Paul Paghent of the YouTube channel, The Navalua Family, contacted WhiteClouds to create a throne and brand sign for Just Ameerah's popular Slimeatory segments. With over three million subscribers to the YouTube channel, we were ecstatic at the prospect of having our work shown to so many viewers. The client provided a concept drawing of the throne and we worked our magic to create an unforgettable piece.

Slime Throne

The wooden frame of the throne is covered in hand-sculpted expanded polystyrene. Fiberglass matt and resin cover the foam to create a durable hard-shell exterior. After the sanding and priming, we airbrushed the throne with bold blue, yellow, and pink splashes and then treated with a high-gloss protective clear coating. The Slimeatory brand sign comprises multiple layers of cut foam board with high-resolution Slimeatory logo graphics overlaid onto the surface.

Slimeatory Wars Logo

To see more of our custom-built thrones, visit our 3D Throne page.

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