"JUST DO IT" Large Foam Letters

"JUST DO IT" Large Foam Letters

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Large Foam Letters

Just Do It: Unveiling the Artistry Behind Large Foam Letters

In the realm of advertising and branding, few phrases resonate as powerfully as “Just Do It.” As an iconic slogan synonymous with Nike, these three simple words have inspired millions worldwide to push their limits and pursue their dreams.  Now, imagine these words brought to life in towering foam letters, standing as a beacon of motivation and determination. In this blog, we dive into the fascinating world of large foam letters, exploring the craftsmanship behind the creation of the “Just Do It” display and the innovative techniques used to bring it to life.

Crafting Inspiration: The Vision for “Just Do It” Foam Letters

The idea to create large foam letters spelling out “Just Do It” stemmed from a desire to capture the essence of Nike’s iconic slogan in a tangible and visually impactful way.  With the dimensions set at 42″ H x 18″ D for each letter, plus an additional base height of 8″, the display would stand tall at 84″ H.  The letters, cut from 2# Styrofoam, would be painted black to mirror Nike’s branding aesthetic.

Large Foam Letters

Innovative Techniques: The “Sandwich” Method

To achieve the desired floating effect and enhance the visual appeal of the display, a unique “sandwich” technique was employed.  After cutting out the letters at 18″ D, they were then halved at the 9″ mark.  A sheet of clear acrylic matching the outside dimensions of the display was cut, with the front and back pieces fastened to it.  The acrylic also featured a 6″ tail at the bottom, seamlessly fitting into an 8″ MDF base to create the illusion of levitation.

Attention to Detail: The Nike Swoosh Addition

No “Just Do It” display would be complete without the iconic Nike Swoosh.  Proportionately sized at 9″ D, the Swoosh was crafted from foam and painted in a shiny orange hue, adding a pop of color and visual interest to the display. Fastened to the front of the letters, the Swoosh served as a striking focal point, further reinforcing the association with the Nike brand.

Nike Logo 3D Wall Art

Installation and Impact: Bringing the Display to Life

As the “Just Do It” display took shape, anticipation grew for its installation.  Once completed, the display stood proudly, commanding attention and inspiring all who encountered it.  Whether placed in a retail setting, gym, or corporate office, the display served as a powerful reminder of Nike’s ethos and the limitless potential within each individual.


In a world filled with noise and distractions, the “Just Do It” foam letters stand as a beacon of clarity and motivation.  Crafted with precision and ingenuity, these towering letters encapsulate the essence of Nike’s iconic slogan, inspiring all who encounter them to push boundaries and pursue greatness.  As they stand tall, painted in bold black with the Nike Swoosh gleaming in vibrant orange, these letters serve as a testament to the power of determination and the transformative impact of action.  So go ahead, take that leap, chase your dreams, and remember – sometimes, all it takes is to “Just Do It.”

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