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3D Garfield and Odie 3D Printed Model Gallery

Garfield strolled onto the scene in newspapers across the US on June 19, 1978. This orange short haired tabby cat was the original grumpy-cat long before YouTube or the internet. He is smart, cynical, lazy, fat and always sleepy. He has a hatred for Monday and any kind of exercise. Garfield’s favorite food is lasagna. Garfield’s main goal in life is to bug, annoy, or just plain torment his house mate Odie. Whiteclouds’ designer Tim Brown logged about 30 hours, total, sculpting the iconic pet “frenemies” in the 3D computer graphic software, Autodesk Maya. Garfield stands about 3 feet tall and weighs in at 20 lbs. Odie weighs half as much as Garfield and stands about a foot taller. To learn more about other cartoon models, check out our 3D Cartoon Models page!

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