Month: March 2023

Ohio Watershed Streams

Ohio Watershed Maps

Unearth the secrets of Ohio’s intricate watersheds! From the sprawling Ohio River Basin to the majestic Lake Erie Basin, discover the lifelines that sustain the state’s ecology and economy. Dive into challenges, triumphs, and the spirited conservation efforts safeguarding these waterways. Join us on this riveting journey through Ohio’s liquid heart!

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Texas Watershed Streams

Texas Watershed Maps

Journey through Texas’s vast landscapes via its intricate watersheds! From the Rio Grande’s mysteries to the Colorado River’s vitality, uncover the Lone Star State’s water tapestry, its challenges, and the passionate efforts to preserve it. Dive in and discover the liquid heartbeat of Texas!

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Chesapeake Bay Watershed with Streams

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Maps

Dive into the heart of America’s largest estuary—Chesapeake Bay! Navigate its sprawling watershed, from mighty rivers to delicate ecosystems. Discover the bay’s profound significance, the looming challenges it faces, and the passionate efforts safeguarding its future. Join this enlightening journey through maps, history, and nature!

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Colorado Watershed Streams

Colorado Watershed Maps

Journey through Colorado’s majestic watersheds! From the mighty Colorado River to the sprawling plains, uncover the essence of the Centennial State’s waterways. Explore their vital role in ecology, economy, and culture, and discover the passionate efforts safeguarding these precious veins. Dive in and let the waters of Colorado captivate you!

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Mississippi Watershed Streams

Mississippi Watershed Maps

Journey down the mighty Mississippi Watershed! Discover its vast expanse, from pristine wetlands to historical banks. Delve into challenges it faces and the passionate efforts safeguarding this aquatic treasure. Embark on an adventure that flows through the heart of America!

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Great Lakes Watershed Streams

Great Lakes Watershed Maps

Journey through the heart of North America with the Great Lakes Watershed Maps! Uncover ecological secrets, historical tales, and the urgent call for conservation. Discover how these freshwater giants shape our world, from bustling economies to vibrant ecosystems. Dive in and let the waves of knowledge wash over you!

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New York-Hudson Watershed Streams

New York Watershed Maps

Uncover the secrets of New York’s watersheds, from the majestic Hudson River to the tranquil Finger Lakes. Discover how intricate maps reveal their vast importance, the challenges they face, and the efforts underway to preserve these lifelines. Dive into a tale where nature, history, and human endeavor converge in the Empire State’s aquatic pathways.

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WhiteClouds 3D Fabrication

WhiteClouds Videos

WhiteClouds was commissioned by the Kaua`i Museum of Hawaii to re-create a permanent 3D statue of the last King and Queen of Kaua’i and Niihau. This life-size replica was made to honor King Ali‘i ‘Aimoku Kaumuali’i and Queen Deborah Kapule Kekaihaʻakūlou, standing outside the museum as if to welcome visitors to Kaua’i and to invite us to learn more about the rich Hawaiian history displayed in the museum.

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