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3d printed house model

Custom Residential 3D Models Fabrication Services

3D printers can now affordably and quickly produce 3D residential models for portraying ideas and plans to interested parties such as home buyers, city planners, investors and planning commissions. Using these models, investors and potential buyers no longer have to be able to interpret complex AutoCAD print-outs to visualize their potential investments.

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3D Printed Hiking Shoe Model

Custom Footwear 3D Models Fabrication Services

With full-color 3D printing and other modern technologies, footwear reviews and product confirmation enable shortened product creation lead times, increased inventory turns due to speed to market capability, and reduced expense since there is less mold and tooling redesign.

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interior 3D printed models

Interior Models Custom 3D Fabrication Services

A 3D interior model can take the guesswork out of what a finished architectural project will look like. By adding furniture, floor plans, and traffic layouts can help you visualize all of those tough decisions that need to be make during any building project.

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terrain models mountain

Terrain Models Custom 3D Fabrication Services

3D printers can accurately create realistic 3D views of planet surfaces, ocean floors, drone captured terrains and underground geology formations, and even the surface of the moon. Terrain models can benefit developers, mining companies, outdoor sports industries, and educational organizations.

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