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3D raised-relief maps

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A xenolith is a type of rock inclusion that is different in composition from the surrounding rock. Xenoliths are formed when magma or molten rock intrudes into pre-existing rock and incorporates pieces of that rock into itself.  As the magma cools and solidifies, the xenoliths can become trapped inside the resulting rock.  Xenoliths can provide valuable information about the composition and history of the surrounding rock, as well as the processes that led to their formation.

X-ray Diffraction

X-ray diffraction is a technique used to study the crystal structure of materials.  It works by directing a beam of X-rays at a sample, and measuring the angles and intensities of the X-rays that are scattered by the atoms in the sample.  By analyzing the diffraction pattern, researchers can determine the arrangement of atoms within the crystal lattice of the material.  X-ray diffraction is used in a wide range of fields, including materials science, chemistry, and geology, and has been instrumental in the discovery and characterization of many important compounds and minerals. 

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