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Why 3D Maps?

WhiteClouds has spent years perfecting custom 3D raised-relief map models of all sizes. Now, we are entering the eCommerce space with ready-made 3D raised-relief maps in 3 styles to make it even more affordable and easier to purchase. There are 557,635 three-dimensional United States and Mars maps to choose from.  These are are not flat prints. They are three-dimensional, tactile, raised-relief models with a white border base and black felt edges, with the height being determined by Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data. These 3D topography, satellite, and terrain raised-relief maps are built by combining satellite imagery data from the USGS, Google Earth, Google Maps, NASA, and DEM data. 3D Printing and 3D CNC routers are used to fabricate the models which make the satellite models extremely accurate. These models are very strong and durable, coated with epoxy, then finished with a sealer providing a waterproof matt-finish. 


Extraordinary 3D Accuracy – The visual data for these maps comes from satellites that are photographing the earth by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), Google or NASA. US Topo map data is derived from the geographic information system (GIS) data of The National Map and is continuously updated via National, state, local, and commercial partnerships. The USGS started mapping the country in 1879 and is still the primary civilian mapping agency of the United States. USGS topo maps use the National Map Accuracy Standards which means that 90 percent of the horizontal points tested by field survey teams are accurate to within 40 feet. Most of these topo maps are the 1:24,000-scale topographic maps, also known as 7.5-minute quadrangles. With this scientific data, we use 3D-printers and 3D CNC routers to fabricate the models so there is 100% accurate rendering.

3D Height Determined by DEM data – The height of each model is determined by the 3D DEM data.  Today, this DEM data is generated from satellites, airplanes, helicopters,  and drones using different technologies such as LIDAR or laser scanning, photogrammetry, IFSAR or radar pulses.  Using the DEM data, the actual height of each point in the selected area is then scaled appropriately for determining the scaled height of the model. However, in some cases, we will exaggerate the scale in order to see more depth in maps with low contrast topographies. 

• Fade Resistant Archival Inks – Our materials are gallery quality. We use the latest HP Latex printers and archival ink to produce consistent and quality results. The inks are environment-friendly are reduce fading to preserve as much fine detail as possible over time.

Epoxy Coated for Strength and Waterproofing – Once printed, the model is finished with a double-coated 2-part epoxy hardener. Then, a special sealer providing a weatherproof, stain-resistant matt finish. You could even drive over this with a one-ton truck and it would not be damaged. This core is mounted to a 5/8″ engineered wood composite of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) that is wrapped in vinyl for easy cleaning. 

• Black felt borders – A black flocking, similar to what you might find in a jewelry case, is applied to all edges to give a high-end museum quality finish.

• Choice of Tabletop or Wall Hanging Model – The model is extremely strong and rigid so if you choose to display it on a table or lean it against a wall, there is no additional cost or hardware. If you would like hardware to hang on a wall, we ofter pre-installed hanger hardware. The type of hanger depends on the size of the art-piece. It may be a sawtooth hanger or a pre-installed cable bracket system for larger 3D raised relief maps.

3D topography raised-relief ready-made satellite map details

Our Unique Products...

We have 5 categories of 3D Map ready-made images. If you don’t see anything to your liking, or you have something special in mind in terms of imagery, size or presentation, please contact us for a free quote on a custom project.

3D Satellite Raised Relief Maps with USGS

  • 65,240 three-dimensional maps to choose from.
  • The satellite style shows how a particular site looks in real life photographic realism.
  • These 3D satellite raised relief maps are built by combining satellite imagery data from Google Earth, bounding box coordinates from USGS, and DEM data.

3D Terrain Raised Relief Maps with USGS

  • 65,240 three-dimensional maps to choose from.
  •  The terrain style or ‘relief mapping’ is the depiction of the shape of the surface of the Earth on a map. This style does not show photo-realistic colors or textures but is meant to show elevation details such as hills, ridges, vallies, saddles, and depressions along with bodies of water.
  • These 3D terrain raised relief maps are built by combining terrain imagery data from Google Maps, bounding box coordinates from USGS, and DEM data.

USGS 3D Raised-Relief Maps

  • 65,240 three-dimensional maps to choose from.
  •  Topographic maps show elevation (contour lines), hydrography, geographic place names, and a variety of cultural features. They do not show photo-realistic colors or textures.
  • US Topo maps are updated on a three-year production cycle
  • These 3D topographical raised relief maps are made from USGS and DEM data.

USGS 3D Historical Raised-Relief Maps

  • 361,902 three-dimensional maps to choose from.
  • The Historical Topographic Map Collection (HTMC) is a digital archive of printed topographic quadrangle maps published by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) from the start of the topographic mapping program in 1884 until 2006.
  • US Topo maps are updated on a three-year production cycle
  • These  3D historical topographical raised relief maps are made from USGS and DEM data.

3D Marscapes of Mars

Shipping and Delivery

WhiteClouds has delivered models and products large and small around the world. Our Canvas prints are shipped completely FREE to the continental United States. For outside the U.S., there is an additional shipping charge.

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