Month: January 2023

3d-printed bronze statue

Custom Faux Metallic and Bronze Statue Production

WhiteClouds was commissioned by the Kaua`i Museum of Hawaii to re-create a permanent 3D statue of the last King and Queen of Kaua’i and Niihau. This life-size replica was made to honor King Ali‘i ‘Aimoku Kaumuali’i and Queen Deborah Kapule Kekaihaʻakūlou, standing outside the museum as if to welcome visitors to Kaua’i and to invite us to learn more about the rich Hawaiian history displayed in the museum.

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Giant Medical Model Props

Giant Pancreas Prop

Step into the realm of medical simulation and anatomical props with our blog on the Giant Pancreas Prop. Discover how this lifelike tool revolutionizes medical education, offering students and professionals a hands-on experience to understand the complexities of pancreatic anatomy and function. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of the pancreas and its pivotal role in healthcare.

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