32 NFL Mascots

32 NFL Mascots

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In the grand tapestry of American sports, few entities stand as prominently as the National Football League (NFL).  But within this vast arena of athletic prowess, where superhuman athletes clash under the bright lights of mega stadiums, there exists a more whimsical yet equally important cadre of characters: the NFL mascots.  These delightful embodiments of team spirit come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, from towering anthropomorphic animals to the most regal of historical figures.  Their origins are as varied as their appearances, each rooted in a rich tapestry of history, regional significance, or cultural nuance that resonates deeply with their respective fan bases.  While the athletes prepare rigorously for game day through tireless training, strategizing, and conditioning, these mascots have a different kind of preparation.  Their task is to rally, to entertain, and to symbolize the ethos of their teams.  As we embark on this journey through the National Football League’s mascots, we aren’t just exploring 32 individual characters; we are diving deep into the soul and spirit of each team, the cities they represent, and the legions of fans that stand by them through wins and defeats.


32 NFL Mascots


1. Arizona Cardinals

Mascot: Big Red
Nickname: Cards
Colors: Cardinal red, black, and white

2. Atlanta Falcons

Mascot: Freddie Falcon
Nickname: Dirty Birds (informal)
Colors: Black, red, and white

3. Baltimore Ravens

Mascots: Poe, Rise, and Conquer
Nickname: Ravens
Colors: Purple, black, and metallic gold

4. Buffalo Bills

Mascot: Billy Buffalo
Nickname: Bills
Colors: Royal blue, red, and white

5. Carolina Panthers

Mascot: Sir Purr
Nickname: Panthers
Colors: Black, panther blue, and silver

6. Chicago Bears

Mascot: Staley Da Bear
Nickname: Da Bears (informal)
Colors: Navy blue and orange

7. Cincinnati Bengals

Mascot: Who Dey
Nickname: Bengals
Colors: Black and orange


8. Cleveland Browns

Mascot: Chomps (also Swagger and SJ, live bullmastiffs)
Nickname: Browns
Colors: Brown, orange, and white

9. Dallas Cowboys

Mascot: Rowdy
Nickname: America’s Team (informal), Boys (informal)
Colors: Navy blue, silver, and white

10. Denver Broncos

Mascot: Miles (and Thunder, a live horse)
Nickname: Broncos
Colors: Navy blue, orange, and white

11. Detroit Lions

Mascot: Roary (and Theo, a smaller lion)
Nickname: Lions
Colors: Honolulu blue and silver

12. Green Bay Packers

Mascot: None official
Nickname: Pack, Cheeseheads (for fans)
Colors: Dark green, gold, and white

13. Houston Texans

Mascot: Toro
Nickname: Texans
Colors: Deep steel blue, battle red, and white

14. Indianapolis Colts

Mascot: Blue
Nickname: Colts
Colors: Royal blue and white

15. Jacksonville Jaguars

Mascot: Jaxson de Ville
Nickname: Jags
Colors: Black, teal, and gold

16. Kansas City Chiefs

Mascot: KC Wolf
Nickname: Chiefs
Colors: Red and gold

17. Las Vegas Raiders

Mascot: Raider Rusher (for kids)
Nickname: Raiders, Silver and Black
Colors: Black and silver

18. Los Angeles Chargers

Mascot: None official (Boltman is fan-made)
Nickname: Bolts (informal)
Colors: Powder blue, yellow, and white

19. Los Angeles Rams

Mascot: Rampage
Nickname: Rams
Colors: Royal blue and yellow

20. Miami Dolphins

Mascot: T.D.
Nickname: Fins (informal)
Colors: Aqua, coral, and white


21. Minnesota Vikings

Mascot: Viktor the Viking (and Ragnar, formerly)
Nickname: Vikes (informal)
Colors: Purple and gold

22. New England Patriots

Mascot: Pat Patriot
Nickname: Pats
Colors: Nautical blue, red, and silver

23. New Orleans Saints

Mascots: Sir Saint and Gumbo
Nickname: Saints, Who Dat Nation (for fans)
Colors: Black and gold

24. New York Giants

Mascot: None prominent
Nickname: G-Men, Big Blue
Colors: Royal blue, red, and white

25. New York Jets

Mascot: None official
Nickname: Gang Green (informal)
Colors: Green and white

26. Philadelphia Eagles

Mascot: Swoop
Nickname: Birds (informal), Iggles (informal in regional accent)
Colors: Midnight green, black, silver, and white

27. Pittsburgh Steelers

Mascot: Steely McBeam
Nickname: Stillers (informal in regional accent), Steel Curtain (for the defense)
Colors: Black and gold

28. San Francisco 49ers

Mascot: Sourdough Sam
Nickname: Niners
Colors: Red and gold

29. Seattle Seahawks

Mascots: Blitz, Boom, and Taima (live hawk)
Nickname: Hawks
Colors: Navy blue, green, and silver

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mascot: Captain Fear
Nickname: Bucs
Colors: Red, pewter, and orange

31. Tennessee Titans

Mascot: T-Rac
Nickname: Titans
Colors: Navy blue, titan blue, and white

32. Washington Football Team (now known as Washington Commanders as of 2022)

Mascot: Formerly Chief Zee (unofficial)
Nickname: Formerly Redskins, now Commanders
Colors: Burgundy and gold

As we draw our exploration of the NFL’s mascots to a close, we come to appreciate more than just their vibrant costumes or animated antics.  These mascots are the beating heart of fan engagement, bridging the gap between the spectacle on the field and the euphoria in the stands.  Through rain or shine, victory or defeat, they remain a constant – a beacon of hope, joy, and sheer entertainment.  They encapsulate the stories, the dreams, and the aspirations of each franchise and its fans.  To some, they may be mere sidelines entertainers, but to the dedicated followers of the sport, they are symbols of pride, rallying points, and often, the bearers of the team’s legacy.  In the ever-evolving landscape of professional football, where players come and go, strategies evolve, and stadiums get modern makeovers, these mascots stand timeless.  Their importance is not just in the laughter or excitement they bring, but in their role as steadfast sentinels of their team’s spirit.  And so, as the floodlights fade on our journey through the league’s mascots, we leave with a newfound appreciation for these unsung heroes of the gridiron, forever cheering, forever dancing, and forever embodying the soul of the NFL.

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