30 NBA Mascots

30 NBA Mascots

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In the heart-pounding, adrenaline-charged universe of professional basketball, a realm where every split-second is charged with possibilities and every play can shift the narrative, there exist larger-than-life figures often overshadowed by the luminosity of star players and iconic moments.  These are the NBA’s mascots, a kaleidoscope of vibrant, vivacious characters who bring more to the hardwood than one might initially perceive.  They stand as the embodiment of fun, unbridled joy, and an infectious energy that resonates throughout the packed arenas.  Each mascot, intricately designed and brought to life, doesn’t just sport its team’s colors but carries the very essence of its team’s history, ethos, and the unique vibe of its home city.  They dance, they leap, they jest, and in doing so, they weave a tapestry of emotions that ensures fans are always left wanting more.  It’s not just the mesmerizing layups, the gravity-defying dunks, or the nail-biting three-pointers that keep fans glued; it’s also the antics, the humor, and the unwavering passion of these mascots.  In essence, they don’t merely enhance the basketball experience; they redefine it, ensuring that every game is an exhilarating roller-coaster of emotions, drama, and endless entertainment.


30 NBA Mascots


1. Atlanta Hawks

Mascot: Harry the Hawk
Nickname: Hawks
Colors: Red, Black, White

2. Boston Celtics

Mascot: Lucky the Leprechaun
Nickname: Celtics
Colors: Green, White

3. Brooklyn Nets

Mascot: None
Nickname: Nets
Colors: Black, White

4. Charlotte Hornets

Mascot: Hugo the Hornet
Nickname: Hornets
Colors: Teal, Purple, White

5. Chicago Bulls

Mascot: Benny the Bull
Nickname: Bulls
Colors: Red, Black, White

6. Cleveland Cavaliers

Mascot: Moondog, Sir CC
Nickname: Cavs
Colors: Wine, Gold

7. Dallas Mavericks

Mascot: Champ, Mavs Man
Nickname: Mavs
Colors: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Silver, White

8. Denver Nuggets

Mascot: Rocky
Nickname: Nuggets
Colors: Navy Blue, Gold, Red, White

9. Detroit Pistons

Mascot: Hooper
Nickname: Pistons
Colors: Royal Blue, Red, White

10. Golden State Warriors

Mascot: None (though they have a hype man named Franco Finn)
Nickname: Dubs
Colors: Royal Blue, Yellow

11. Houston Rockets

Mascot: Clutch the Bear
Nickname: Rockets
Colors: Red, White

12. Indiana Pacers

Mascot: Boomer, Bowser (secondary mascot for special events)
Nickname: Pacers
Colors: Navy Blue, Gold, White

13. Los Angeles Clippers

Mascot: Chuck the Condor
Nickname: Clips
Colors: Red, Blue, White

14. Los Angeles Lakers

Mascot: None
Nickname: Lakers
Colors: Purple, Gold

15. Memphis Grizzlies

Mascot: Grizz
Nickname: Grizzlies
Colors: Navy Blue, Baby Blue, White

16. Miami Heat

Mascot: Burnie
Nickname: Heat
Colors: Red, Black, White

17. Milwaukee Bucks

Mascot: Bango
Nickname: Bucks
Colors: Green, Cream, Blue

18. Minnesota Timberwolves

Mascot: Crunch
Nickname: T-Wolves
Colors: Navy Blue, Blue, White

19. New Orleans Pelicans

Mascot: Pierre the Pelican
Nickname: Pels
Colors: Navy, Gold, Red

20. New York Knicks

Mascot: None
Nickname: Knicks
Colors: Blue, Orange, White

21. Oklahoma City Thunder

Mascot: Rumble the Bison
Nickname: Thunder
Colors: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Navy

22. Orlando Magic

Mascot: Stuff the Magic Dragon
Nickname: Magic
Colors: Blue, Black, Silver, White

23. Philadelphia 76ers

Mascot: Franklin the Dog
Nickname: Sixers
Colors: Red, Blue, White

24. Phoenix Suns

Mascot: Gorilla (Go)
Nickname: Suns
Colors: Purple, Orange, Black

25. Portland Trail Blazers

Mascot: Blaze the Trail Cat
Nickname: Blazers
Colors: Black, Red, White

26. Sacramento Kings

Mascot: Slamson the Lion
Nickname: Kings
Colors: Purple, Silver, Black, White

27. San Antonio Spurs

Mascot: The Coyote
Nickname: Spurs
Colors: Black, Silver, White

28. Toronto Raptors

Mascot: The Raptor
Nickname: Raptors
Colors: Red, Black, Silver, White

29. Utah Jazz

Mascot: Jazz Bear
Nickname: Jazz
Colors: Navy Blue, Yellow, Green

30. Washington Wizards

Mascot: G-Wiz, G-Man
Nickname: Wiz
Colors: Red, Blue, White
As the final whistle blows and the echoes of cheers fade away, the vibrant imprints of the NBA mascots remain vivid in the heart of every fan.  These animated ambassadors don’t just represent a team; they embody the soul of the game, intertwining basketball’s competitiveness with pure, unadulterated fun.  And while championships are won by players, the memories of heartwarming interactions, hilarious dance-offs, and unexpected surprises are gifts from these endearing icons, ensuring every NBA game is an experience beyond basketball.
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