Bringing digital Crypto Characters to physical form

Bringing digital Crypto Characters to physical form​

How we created three special event props from digital crypto characters using 3D-printing technology

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character statues?

Crypto Unicorns 3D Statue at the Game Developers Conference

The power of a crypto character physical brand mascot

3D brand mascot statues serve as invaluable assets at trade shows, offering a dynamic and visually striking means of drawing attention and reinforcing branding efforts. These statues not only capture the essence of a brand’s identity but also create memorable and immersive experiences for attendees. As an extension of the one-of-a-kind crypto characters, these physical statues give even more weight, literally, to these brands.

They act as focal points, attracting visitors and initiating conversations. Additionally, their physical presence provides tactile engagement, allowing attendees to interact with the brand in a tangible way. By leveraging 3D brand mascot statues, businesses can effectively differentiate themselves from competitors, leaving a lasting impression and fostering connections long after the trade show ends. 

For a brand, the act of users taking pictures and sharing them with a brand mascot at an event holds significant importance. It serves as a powerful endorsement of the brand’s presence and engagement at the event, amplifying its visibility across social media platforms. Each shared picture becomes a digital testimonial, reaching a broader audience and extending the brand’s reach far beyond the confines of the event venue. Moreover, these user-generated content not only strengthens brand recognition but also fosters a sense of community and connection among attendees. As a result, encouraging photo-sharing with a brand mascot not only enhances brand exposure but also cultivates a loyal and engaged customer base

What are crypto characters?

Crypto characters, also known as digital collectibles or crypto-collectibles, are unique digital assets that exist on blockchain networks. These characters, often in the form of artwork, avatars, or virtual pets, are distinguished by their scarcity, ownership verification, and ability to be traded or sold in decentralized marketplaces. Each crypto character is typically represented by a non-fungible token (NFT), providing immutable proof of ownership and authenticity. As the digital art and collectibles market continues to surge, crypto characters have emerged as a fascinating intersection of technology, creativity, and ownership, captivating enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Example 1 of 3

Crypto Unicorns' 'Ambiguous Automaton' favorite game character brought to life as a 4 foot tall booth display

Crypto Unicorns is an innovative “digital pet collecting and farming game, powered by blockchain technology.” WhiteClouds was tasked by the Inverted Experiences agency to materialize one of the beloved characters from Crypto Unicorns, ‘Ambiguous Automaton,’ for the XAI Games booth at the 2024 Games Developer Conference 2024. As evident from the captivating photos, it received an overwhelming response, becoming a centerpiece attraction.”

Crypto Unicorns 3D Statue at the Game Developers Conference
Here’s our latest Crytpo Character statue representing Crypto Unicorns on display at the XAI Games Game Developer Conference booth.

This 4 foot tall statue was 3D-printed in sections, assembled, body-worked, then expertly painted by WhiteClouds craftsmen as you can see in the photos below. The custom shipping crate also doubled as a display pedestal at trade shows.

'Ambiguous Automaton' from Crypto Unicorns 3D-printed head
3D-printed unicorn head being assembled
'Ambiguous Automaton' from Crypto Unicorns 3D-printed statue
‘Ambiguous Automaton’ from Crypto Unicorns 3D-printed statue getting painted by WhiteClouds
'Ambiguous Automaton' from Crypto Unicorns 3D-printed statue
Getting ready for shipping from WhiteClouds production facility

Example 2 of 3

Axelar Network's robot brand mascot made into a 2 foot tall levitating spinning model

Axelar is the “programmable Web3 interoperability platform, scaling the next generation of internet applications to billions of users”. Axelar approached WhiteClouds to create a 3D physical statue of their newly-created brand mascot. But not just a regular 3D printed robot. They wanted it to float! Although this was a new challenge for WhiteClouds, they were up to the challenge. 

A robot was chosen as Axelar’s mascot because the Axelar team and community thought robots represented advanced technology they create to power the cross-chain future of Web3. 

@vi_nco, a highly skilled 3D designer and Axelar ambassador, brought the robot digital mockups to life. His exceptional designs, submitted during a creator challenge within Axelar’s Discord community, served as the initial inspiration for the robot’s development.

Axelar Network early digital mascot render by @vi_nco
Axelar Network early digital mascot render by @vi_nco

Collaborating with @vi_nco over several months, Axelar meticulously crafted the Axelar Robot. The outcome? A unparalleled brand mascot that perfectly embodies our dedication to driving the cross-chain future of

Axelar Network final design digital mascot render by @vi_nco
Axelar Network final design digital mascot render by @vi_nco

Several iterations later, the digital mascot was finalized and it came time to construct the vision in physical form! WhiteClouds was chosen for the task and Axelar couldn’t be happier. The model was 3D-printed, assembled, body worked and painted expertly by the WhiteClouds team. It measures about 2 feet tall and 15 inches wide.

Axelar Robot Mascot Primed in Production
Axelar Robot Mascot Primed in Production
Final 3D levitating robot crypto character brand mascot
Seen here with Axelar Network
Axelar Levitating Robot Company Mascot Statue
This 24″ tall model is a replica of Axelar’s company mascot. It levitates and spins 360 degrees about 6″ in the air.


This 2 foot tall innovative levitating mascot is sure to steal the show at any future trade show or special event. 

Example 3 of 3

'CyberKongz' NFT character brought to life as an 8 foot tall statue

Established by the artist Myoo in March 2021, CyberKongz originated as an exclusive series of 1000 pixelated NFT gorillas, now recognized as the Genesis Collection. CyberKongz pioneered several groundbreaking NFT mechanisms, including distinctive tokenomics for their utility token $BANANA, igniting features like breeding and Babies. The VX collection, presenting 3D avatars tailored for the metaverse and gaming, stands out as the most versatile avatar within the Web3 domain.

Large 3D printed Character Mascot Statue
Large 3D printed Character Mascot Statue


WhiteClouds again used 3D printers to create this giant statue on display at various worldwide NFT trade show events. Crafted from hundreds of individual 3D prints and meticulously assembled into a towering structure, it towers above the other booths and draws the audience in for photo opps.

3D printed CyberKongz giant statue being body worked
3D printed CyberKongz giant statue being assembled and body worked in preparation for painting at WhiteClouds facility
3D printed CyberKongz giant statue being painted
3D printed CyberKongz giant statue being painted at WhiteClouds facility
3D printed CyberKongz giant statue in production
3D printed CyberKongz giant statue back view before shipping

History of crypto characters

Crypto characters have a fascinating history rooted in the emergence of blockchain technology and the evolution of digital assets. It all began with the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, the pioneering cryptocurrency that introduced the concept of decentralized digital currencies. However, it wasn’t until the rise of Ethereum in 2015 that the potential for blockchain to support more than just financial transactions became evident.

Ethereum’s smart contract functionality allowed for the creation of programmable digital assets known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs, unlike cryptocurrencies, represent unique or rare items, such as digital art, collectibles, and virtual real estate. This innovation paved the way for the birth of crypto characters.

The first crypto characters emerged around 2017 with projects like CryptoKitties, a game built on the Ethereum blockchain that allowed users to collect, breed, and trade unique virtual cats. CryptoKitties introduced the concept of digital scarcity and ownership, with some of the rarest cats selling for thousands of dollars.

Following the success of CryptoKitties, a wave of similar projects surfaced, each offering its own unique twist on the concept of collectible digital assets. From virtual pets to fantasy creatures, crypto characters began to diversify in style and functionality.

As blockchain technology continued to advance, so did the capabilities of crypto characters. Games, virtual worlds, and even digital fashion brands began incorporating NFT-based characters into their ecosystems, offering users new opportunities for creativity, expression, and economic participation.

Today, crypto characters have become a vibrant and integral part of the broader NFT ecosystem, with a thriving community of collectors, creators, and enthusiasts continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm. From iconic pioneers like CryptoKitties to the latest innovations in blockchain gaming and entertainment, the history of crypto characters is a testament to the transformative power of decentralized technology.

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