NFL Prop - The Rebirth of an Iconic Tradition: The 12th Titan 'Sword of Honor'

NFL Prop - The Rebirth of an Iconic Tradition: The 12th Titan 'Sword of Honor'

How we made a custom NFL prop for the Tennessee Titans

How we made a custom NFL prop for the Tennessee Titans

Tradition Reinvented: The Evolution of the Tennessee Titans' 12th Titan 'Sword of Honor' NFL Prop

Setting the Scene: Back in 2010, the NFL world witnessed the inception of a unique tradition. The NFL Tennessee Titans, aiming to encapsulate and manifest their immeasurable appreciation for their fiercely loyal fan base, unfurled the “12th Titan” initiative. Visualize the scenario: on the football gridiron, 11 players from each team clash, driven by strategy, skill, and determination. But for the Titans, there was an unseen force—an extra player, if you will. This was the power and spirit of their fans, metaphorically embodied in the 12th Titan. An assortment of hometown legends, previous football greats, and the most ardent fans have been bestowed the honor to be this 12th Titan. They’d symbolically mark the Titans’ territory with a grand gesture: wielding and embedding the ‘Sword of Honor’ into the ground—a ritual that resonated deeply with fans and players alike.

However, by 2023, this emblematic tradition stood at a crossroads. Nissan Stadium’s move to Matrix Helix Turf posed a significant challenge to the continuity of the iconic sword-stabbing ceremony. It was a moment where tradition collided with modernity.

That’s when Big Visual Group (BVG), already renowned in the Nashville community and the surrounding areas in Middle Tennessee for their brilliance in professional design, production and installation of innovative visual products, joined hands with the creative powerhouse WhiteClouds. Envisioning a solution—a contemporary NFL prop that would both honor the past and embrace the future.

NFL Tennessee Titans 12th Titan Sword Plunge Prop
The game between the Tennessee Titans and the Los Angeles Chargers at Nissan Stadium on September 17, 2023 in Nashville, TN. Photo By Joe Howell/Tennessee Titans
NFL Tennessee Titans 12th Titan Sword Plunge Prop
Showing the blast of smoke from stabbing the Sword of Honor. Photo By Joe Howell/Tennessee Titans

A Renewed Vision:

Working hand-in-hand with Big Visual Group, WhiteClouds embarked on a mission to craft a sports NFL prop that wasn’t just a symbol but a tangible representation of the spirit of the 12th Titan. The objective was multifaceted: the prop had to echo the legacy, be practical for the turf, visually arresting, and resonate with the emotions of thousands.

Several brainstorming sessions ensued, with the Titans’ team adding their insights and aspirations for this new symbol. Slowly but steadily, the blueprint for the new prop crystallized:

  • A harmonious blend of modern aesthetics with the legendary ethos of the 12th Titan
  • Added casters to provide unmatched mobility, essential for the swift pace of NFL games
  • A beautiful marble monolith design, harking back to the Titans’ rich Greek lineage
  • A seamlessly integrated stepping platform, ensuring that the ceremonial act of plunging the sword was both grand and graceful
  • An element of drama and surprise—a smoke effect that would be triggered as the sword was inserted, captivating all in attendance
  • Durability and resilience to ensure this NFL prop could stand the test of time
12th Titan Prop computer rendering
Final computer rendering of the design before fabrication started

The Crafting Odyssey:

With a clear vision and conceptualization of a design from Big Visual Group, WhiteClouds’ skilled artisans commenced the meticulous process of transforming the 3D designs into reality. The prototype, a digital twin, served as a constant reference point, ensuring precision at every step. This wasn’t just an NFL prop—it was a piece of history in the making.

Open and transparent communication became the backbone of this endeavor. BVG and WhiteClouds synchronized their efforts, refining details, and cherishing each achievement, ensuring that the final product would be nothing short of perfection.

In-production photos

12th Titan Sword of Honor Prop base in production
Base. made from wood and steel supports housing 3 canisters for the smoke flares
12th Titan Sword of Honor Prop monolith in production
Custom faux marble monolith built in-house using proprietary methods
12th Titan Sword of Honor Prop top in production
One of the top panels of the Prop in-production

The Culmination:

Post the exhaustive creation phase, the WhiteClouds team took a brief respite, marveling at their handiwork. Prepared for its voyage, the prop, cocooned in a custom-built wooden crate, embarked on its journey to its new home.

12th Titan Sword of Honor Prop moving
12th Titan Sword of Honor Prop final inspection
12th Titan Sword of Honor Prop selfie

The meticulously crafted custom product arrived punctually and in pristine condition, allowing for a comprehensive rehearsal ahead of its grand debut on September 17th at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, where it would take center stage during the Tennessee Titans vs. Los Angeles Chargers game.

The Grand Unveiling:

The climactic moment was set. September 17th, at the iconic Nissan Stadium in Nashville. The atmosphere was electric as the Tennessee Titans squared off against the Los Angeles Chargers. Amidst the cacophony of cheers, the freshly minted ‘Sword of Honor’ Prop emerged—a testament to the seamless fusion of tradition, innovation, and pure passion. The rebirth of a tradition was complete, and a new chapter had just begun.

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