cadbury Adams, 1980s)

33. Bubble Gum Cigars: Step into the retro world with vintage gangster or mobster characters, puffing away at their bubble gum cigars. (Multiple brands, date varies)

34. Bubble Jug: Quench your thirst for fun with jug or pitcher mascots, representing powdered bubble gum. (Amurol, date varies)

35. Bubble Tape: Measure up the fun with animated tape measure or ruler characters, showcasing six feet of gum! (Wrigley Company, 1980s)

36. Bubble Yum: Rock out with Punk Duck, the coolest duck in town, representing the first soft bubble gum. (Life Savers, 1975)

37. Bubblicious: Participate in epic bubble-blowing competitions or scenarios, emphasizing the massive bubbles you can blow. (Cadbury Adams, 1977)

38. Bullseyes Caramel Creams: Take aim with target or archery-themed characters, pointing to the sweet caramel and creamy center. (Goetze’s Candy, 1918)

39. Bun Bars: Hop along with adorable bunny characters for these nut-filled chocolate treats. (Pearson’s, date varies)

40. Bun Candy Bars: Delight in the trio of flavors with characters emphasizing maple, vanilla, or sea salt caramel. (Pearson’s, date varies)

41. Butterfinger: Laugh at clumsy or butterfingered characters dropping things, just like the crispiness of the bar crumbles. (Curtiss Candy Company, 1923)

42. Cadbury Animals: Embark on zoo or jungle adventures with an assortment of animal-shaped biscuits coated in chocolate. (Cadbury, date varies)

43. Cadbury Boost: Feel invigorated with energy or uplifted characters, representing the energy boost you get from the bar. (Cadbury, 1985)

44. Cadbury Bournville: Experience elegance with vintage or English countryside characters, representing this dark chocolate. (Cadbury, 1908)

45. Cadbury Buttons: Smile at cute characters or animals playing with oversized chocolate buttons. (Cadbury, 1960)

46. Cadbury Cream Eggs: Welcome spring with Easter or spring-themed characters and scenes, showcasing the gooey center of these eggs. (Cadbury, 1971)

47. Cadbury Crunchie: Revel in the golden honeycomb goodness with characters emphasizing the crunch inside this chocolate bar. (Cadbury, 1929)

48. Cadbury Curly Wurly: Swing from the trees with characters emphasizing the curly shape or mimicking jungle vine antics. (Cadbury, 1970)

49. Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel: Drift into a caramel dream with characters emphasizing the smooth and flowing caramel inside. (Cadbury, date varies)

50. Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley: Dance to the sweet symphony with orchestra or harmonious characters, celebrating a medley of flavors. (Cadbury, date varies)

51. Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo: Celebrate the meeting of worlds with characters emphasizing the delightful fusion of Dairy Milk chocolate and Oreo. (Cadbury, 2012)

52. Cadbury Dairy Milk: Take a stroll with countryside or farm characters, reminding you of the rich milk origins of this classic bar. (Cadbury, 1905)

53. Cadbury Double Decker: Hop aboard with double-decker bus characters or dive into dual-layered scenarios showcasing nougat and crispy cereals. (Cadbury, 1976)

54. Cadbury Dream: Drift off with dreamy characters, reminiscent of bedtime stories, in a world of creamy white chocolate. (Cadbury, 2002)

55. Cadbury Eclairs: Walk the streets of Paris with characters, perhaps in a romantic or classy evening setting, highlighting the caramel and chocolate delight. (Cadbury, date varies)

56. Cadbury Eggs: Hop into spring with the iconic Cadbury Bunny, signaling the arrival of these delightful chocolate eggs. (Cadbury, date varies)

57. Cadbury Fingers: Tickle the ivories with characters emphasizing the finger-like shape, perfectly embodying pianists. (Cadbury, 1951)

58. Cadbury Flake: Embark on adventures with characters emphasizing the delicate flaky texture of this unique chocolate. (Cadbury, 1920)

59. Cadbury Freddo: Leap into fun with animated frog characters as they embark on various quests and adventures. (Cadbury, 1973)

60. Cadbury Fudge: Play along with characters emphasizing the soft, playful texture of this fudgy treat. (Cadbury, 1948)

61. Cadbury Heroes: Dive into action with superhero-themed characters representing a selection of favorite Cadbury miniatures. (Cadbury, 1999)

62. Cadbury Marvellous Smashables: Join the excitement with characters smashing the chocolate to reveal delightful surprises inside. (Cadbury, 2014)

63. Cadbury Marvelous Creations: Explore creativity with inventor or magical characters unveiling wondrous new candy combinations. (Cadbury, 2012)

64. Cadbury Moro: Journey with high-energy adventurer characters, representing the dual layers of caramel and nougat covered in chocolate. (Cadbury, date varies)

65. Cadbury Picnic: Relax with characters in an idyllic outdoor picnic setting, emphasizing the mix of ingredients in this bar. (Cadbury, 1958)

66. Cadbury Snow Bites: Dive into winter wonder with snow-themed characters, celebrating these chocolate bites with a crispy shell. (Cadbury, date varies)

67. Cadbury Starbar: Blast off to space with galactic or star-themed characters, emphasizing the peanut and caramel cosmos inside. (Cadbury, 1976)

68. Cadbury Timeout: Relax and rejuvenate with characters taking well-deserved breaks, perfect for this wafer and chocolate treat. (Cadbury, 1992)

69. Cadbury Twirl: Waltz into deliciousness with dancers or characters twirling, highlighting the twirled chocolate layers. (Cadbury, 1970s)

70. Cadbury Wispa Gold: Embark on regal quests with golden or royal-themed characters, emphasizing the caramel and aerated chocolate. (Cadbury, 1995 for the Wispa Gold)

71. Cadbury Wispa: Engage in quiet moments with whispering characters, focusing on the airy bubbles in this delightful bar. (Cadbury, 1981)

72. Cadbury’s Freddo: Experience fun-filled adventures with the iconic Freddo Frog, a beloved mascot for decades. (Cadbury, 1930 for the original Freddo)

73. Candie Rific: Dive into enchanting tales within fantastic or magical realms, where every story is as sweet as candy. (Candie Rific, date varies)

74. Candilicious: Journey through Candyland with characters, reveling in sweet adventures across a fantastical landscape. (Bubblicious, 1988 for the Candilicious variant)

75. Candy Blox: Build your candy dreams with builder and construction-themed characters, emphasizing the LEGO-like edible blocks. (Concord Confections, date varies)

76. Candy Buttons: Join characters stylishly adorned in clothing that showcases these vibrant candy buttons. (Necco, 1930s)

77. Candy Cigarettes: Step back in time with vintage kids, cheekily pretending to be grown-ups while enjoying these iconic sticks. (Various Brands, early 1900s)

78. Candy Corn: Delight in the Halloween spirit with spooky characters like witches or scarecrows promoting this iconic tri-colored treat. (Goelitz Confectionery Company, 1880s)

79. Caramel Creams: Mosey down to the farm with cow characters that perfectly emphasize the luscious creamy texture of this candy. (Goetze’s Candy Company, 1917)

80. Caramello: Head Down Under to meet the Caramello Koala, a sweet and playful mascot for this gooey delight. (Cadbury, 1966)

81. Charleston Chew Chocolate: Dance the night away with Jazz age or roaring 1920s characters, celebrating the rich chocolate flavor. (Fox-Cross Candy Company, 1925)

82. Charleston Chews Mini Bites: Shimmy with mini dance-themed characters, each capturing the fun of this bite-sized treat. (Tootsie Roll Industries, date varies)

83. Charleston Chew’s Strawberry: Be dazzled by 1920s dance characters showcasing the vibrant strawberry flavor of this treat. (Fox-Cross Candy Company, date varies)

84. Charleston Chew’s Vanilla: Twirl alongside 1920s flapper characters, each representing the classic vanilla taste. (Fox-Cross Candy Company, 1922)

85. Cherry Bombs: Get a blast from explosion or dynamite characters, underscoring the popping sensation of these candies. (Various Brands, date varies)

86. Cherry Clan: Explore tribal tales with cherry characters, each bringing a unique touch to the tribe. (Ferrara Candy Company, 1980s)

87. Cherry Mash: Party it up with cherry characters, celebrating amidst the delightful cherry and chocolate combination. (Chase Candy Company, 1918)

88. Chewy Lemonhead: Pucker up with a zesty lemon character, playfully showcasing its chewy persona. (Ferrara Candy Company, 1962)

89. Chick-O-Stick: Wander into farm tales with chicken characters, reminiscing the crunchy peanut butter and coconut flavors. (Atkinson Candy Company, 1930s)

90. Choo Choo Bar: Embark on train-themed adventures, with characters that steam ahead with licorice flavor. (Lagoon Confectionery, 1950s)

91. Chowards Violet Mints: Revel in elegance with vintage characters or delicate violet flower mascots for these unique floral mints. (C. Howard Company, 1930s)

92. Chuckles: Laugh out loud with comedian characters, each capturing the fruity flavors in a comedy club setting. (Fred W. Amend, 1921)

93. Chunky: Venture with characters emphasizing the hefty block-like structure, packed with raisins, nuts, and chocolate. (Philip Silvershein, 1930s)

94. Chupa Chups: Get whisked into whimsy with the iconic Chupa Chups flower logo, occasionally brought to life in charming ads. (Enric Bernat, 1958)

95. Circus Peanuts: Step right up to the circus, where performer or clown characters showcase these iconic orange marshmallow candies. (Various Brands, 1800s)

96. Clark Bar: Salute the everyday hero or workman characters, representing the hardy combination of chocolate and peanut butter crunch. (D.L. Clark Company, 1917)

97. Clove Gum: Immerse in aromatic tales with the clove plant character, embodying the distinct spicy flavor of this gum. (Adams Company, 1914)

98. Coffee Rio: Start the day with coffee-loving characters or morning mascots, all celebrating the rich coffee candy flavors. (Adams & Brooks, 1980s)

99. Cow Tales Crispy Moo: Graze alongside cow characters that highlight the crispy twist in this delightful caramel candy. (Goetze’s Candy Company, date varies)

100. Crows Licorice: Delve into dark, moody tales with crow characters, setting the scene for these chewy black licorice treats. (Tootsie Roll Industries, 1890s)

101. Crows: Journey through nighttime city settings with animated crows, giving a dark and mysterious allure to these licorice treats. (Tootsie Roll Industries, 1890s)

102. Cry Baby: Feel the sour burst with characters showcasing exaggerated crying faces, representing the extreme sourness of these candies. (Double Bubble, 1990s)

103. Cup-O-Gold: Hunt for treasure with the golden pot of gold mascot, symbolizing the richness within this chocolate cup. (Adams-Brooks, 1950s)

104. Curly Wurly: Swing from the Curly Wurly tree, a playful representation of the candy’s shape and name. (Cadbury, 1970)

105. Dots: Spot the fun with Dalmatians or in vibrant polka dot-themed settings, reflecting the candy’s appearance. (Tootsie Roll Industries, 1945)

106. Double Bubble: Giggle with “Pud”, the iconic boy mascot always getting into sticky situations with his bubble gum. (Fleer Corporation, 1928)

107. Dove Promises: Dive into romantic or serene settings, capturing the smooth and comforting nature of these chocolates. (Mars Incorporated, 1990s)

108. Dr. Pepper Gum: Get your dose of flavor with the “doctor” character, prescribing a unique taste sensation. (Amurol, date varies)

109. Dubble Bubble Gumballs: Join characters on playful adventures with gumball machines, emphasizing the fun of bubble gum. (Fleer Corporation, 1928)

110. Dum Dums: March to the beat with “The Drum Man”, representing the small but flavorful lollipop treat. (Spangler Candy Company, 1924)

111. Eiffel BonBons: Wander through romantic Parisian tales, embodying the love and sweetness of these French treats. (Eiffel, 1969)

112. Everlasting Gobstopper: Watch characters or settings evolve as time passes, showcasing the candy’s long-lasting nature. (Wonka, 1970s)

113. Extra Gum: Witness extended or marathon-themed settings, mirroring the gum’s long-lasting flavor. (Wrigley, 1984)

114. Fast Break: Get energized with athletic or fast-paced scenarios, reflecting the candy’s name and the quick boost it provides. (Reese’s, 2001)

115. Ferrara Pan Cherryheads: Laugh with cherry characters having exaggerated big heads, emphasizing the candy’s shape and flavor. (Ferrara Candy Company, 1962)

116. Ferrara’s Atomic Fireball: Feel the heat with the fiery fireball character, perfectly representing the spicy kick of these candies. (Ferrara Candy Company, 1954)

117. Fizz Wiz: Enter the magical realm with wizard school tales or potion brewing scenes, capturing the candy’s fizzy sensation. (Swizzels, date varies)

118. Fizzies: Concoct fun with scientist characters or effervescent figures in lab settings, emphasizing the candy’s bubbly nature. (Emerson Drug Company, 1950s)

119. Fruit Chews: Dance with animated fruit characters, each embodying the flavors of these delightful chews. (Tootsie Roll Industries, date varies)

120. Fruit Gems: Shine bright with gem-like characters set against fruity backdrops, emphasizing the candy’s jewel-like appearance. (Sunkist, 1960s)

121. Fruit Stripe Bubble Gum: Gallop alongside “Yipes the Zebra” on bubble-blowing adventures, showcasing the gum’s vibrant stripes. (Fruit Stripe, 1960s)

122. Fruit Winders: Unravel stories with animated fruit characters as they get whimsically unwound, perfectly capturing the candy’s design. (Kellogg’s, 2001)

123. Fun Dip Lik-M-Aid: Celebrate the joy of the “lick and dip” action with characters indulging in the candy ritual. (Lik-M-Aid, 1950s)

124. Fun Dip RazzApple: Delight in apple characters’ antics, playing in settings that emphasize the candy’s fun flavor. (Wonka, date varies)

125. Fun Dip: Dive into beach or pool party scenes where characters “dip” into the fun, reflecting the candy’s playful nature. (Wonka, 1970s)

126. Fun Sours: You can’t help but empathize with these characters, always sporting puckered, sour faces that perfectly capture the essence of these tangy treats.

127. Ghirardelli Squares: The epitome of sophistication, these mascots paint a picture of a chic metropolitan city scene, just like how the chocolates feel – luxurious and high-end.

128. Gimbal’s Fine Candies: Portraying a gourmet chef or connoisseur, these mascots emphasize the top-notch quality of these delicious candies.

129. Gobstoppers: Dive deep into never-ending stories or activities with these mascots. Just like the candy, they promise endless fun and flavor.

130. Goetze’s Caramel Creams: Set in chef or kitchen scenarios, these mascots playfully emphasize the luscious, creamy fillings inside these caramel treats.

131. Gold Coins: Ahoy! Unearth treasure chests or interact with pirate-themed characters in search of these sweet, golden delights.

132. Gold Mine Bubble Gum: Grab a pickaxe and join the miner or prospector characters in search of the elusive bubble gum treasure.

133. Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews: Meet Mr. Goldenberg, the face and heart behind these nutty, chewy confections.

134. Goobers & Raisinets: The animated characters from their commercials are always up for fun, portraying the playful essence of these candies.

135. Goobers: Witness peanut characters in the most delightful and playful scenarios, capturing the fun essence of these treats.

136. Good & Plenty: All aboard! Get transported to train-themed settings, reminiscent of the nostalgic “Choo-Choo Charlie” ads.

137. Green & Black’s: Dive into a nature wonderland with mascots inspired by the natural ingredients that make up these organic chocolates.

138. Gummy Bears: Wander into a magical forest filled with animated bear characters, showcasing fun and adventure.

139. Gummy Dinosaurs: Travel back in time with prehistoric characters and landscapes, bringing to life the era these gummies represent.

140. Gummy Frogs: Hop into swampy settings with animated frogs, bringing a playful touch to these chewy treats.

141. Gummy Pizza: Bellissimo! Dive into Italian-themed scenarios with Pizzaiolo characters serving the tastiest gummy pizzas.

142. Gummy Sharks: Take a deep-sea adventure with shark characters, immersing yourself in oceanic wonders.

143. Gummy Tarantulas: Get ready for some spook-tacular fun with haunted scenarios featuring these eerily delicious treats.

144. Gummy Worms: Whether it’s playful antics or spooky settings, these worm characters are sure to worm their way into your heart.

145. Gushers: Relive the magic of the commercials with kids whose heads transform, emphasizing the burst of flavor in every bite.

146. Haribo Alphabet Letters: Step into a classroom setting with school or learning-themed characters.

147. Haribo Balla Stixx: Shoot and score in sports or ball game scenarios.

148. Haribo Berries: Wander through a forest or garden filled with berry characters waiting to be discovered.

149. Haribo Berry Bunnies: Enjoy serene forest scenes with delightful rabbit families.

150. Haribo Candy Canes: Experience the magic of the North Pole or Christmas-themed adventures.

151. Haribo Candy Castles: Step into medieval times or lose yourself in fairy tale settings, with castles and magical realms coming alive.

152. Haribo Candy Cats: Whimsical felines are up for mischief, turning everyday scenes into playful adventures.

153. Haribo Candy Chameleons: Dive deep into the jungle and experience color-changing adventures as chameleons camouflage seamlessly.

154. Haribo Candy Clouds: Soar through skydiving escapades or float around in airy, dreamy scenarios, much like a light, fluffy cloud.

155. Haribo Candy Crabs: Embark on a beach or underwater treasure hunt, with crabs leading you to the hidden treasures of the ocean floor.

156. Haribo Caramel Dreams: Drift off with sleepy characters, or get lost in dream-themed worlds, emphasizing the dreamy caramel essence.

157. Haribo Chamallows: Gather around a campfire, as these mascots evoke memories of toasting marshmallows under a starry sky.

158. Haribo Cherry Bombs: Ignite the skies with firework displays or find yourself in the midst of celebration scenes, reflecting the explosive taste of cherry.

159. Haribo Citrus Kisses: Get swooned in romantic beach sunset scenarios, where every moment feels as sweet as a citrus kiss.

160. Haribo Citrus Sun: Feel the warmth in beach or summer holiday settings, with cheerful sun characters spreading rays of joy.

161. Haribo Color-Rado: Saddle up for wild west adventures or explore desert-themed landscapes, reminiscent of the ruggedness of Colorado.

162. Haribo Dinosaurs: Roam alongside dinosaur characters, set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of prehistoric settings.

163. Haribo Frogs: Splash around with animated frogs, bringing fun and frolic to playful scenarios.

164. Haribo Fruit Frogs: Tap your feet to the rhythm as you join pond scenes featuring musical frogs in concert.

165. Haribo Fruit Salad: Bask in the sun and sand as characters indulge in a tropical vacation, emphasizing the medley of fruity flavors.

166. Haribo Fruitilicious: Walk the ramp with fruit characters flaunting their style at a glamorous fashion show, symbolizing the chic blend of flavors.

167. Haribo Fruity Fans: Cheer on in stadium or sports fan-themed settings, celebrating the vibrant mix of fruity flavors.

168. Haribo Funny Mix: Laugh out loud in comedy clubs or join jesters in medieval settings, bringing humor and flavor together.

169. Haribo Ghostly Gummies: Step cautiously into haunted mansions, or listen intently to ghost stories, capturing the spooky yet sweet essence.

170. Haribo Giant Strawbs: Marvel at the larger-than-life strawberry characters, emphasizing the grandness of the flavor.

171. Haribo Ginger-Lemon: Meet the fusion characters, perfectly blending the zest of lemon and the warmth of ginger.

172. Haribo Gold Bears: Step into the world of the iconic bear characters, engaging in various playful scenarios, reflecting the timeless charm of these gummy treats.

173. Haribo Gold Coins: Strike gold with bank heists or gold rush adventures, emphasizing the richness of these coin-shaped delights.

174. Haribo Gold Treasure: Sail the seven seas in thrilling pirate or treasure hunt scenarios, unearthing hidden treasures and flavor-packed adventures.

175. Haribo Gummy Geckos: Bask in desert adventures or sun-soaked scenes, with geckos guiding the way through sandy terrains.

176. Haribo Gummy Glaciers: Bundle up for Arctic or polar expedition adventures, discovering the chilly delights of these icy treats.

177. Haribo Gummy Goblins: Traverse spooky forests or haunted castle themes, getting a delightful fright with every goblin encounter.

178. Haribo Gummy Griffins: Venture into mythical lands, encountering legendary beasts and awe-inspiring griffins soaring above.

179. Haribo Gummy Kangaroos: Hop along on Australian outback adventures, with kangaroos leading the way across vast landscapes.

180. Haribo Gummy Turtles: Relax on beaches or embrace the slow-paced island life, with turtles guiding you through serene moments.

181. Haribo Happy Cherries: Engage with animated cherry characters in pairs, celebrating the joyous union of flavors.

182. Haribo Happy Cola Bottles: Groove with animated cola bottle characters as they throw the bubbliest of parties.

183. Haribo Happy Hoppers: Jump into playful scenarios with endearing bunny characters, hopping from one fun moment to another.

184. Haribo Happy Life: Celebrate with a mix of characters, from weddings to birthdays, encapsulating the sweetness of life’s many joys.

185. Haribo Happy Rings: Experience the romance with marriage or engagement-themed characters, sealing their love with delightful rings.

186. Haribo Happy Strawberries: Interact with animated strawberry characters, spreading berry sweetness wherever they go.

187. Haribo Ice Cream Cones: Relive summer memories on beach boardwalks or summer outings, with cones that never melt!

188. Haribo Jelly Babies: Engage in child’s play with adorable baby characters in various playful settings, emphasizing pure, childlike joy.

189. Haribo Jelly Beans: Dive into fun with bean characters hopping around in various playful settings, showcasing the array of flavors.

190. Haribo Jelly Jesters: Step into royal courts or immerse in medieval festival themes, with jesters adding a touch of humor and delight.

191. Haribo Jelly Jungles: Embark on a jungle exploration or thrilling safari adventures, with every turn revealing a new discovery.

192. Haribo Juicy Gold Bears: Dive into scenes where characters enjoy a juicy splash, refreshing and revitalizing like a summer’s day.

193. Haribo Juicy Gummy Bears: Splash around in a water park setting, experiencing juicy adventures slide after slide.

194. Haribo Jungle Jellies: Become a jungle explorer or interact with tribal themes, as the jungle comes alive with flavor and excitement.

195. Haribo Kola: Take a nostalgic trip to a soda shop or ’50s diner scenes, sipping on the effervescence of the past.

196. Haribo Licorice Allsorts: Revel in a world where various shapes and characters come together, engaging in playful scenarios that highlight
the diverse flavors of allsorts.

197. Haribo Licorice Laces: Step inside a shoe factory, or watch characters navigate tied-up, knot-filled situations, showcasing the stretchy delight of licorice.

198. Haribo Licorice Wheels: Rev up your engines in race or car-themed scenarios, zooming around tracks with these wheel-shaped treats.

199. Haribo Luscious Lemurs: Swing through the jungle or explore tree canopy adventures with lively lemur characters.

200. Haribo Magic Mix: Enchant yourself in magician settings or learn spells at wizard schools, emphasizing the magical assortment of flavors.

201. Haribo Magic Wands: Wander through fairy-filled lands or magical forest scenarios, wielding the power of these delicious wands.

202. Haribo Mini Rainbow Frogs: Join tiny frog characters as they embark on colorful and shimmering rainbow adventures.

203. Haribo Ocean Octopus: Dive into deep-sea adventures, discovering underwater cities and the many mysteries of the ocean with octopus guides.

204. Haribo Pacifiers: Venture into baby or nursery-themed adventures, emphasizing the soothing, comforting nature of these treats.

205. Haribo Peaches: Take a walk in orchards or interact with friendly peach tree characters, soaking in the sun-kissed flavor.

206. Haribo Pearly Gates: Elevate your senses with angelic or celestial adventures, touching upon the divine sweetness of these treats.

207. Haribo Peppermint Sticks: Engage in wintery scenes or watch characters freshen up with the cool, invigorating essence of peppermint.

208. Haribo Phantasia: Embark on quests with fantasy or mythical characters, each adventure reflecting a different flavor from the mix.

209. Haribo Pico-Balla: Score goals or cheer for ball game characters, emphasizing the playful spirit of sports.

210. Haribo Pink Grapefruit: Relax with refreshing beach scenes or tropical characters, letting the tangy zest of grapefruit wash over you.

211. Haribo Pinkie & Lilly: Flutter through garden or fairy-themed adventures, with Pinkie & Lilly leading the enchanting journey.

212. Haribo Rainbow Strips: Set off with characters on rainbow adventures, witnessing weather scenarios from sun showers to rainbow bridges.

213. Haribo Raspberries: Delight in interactions with animated raspberry characters, each brimming with juicy flavor.

214. Haribo Rattlesnakes: Brave the heat with rattlesnake characters, navigating desert scenarios and sandy adventures.

215. Haribo Roulette: Place your bets in casino settings or engage in thrilling game night scenes, emphasizing the unpredictability of flavors.

216. Haribo Salino: Embark on seaside adventures, or sail the high seas with sailor characters, echoing the salty-sweet essence.

217. Haribo Sea Friends: Dive deep for underwater adventures, making sea creature friends along the way.

218. Haribo Smiley Fries: Jump into happy scenarios or join joyous celebrations, with smiley fries spreading happiness around.

219. Haribo Smurfs: Visit the iconic Smurf village, engaging with Smurf characters in their whimsical world.

220. Haribo Snowy Owls: Get lost in winter wonderlands or mystical night settings, with snowy owls guiding you through the frosty adventures.

221. Haribo Sour Faces: Chuckle at characters with exaggerated sour expressions, capturing the intense tanginess of these treats.

222. Haribo Sour Gold Bears: Feel the groove with these bears showcasing their tangy twist in an electric band or concert setting.

223. Haribo Sour Scorpions: Step into the desert where scorpions come alive, dancing their tangy jig under the blazing sun.

224. Haribo Sour Serpents: Delve into ancient tombs or be captivated by mesmerizing snake charmer scenes, where serpents slither with a sour surprise.

225. Haribo Sour Sirens: Dive into underwater mythical adventures, led by the captivating and tangy tunes of the sour sirens.

226. Haribo Sour Spaghetti: Meet the Italian chef and his spaghetti-themed characters, cooking up a tangy storm in the kitchen.

227. Haribo Sour Streamers: Rock out with concert, musical, or rock-themed characters, jamming to the sour notes of streamers.

228. Haribo Star Magic: Embark on astral or celestial adventures, where stars come to life with a tangy shimmer.

229. Haribo Starmix: Join astronaut or star and galaxy-themed characters on an interstellar journey, exploring the tangy wonders of space.

230. Haribo Sweet Snails: Venture into gardens or take the slow-paced scenic routes with sweet snails, appreciating the small wonders.

231. Haribo Tangfastics: Interact with characters that emphasize the explosive tangy burst, shaking things up with every bite.

232. Haribo Tangy Minions: Laugh out loud with the Minions from “Despicable Me” as they embark on their zesty and tangy adventures.

233. Haribo Tangy Pirates: Set sail on seaside adventures, battling waves and searching for treasure with tangy pirates.

234. Haribo Tangy Tigers: Get wild in jungle scenes or be amazed by circus performances, starring the tangy tigers in the spotlight.

235. Haribo Tangy Tornado: Brace yourself for storm chaser adventures or wind-swept scenarios, all with a tangy twist.

236. Haribo Tangy Toucans: Fly high in tropical rainforests or join bird-watching adventures, accompanied by the vibrant and tangy toucans.

237. Haribo Techno Bears: Groove with disco or nightclub-themed bears, lighting up the dance floor with their tangy moves.

238. Haribo Tropical Twists: Experience island hopping or beachside dance parties, with every twist bringing a new tangy tale.

239. Haribo Tropifrutti: Set off on tropical island adventures, mingling with fruity characters that are as tangy as they are tantalizing.

240. Haribo Twin Cherries: Revel in harmonious settings, where twin cherry characters dance and delight with their tangy tunes.

241. Haribo Twin Snakes: Slither into stories with animated snake characters, each with its own tangy temperament.

242. Haribo Unicorn Gummies: Traverse mythical lands, crossing rainbows and meeting fantasy characters, all led by the tangy unicorn gummies.

243. Haribo Vampire Bats: Get chills in spooky night scenes or haunted houses, where vampire bats swoop with tangy terror.

244. Haribo Vampires: Delight in night or spooky-themed adventures, uncovering the tangy secrets hidden in the shadows.

245. Haribo Worms: Dig deep into garden or underground adventures, where Haribo worms wiggle their way through dirt and roots, revealing the hidden mysteries of the soil.

246. Haribo Zing: Meet the electric or super energetic characters that light up any room they enter. Feel the buzz and vibrancy as they jump from one adventure to the next, always with a zesty zest!

247. Haribo Zourr: Rock on with electric or punk rock-themed characters, who embody the spirit of rebellion. These tangy rockstars take center stage, blasting powerful tunes and thrilling their audience.

248. Haribo: Join The Haribo Kids on their adventures, as they explore new flavors and embark on candy-filled escapades. From climbing candy mountains to surfing gummy waves, there’s never a dull moment with this lively bunch!

249. Heath Bar: The Heath Bar features characters that perfectly capture the bar’s unique crunchy texture. Often, you’ll find these characters exaggerating the crunchy sensation that comes with every bite.

250. Hershey’s Kisses: Adored by many, these mascots are based on the iconic teardrop shape of the candy. They’re often found in romantic settings, making it clear why they’re named “kisses”.

251. Hi-Chew: Brightening up the candy aisle, Hi-Chew has a range of animated fruit characters, each representing the different flavors of this chewy treat.

252. Hot Tamales: If you’re into spicy candies, you’re probably familiar with the fiery characters or desert scenes that accompany this brand’s marketing campaigns.

253. Hubba Bubba: This bubble gum brand’s mascots are all about fun and youth. The mascots often find themselves in playful scenarios, mostly centered around the art of bubble-blowing.

254. Ice Breakers: The refreshing coolness of Ice Breakers mints and gum is exemplified by Arctic explorers and chilly winter scenes.

255. Ice Cubes Chocolate: A sweet treat with a cool twist. The mascots are usually chilly or Arctic characters, blissfully indulging in chocolate.

256. Idaho Spud: Paying homage to its name, Idaho Spud mascots typically involve farmer or potato-themed characters.

257. Jaw Busters: With a name like Jaw Busters, you can expect mascots featuring characters with incredibly strong jaws or in intense wrestling scenarios.

258. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled: This line of Jelly Belly Beans comes with a twist – some flavors are delicious while others are…unexpected. Their mascots are mischievous or trickster beans, keeping you guessing.

259. Jelly Belly Beans: Adding a layer of fun to these colorful treats, the individual flavors become characters themselves, each taking on distinct personified characteristics.

260. Jelly Belly: A special mention goes to Mr. Jelly Belly, a beloved mascot representing the brand in its entirety.

261. Jolly Rancher: With its hard candy origins, the brand has often used the Jolly Rancher Cowboy as a mascot, emphasizing its rugged, long-lasting flavor.

262. Jujubes: Much like their candy counterparts, the Jujubes mascots are fun, animated fruit characters.

263. Jujyfruits: A delightful collection of mascots, each Jujyfruit character is based on the distinct shapes and flavors of the candies.

264. Junior Mints: These refreshing candies are represented by cute animated mint characters that often emphasize the cool, creamy center.

265. Kinder: Recognized worldwide, Kinder’s mascots typically depict joyful kid characters eagerly awaiting the surprises inside these

266. Kits: As a nod to their taffy consistency, Kits’ mascots are animated pieces of taffy, each bursting with flavor.

267. Krackel (2nd theme): The brand also plays with electric or energy-charged themes, with settings that often remind one of a power plant.

268. Krackel: Double the fun with Krackel’s mascots! First, there are the animated characters that give a nod to the popping and crackling sensation.

269. Laffy Taffy Rope: Stretching the boundaries of fun, these mascots focus on the long, stretchy nature of the candy, ensuring a delightful pull with every bite.

270. Lemonhead: The embodiment of sour, Lemonhead’s mascot is an animated lemon character, usually showcasing a delightfully sour expression.

271. Lemonheads & Friends: Expanding on the sour sensation, Lemonhead’s group of fruit friends join the party, each with their own tangy twist.

272. Licorice Allsorts: This candy showcases various playful licorice shapes, and their mascots are no different – colorful and layered in fun.

273. Lifesavers: Living up to their name, the brand leans into lifeguard or beach rescue themes, emphasizing safety with a sweet reward.

274. Lindt: A symbol of elegance and tradition during Easter, the Lindt Gold Bunny is iconic in its own right.

275. Long Boys Coconut: To bring out the tropical notes, this candy features island or tropical-themed characters, swaying in a breezy delight.

276. Look! Bar: Curiosity is the theme with this one. The mascots usually hold telescopes or magnifying glasses, emphasizing the ‘Look!’ aspect.

277. M&M’s: A whole crew of fun! Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, and Orange characters each bring their own flair and personality to this chocolaty treat.

278. Mallo Cups: For a loungey delight, these characters are often found relaxing in marshmallow-filled cups, emphasizing the soft, gooey goodness inside.

279. Maltesers: The lightweight fun of Maltesers is showcased with various playful characters, each finding creative ways to interact with the candy.

280. Mamba Duos: It’s all about duality here. The mascots emphasize flavor combinations, often showcased in dual-character adventures.

281. Mamba Fruit Chews: Each flavor gets its representative – a range of fruit characters that embodies the chewy delight inside.

282. Mamba Tropics: Vacation mode on! The mascots for this variant are tropical fruit characters, each enjoying their own slice of paradise.

283. Marpo “Yum-Yum” Marshmallow Candy Cones: Bringing out the ice cream vibe, the characters are delicious ice-cream cone mascots.

284. Mars Bar: Adventure beyond the Earth! The brand features astronauts or outer space adventures, hinting at the ‘out of this world’ flavor.

285. Mary Jane: Nostalgia wrapped in candy – the little girl character on the wrapper has been a constant for years.

286. Maynards Bassetts: Bertie Bassett, with his licorice allsorts body, has been a recognized figure for this brand.

287. Meiji: Representing the diversity of the brand, Meiji has various mascots each signifying the brand’s assortment of candies.

288. Mentos: Who can forget the “Freshmakers” from their commercials? Each scenario is a testament to the fresh start these mints promise.

289. Mike and Ike: Representing the dual nature of the candy, the split characters of Mike and Ike are often showcased in tandem or sometimes even in rivalry!

290. Milk Duds: Playing on the word ‘Milk’, the brand uses cow or dairy-themed characters, emphasizing the creamy milk content.

291. Milk Maid Royals: Fit for royalty! The mascots are either dairy-themed or have a regal touch, aligning with the ‘royal’ nomenclature.

292. Milka: Recognizable across continents, the purple Milka cow stands as a symbol of rich, creamy chocolate.

293. Milky Way: A candy that’s out of this world! The brand leans into galactic or space-themed adventures to highlight its cosmic delight.

294. Mint Julep Chews: Going south for inspiration, the brand uses Southern belle or Kentucky Derby-themed characters, bringing the genteel
charm to candy.

295. MoonPie: With its name as the inspiration, the brand showcases lunar or nighttime adventure scenes, often with a moon that’s just too
tempting to take a bite out of.

296. Mounds: A tropical escape in a bite! The brand’s mascots are tropical or island-themed characters, putting emphasis on the rich coconut content.

297. Mr. Goodbar: Playing with its name, Mr. Goodbar often showcases a detective on a quest, searching high and low for peanuts.

298. Necco Chocolate Wafers: Any chocophile can relate to the chocolate-loving characters of Necco’s mascots. A pure ode to cocoa goodness!

299. Necco Wafers Tropical: Aligning with the tropical flavor variant, the brand showcases island or beach-themed characters basking in a sun-
kissed delight.

300. Nerds Rope: Climbing their way to fun, you’ll find the Nerds character either swinging or climbing on a flavorful rope.

301. Nerds: An iconic mascot for a loved candy! The Nerd character mascots with their geeky glasses and vibrant colors are a true representation of the candy’s quirky nature.

302. Nestlé Aero: Reflecting the light and airy chocolate, the brand features characters either floating or placed in airy, lofty settings.

303. Nestlé Crunch: Sound is a sensation here! The brand leans into sound wave characters or scenes, all emphasizing that signature “crunch.”

304. Nestlé Drifter: For those with a wanderlust, this candy has its mascots set in wanderer or explorer scenarios, often looking for the next adventure.

305. Nestlé Lion Bar: Roaring with flavor, the brand’s mascots lean into jungle or adventurous themes, sometimes with a daring lion leading the way.

306. Nestlé Rolo: Friendship and sharing are at the core of this candy, often reflected in sharing or friendship-themed adventures.

307. Nestlé’s Magic Ball: As the name suggests, the brand delves deep into enchantment with various magical characters, each holding a spellbinding charm.

308. Nik-L-Nip Mini Drinks: Capturing the mini essence of the candy, the mascots are the adorable mini drink or bottle characters.

309. Now and Later: Representing the candy’s transforming flavor, the brand features the unique transforming cube character.

310. Nut Goodie: A nod to nature’s own candy collector, Nut Goodie employs squirrel characters, often in pursuit of their next nutty treat.

311. Oh Henry!: Making an everyday plea, the brand sets its mascots in everyday scenarios with people exclaiming “Oh, Henry!” as they seek solutions or assistance.

312. PayDay: Drawing inspiration from its name, the brand’s themes revolve around bank scenarios or a Western gold rush, emphasizing the “payday” treat.

313. Peach Blossoms: A fruity delight, the brand’s mascots are set against peach tree or orchard-themed backdrops, emphasizing the fruit’s freshness.

314. Peanut Butter Bars: Rich and smooth, the brand showcases peanut characters, with each emphasizing the creamy, buttery texture of the candy.

315. Peanut Butter Kisses: A blend of flavors is the highlight, with mascots emphasizing the harmonious blend of peanut butter and chocolate.

316. Peanut Chews: A celebration of peanuts, the brand’s mascots showcase these legumes in various fun and delightful situations.

317. Peanut Head: Keeping it simple and playful, Peanut Head has animated peanut characters, each with its own quirky expression.

318. Pearson’s Mint Patties: Reflecting the cool minty flavor, the brand’s mascots are cool, winter-themed characters, each radiating a refreshing vibe.

319. Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll: Keeping in line with the nutty delight, the brand showcases a distinctive peanut character as its mascot.

320. Pez Sourz: Capturing the essence of sour, these mascots feature characters with exaggerated puckered faces, making a sour statement!

321. PEZ: Iconic in every sense, the PEZ dispenser heads, especially notable ones like the PEZ Clown, have become collectibles and symbols of nostalgic sweetness.

322. Pixy Stix Giant: Go big or go home! These mascots emphasize the gigantic nature of the candy, usually dwarfing everyday items for scale.

323. Pocky: A snack with style! The brand showcases characters enjoying the stick snack in various trendy and unique ways.

324. Pop Rocks Bubble Gum: Exploding with fun, mascots here stress the dual sensation of popping rocks and the lasting chew of bubble gum.

325. Primrose Black Taffy: Taking a trip down memory lane, the brand uses old-fashioned or classic characters, reminiscent of simpler times.

326. Push Pop: Always elevating the experience, the brand has characters pushing up or amping up their game, just like the candy’s action.

327. Quality Street: A delightful duo! The recognizable Major and Miss characters bring a sense of class and tradition to the brand.

328. Rain-Blo Bubble: A burst of color in every chew! Mascots are often rainbow or weather-related characters, emphasizing the spectrum of

329. Razzles Tropical: Party in a bite! These mascots set the scene with island or beach party vibes, hinting at the tropical taste explosion.

330. Razzles: The transformative nature of the candy is captured with characters that transition from being hard candy to soft gum.

331. Red Hots: As fiery as they get, the brand’s mascots are fiery or even devilish characters, emphasizing the spicy heat of the candy.

332. Reese’s Pieces: Thanks to the legendary movie E.T., these candies are often associated with alien or space-themed adventures, taking you to galaxies far, far away.

333. Regal Crown Sours: Fit for royalty, this brand’s mascot is the majestic royal crown, emphasizing its regal flavor punch.

334. Ricola: Reflecting its Swiss heritage, the brand’s mascot is the Swiss alpine horn blower, often echoing the mountains’ serenity.

335. Ring Pop: Bling in every bite! The brand showcases characters either proposing or flaunting their shiny candy jewelry.

336. Rock Candy: Delving deep into the earth’s wonders, mascots here are geologist or miner characters, often found marveling at crystalline candy formations.

337. Rocky Road: Embodying the rugged sweetness, the brand has mascots set against mountainous or rocky terrains, emphasizing the adventure in every bite.

338. Rolo: An adorable addition, the Rolo elephant is often seen showcasing the candy’s rich texture.

339. Rolos: Capturing the candy’s nature, mascots emphasize the continuous roll, hinting at the unending delight.

340. Root Beer Barrels: Taking a cue from the old-world charm, the brand’s themes revolve around old-timey saloons or soda fountains.

341. Runts Freckled Eggs: Giving a nod to nature, the brand has bird or nest-themed characters, often in chirpy scenarios.

342. Runts: Reflecting the candy’s form, the mascots are the vibrant fruit-shaped characters showcased on the box.

343. Salt Water Taffy: Celebrating the origins of this candy, mascots are beach or ocean-themed characters, reminding one of sunny days and salty waves.

344. Satellite Wafers: Venturing into the unknown, the brand features mascots set in outer space, often accompanied by quirky alien characters.

345. Sifers Valomilk: Witness the eruptive sweetness with the volcanic mascot, ready to burst with creamy goodness.

346. Sixlets: Representing the diversity in the pack, various characters showcase the unique nature of the six candy balls.

347. Skittles: Floating on sweet imaginations, The Skittles Cloud rains down fruity surprises.

348. Skor: Delving deep into its origins, the brand features Scandinavian or winter-themed characters, echoing the crispness of the candy.

349. Sky Bar: Offering a ticket to a sweet escape, mascots encompass airplane themes or sky-high adventures, making every bite an aerial delight.

350. Slo Poke Caramel Candy: Celebrating the candy’s nature, slow-moving or laid-back characters embody the caramel’s rich, lingering taste.

351. Smarties Mega Lollies: A nod to academia, mascots involve scholars or school-themed characters, suggesting candy can be brainy too!

352. Smarties: The brand takes its candies to life with animated Smarties characters, each embodying a unique shade of smartness.

353. Snickers: Ensuring you’re not yourself when you’re hungry, mascots revolve around comedy club settings or laugh-filled adventures, promising a chuckle in every bite.

354. Sno-Caps: Embracing the icy origins, the brand has winter or snow-themed scenes, giving a taste of frosty wonderlands.

355. Sour Patch Kids: These aren’t just any kids. Mischievous children characters with initially sour attitudes turn sweet, showcasing the candy’s transformative magic.

356. Spree: Celebrating colorful festivities, mascots venture into shopping mall or carnival settings, hinting at the party inside the pack.

357. Squirrel Nut Zippers Neapolitan: Delightful squirrel characters indulge in the heavenly trio of Neapolitan flavors, making it a nutty experience.

358. Squirrel Nut Zippers: Offering a musical treat, animated squirrels are set against jazzy backgrounds, harmonizing nutty delights.

359. Starburst: Bursting with fruity zeal, the Starburst Juiceman promises a juicy explosion with every unwrap.

360. Sugar Babies: Transporting to the cradle of sweetness, baby characters are set in sugary dreamscapes, hinting at the candy’s rich heritage.

361. Sugar Daddy: Oozing with caramel charm, the suave Sugar Daddy character dons a top hat, leading the caramel parade.

362. Sunkist Fruit Gems: Reflecting the sunny disposition of the candy, mascots feature radiant sun characters or vibrant beach-themed scenes.

363. Super Bubble Apple: Championing the bubble game, apple characters showcase the immense bubble potential in every chew.

364. Super Bubble Original: Every bite is a heroic feat, emphasized by superhero bubble characters ready to save the day!

365. Swedish Fish Aqua Life: Plunge into the candy ocean with underwater or ocean-themed characters, introducing a school of sweet delights.

366. Swedish Fish: Simplifying sweetness, the brand showcases animated fish characters, making a splash with every chew.

367. Sweetarts Mini Chews: Even in mini packages, these mascots emphasize the candy’s small size but colossal flavor.

368. Sweetarts Ropes: Stretching the boundaries of taste, characters accentuate the rope’s length and versatility, promising extended pleasure.

369. Sweetarts: The heart of the candy, literally! The Sweetarts mascot is an animated heart, beating with sugary love.

370. Taffy Town: Stroll down candy lanes with animated townsfolk, where every corner hides a unique taffy flavor waiting to be discovered.

371. Take 5: Representing the beauty of a breather, mascots emphasize taking breaks and the intricate dance of the 5 layers.

372. Terry’s Chocolate Orange: Get introduced to the tap & unwrap character, bringing a zesty twist to the chocolate realm.

373. Tic Tac: Embrace tiny tales with the “little adventures” characters, reminding us that size doesn’t limit adventures.

374. Toblerone: Immerse in mountain peaks and Swiss chalets, echoing the triangle shape and origin of the chocolate.

375. Tootsie Fruit Chews: Walk through orchard lanes or bustling fruit markets, where every nook is brimming with fruity tales.

376. Tootsie Fruit Rolls: Mingle with fruity characters, each unraveling the story of its unique flavor.

377. Tootsie Pop Drops: Dive into the essence of the candy with droplet characters, or those capturing the thrilling ‘drop’ moment.

378. Tootsie Pop: Solve the timeless mystery of licks with the iconic Mr. Owl, guiding us through every crunch.

379. Tootsie Roll Midgees: Embrace mid-sized escapades with playful characters, ensuring merriment in every chew.

380. Toxic Waste Candy: Tread with caution! Characters wearing hazmat suits promise a sour blast, surrounded by radioactive awe.

381. Toxic Waste Slime Lickers: Dive into the gooey unknown with slime or monstrous characters, narrating tales of tantalizing tanginess.

382. Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers: Wiggle through adventures with animated worm characters, as they illuminate the path of sourness.

383. Trolli: Welcome to a world of weirdly awesome wonders, home to myriad creatures from their unforgettable commercials.

384. Turkish Delight: Embark on a historic journey with Ottoman or Turkish-inspired characters, unearthing the sweet heritage of the Middle East.

385. Turkish Taffy: Set foot in bustling bazaars or partake in exotic travels, guided by mesmerizing mascots with tales as stretchy as the taffy itself.

386. Twix: Dive into dual narratives with twin or doppelganger-themed characters, ensuring double the fun.

387. Twizzlers: Spiral into stories with characters embedded in twisty tales or intertwined adventures, knotting tales of delight.

388. U-No Bar: Step into the enigmatic world of the unknown, where mysterious characters uncover delectable secrets.

389. U-No Mint: Traverse mystical landscapes with mascots, echoing the allure of the unknown amid magical settings.

390. Valentine Dots: Sail into heart-warming realms or romantic adventures, where tales of love resonate with every bite.

391. Valomilk: Witness the explosive sweetness of the volcanic eruption, symbolizing the candy’s rich, molten filling.

392. Vanilla Charleston Chew: Dance into a time machine, with flapper characters or the Roaring ’20s ambiance, echoing elegance with every chew.

393. Violet Crumble: Revel in the royal realm with purple or violet-themed mascots, offering tales as crisp as the candy.

394. Wacky Wafers: Delve deep into a world where whimsical meets wacky, ensuring giggles and grins with every wafer.

395. Warheads Sour Dippers: Dive into the world of dipping delights with characters embracing the thrilling “dip” action, taking sourness to the next level.

396. Wax Bottles (Nik-L-Nip): Step back in time to old-school soda shops, with children imitating grown-ups, pretending to sip on classic sodas.

397. Wax Lips: Enter the fun-filled realms of beauty salons where makeovers lead to hilarious outcomes or comedy clubs bursting with laughter.

398. Werther’s Original: Relive treasured memories with grandparent mascots, passing down stories and sweets to the wide-eyed next generation.

399. Whatchamacallit: Wander alongside characters caught in a whirlwind of confusion, searching for names or identities amid a sea of ingredients.

400. Whistle Pops: Join the bandwagon of music enthusiasts where band-themed characters create tunes, turning each bite into a symphony.

401. Whoppers: Delve into tall tales with mascots spinning yarns, celebrating the idea of exaggeration and adventure.

402. Wonka Laffy Taffy: Step onto the stand-up stage with comedian or jokester characters, sharing rib-tickling humor with a side of candy.

403. Wonka: Be captivated by the enigmatic Willy Wonka himself, guiding us through the whimsical world of Wonka-brand wonders.

404. Wunderbar: Join a band of explorers marveling at the beauty of candy landscapes, their astonishment echoing the bar’s delightful flavors.

405. York Peppermint Pattie: Dive into refreshing alpine adventures with characters skiing or snowboarding, capturing the cool essence of mint amidst snowy peaks.

406. Zagnut: Zigzag through candy tales with the quirky zigzag mascot, adding a unique twist to the narrative.

407. Zero Bar: Embark on polar expeditions with characters, from snowmen to Arctic explorers, emphasizing the icy cool vibe of the candy.

408. Zotz Fizz Power Candy: Get zapped into a realm of fizz and power with zesty characters, epitomizing the candy’s energetic burst.

409. Zours: Embrace the boldness of sourness with mascots sporting puckered faces, each representing the intensity and power of the flavor.

And so, as we drift away from the tantalizing tang of the last “Sour Patch Kid” and the whispered tales of “Werther’s Original” grandparents, the spectrum of 409 candy mascots leaves an indelible mark on our taste buds and imaginations.  These aren’t just mascots; they’re the guardians of flavors, the storytellers of sugary epochs, and the whimsical weavers of childhood memories.  With every wrapper we unfurl and every candy we savor, we don’t just consume sugar; we embrace a legacy, a story, a dance of characters that’s as rich and layered as the most decadent truffle.  So, the next time a sweet craving beckons, remember: you’re not just indulging in a treat, but in the chronicles of a universe, where every bite is a star, and every mascot, a legend.
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