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3d-printed bronze statue

Custom Faux Metallic and Bronze Statue Production

WhiteClouds was commissioned by the Kaua`i Museum of Hawaii to re-create a permanent 3D statue of the last King and Queen of Kaua’i and Niihau. This life-size replica was made to honor King Ali‘i ‘Aimoku Kaumuali’i and Queen Deborah Kapule Kekaihaʻakūlou, standing outside the museum as if to welcome visitors to Kaua’i and to invite us to learn more about the rich Hawaiian history displayed in the museum.

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Large Metal Letter Logo

“R” – Realife Church Metal Letter Case Study

Recently, WhiteClouds created a 13’ steel Replica of the Realife Church logo, a uniquely designed letter ‘R’ to be displayed outdoors. Created using Rolled steel metal and finished with automotive paint in the logo’s Representative orange, this Remarkable logo is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. Great care was taken to make this icon as sturdy and secure as it could be, ensuring that it will endure against all other Rough elements, that it might Remain as a legacy of the Realife Church and their new building.

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