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SpongeBob SquarePants took a vacation away from his home in Bikini Bottom to visit us at WhiteClouds. His gleeful winking expression perfectly captures his childlike behavior and his stance suggests he’s just made a joke that has us all laughing. WhiteClouds masterfully captured SpongeBob’s youthful energy in a 3D printed cartoon model.  The print file took roughly 80 hours of digital design time. The design was then cut into 24 parts that took 1,400 hours and 19 rolls of PLA to 3D print. Since the shape of SpongeBob makes him top-heavy, his legs are steel rods welded onto a steel baseplate. SpongeBob’s 3D printed shoes hide the weld spots and sand-like texture disguises the steel plate. Finished with quality airbrushing and an automotive-grade clear coat. To learn more about our custom 3D Fabrication Services, please visit our 3D Cartoon Models page!

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