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WhiteClouds has been making large 3D letters for several years but after recognizing a customer demand for something more durable, weather resistant, and permanent, we looked towards other materials. To our surprise, there weren’t any companies online that we could find advertising extra large custom letters in metal. Or at least, their idea of large letters is about 20” tall and a few inches thick and many of them are foam with metal laminate.

Following the internal motto of WhiteClouds to do everything “Xtra”, we did some research and experimentation, perfected the production, purchased some equipment, materials, hired some professionals, opened an entirely new production facility and started the online SEO and marketing for large custom metal letters. The advantages of metal are numerous and the cost can be negligible to the customer.

It hasn’t even been a year yet but we’ve been able to do some major custom metal letter 3D displays for cities, churches and school campuses (which are really taking off with several new contracts in production right now).

Here are a few case studies and a couple of our favorite projects:

BEAR DOWN University of Arizona Campus Metal Letters

Each letter measures approximately 50” H X 12” D. The entire sign measures 36′ long x 5′ high. Made from 1/8″ steel and painted in 3 colors with automotive paint. Read the full case study here.

Just as we finished installation and was admiring the scene from a distance, we overheard the following conversation… 
Student 1: “These are the coolest letters I have ever seen. I hope these are permanent.”
Student 2: “I bet they are just going to be there a few days and they will take them away.”
Student 1: “I sure hope not, Bear Down means a lot to me”.
We take pride in knowing that these letters are very permanent and will be a part of Bear Down history.

Realife Church Metal Logo

13-foot steel replica of the Realife Church logo, a uniquely designed letter ‘R’ displayed outdoors.

Sharp Corners Park in Watertown, Wisconsin

WhiteClouds was commissioned to fabricate these tall permanent outdoor metal letters spelling out “Sharp Corner” as part of the park redevelopment. The letters are 3′ tall and 18″ deep. Read the full case study here.

SM•LE Dental Office Selfie Prop

We’ve produced these for a few different dental offices. It’s the perfect building entry selfie spot and this concept isn’t limited to just dental offices. 

SMILE Large Metal Letters

We’re just getting started with Metal Letters and building momentum. We can’t wait to see the creative ideas you bring to the table. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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