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Frosted Dunes - HiRISE Image-ESP_045311_1205

Image: Frosted Dunes

Experience the Martian springtime come to life as sunbeams defrost carbon dioxide-covered dunes, releasing bursts of gas through intriguing spots on this otherworldly terrain.

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Bear on Mars - HiRISE Image-ESP_076769_1380

Image: A Bear on Mars

Uncover the mystery of Mars’ ‘bear face’! This striking geological formation features ‘eyes,’ a ‘nose,’ and even a ‘head,’ raising questions about ancient craters and volcanic activity.

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Icy Northern Dunes - HiRISE Image-ESP_017043_2640

Image: Icy Northern Dunes

Behold the breathtaking interplay of ice and sand in Mars’ Northern Dunes! Seasonal shifts create a stunning spectacle, as sunlight triggers explosive patterns on the icy surface.

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Harmakhis Vallis - HiRISE Image-ESP_075639_1420

Image: Harmakhis Vallis

Witness the stunning Harmakhis Vallis, an 800-km Martian marvel. Captivating ice formations and parallel glacial ridges unveil the Red Planet’s dynamic geological history.

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