Month: October 2017

Master Chief Halo 3D printed Model

Halo Master Chief Life-size 3D Printed Statue – Case Study

WhiteClouds took on the challenge to recreate a highly detailed and realistic 1:1 replica of the Master Chief. This incredible statue is indeed an intimidating replica of the alien annihilator at a staggering 7″ 3″ tall and weighing around 100lbs. The quality finish-work provides an uncanny realism to the model that is intimidating beyond belief.

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Grumman Goose Airplane

Grumman Goose Seaplane – Case Study

When WhiteClouds was asked to make a 1/2 scale replica of the historically significant Grumman Goose G-21A seaplane, we were up for the challenge. The incorporation of a sturdy steel frame and fiberglassed, UV resistant exterior, was the ticket to ride. This heavy-duty and one-of-a-kind outdoor display was built to last.

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Painted Metal Letters Sharp

Metal Letters – Sharp Corners – Case Study

As part of the Sharp Corner Park redevelopment effort, WhiteClouds was commissioned to fabricate tall permanent outdoor metal letters spelling out “Sharp Corner”. These outdoor permanent letters were 3D designed by our team of designers with an Arial font, then were cut, shaped, and welded to fabricate the aluminum metal letters.

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Video Game diorama model of Dota 2 Radiant base

Dota2 3D Printed Map Model – Case Study

Fulfill your ultimate DOTA 2 game-playing experience with this one-of-a-kind collectible. There are three models available, the DOTA 2 Full-Size Model, the Radiant Model, and the Dire Model. All map elements are manufactured with advanced 3D printing technologies, to ensure maximum precision and detail.

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BYU highly-detailed campus diorama scaled model with LED lights

BYU Campus Custom Diorama Model – Case Study

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build an architectural diorama (10’x12′) showcasing the beauty and geography of the campus with a special emphasis on the huge variety of trees and their historical significance. The diorama includes 88 buildings, each one masterfully crafted with state-of-the art 3D design and printing technology.

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Multiple Large 3D Letters in IMAGINE LOGO

Cisco Conference Foam Large Letters – Case Study

WhiteClouds created 14 geometrical letters (2 sets of 7) spelling out the word “imagine” to be used at a Cisco Live event. Each individual letter was designed with unique geometrical shapes and was finished as an artistic masterpiece, fully fabricated from foam. The letters were also designed to provide the backdrop for attendees taking selfie pictures.

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This is the Place Heritage Park Diorama closeup

This Is The Place Heritage Park Diorama – Case Study

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build a large architectural diorama (18’x12′) showcasing intricate details of the park from the monuments to art exhibits to all of the architectural buildings as well as a 3D parallax model of the black and white picture taken of the actual monument in 1847. The diorama model was masterfully crafted using multiple 3D printing technologies combined with traditional model-making processes.

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Dobby 3D-printed Project Gallery

This green-eyed elf stands at 3.5 feet tall and even has a handmade body-covering! What you see in these images is the resulting product of an incredible effort to create a life-like replica of such an endearing creature.

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