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Case Study: LED Large Letters of Think Baby-Think Sport display

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Tradition + Technology

Thinkbaby and Thinksport is a safety-conscious company whose primary mission is to develop safe, chemical-free consumer products. Their products utilize science-backed materials that are safe, functional, and sustainable. With a current focus on products for babies and athletes, their product suite is on track to meet all individuals’ needs and safety.

Thinkbaby and Thinksport founder, Kevin Brodwick, commissioned WhiteClouds to create an eye-catching display solution for his trade show booths’ main segment. His vision was to create a lighted and functional display unit that would quickly attract convention attendees’ attention. The display would be eight feet tall and nineteen feet long with acrylic shelving to showcase his product line. It would incorporate large 3D lettering of the Thinkbaby and Thinksport logo and smaller removable lettering for his product lines.

It was important to Kevin that the display be a stand-alone unit, easy to set up and tear down for transport from trade show to trade show, and had enough structural integrity that there would be zero risk of it tipping over once assembled. His vision was to have five well-lit shelves to hold products, four of the shelves would intersect the Thinkbaby and Thinksport logo, and the fifth shelf would float along the mid-section of the unit. Kevin envisioned the LED lighting would crisply flood the shelves to illuminate the Thinkbaby and Thinksport product line boldly.

After Mr. Brodwick’s thorough communication of his trade show display requirements, WhiteClouds’ design team quickly got to work on a proof. The project was designed as a sturdy modular unit that required minimal assembly, recessed spot and halo-lighting, floating acrylic shelves, and a hidden back panel to safely house the necessary electrical components. Kevin approved the proof and production commenced on his stunning custom display unit.

With an arsenal of multiple top-of-the-line material options at our disposal, WhiteClouds’ expert team of fabricators set to work.

Our computer-guided hotwire machine cut the thirty-inch two-pound expanded polystyrene foam letters of the Thinkbaby and Thinksport logo. We faced the letters’ fronts with Sintra to precisely match the font and then backed them with plywood. The Sintra facing created a crisp hard-front for the logo lettering and the plywood backer allowed the letters to be easily removable from the display.

The four small product signs were cut from high-density foam and sandwiched onto custom acrylic stands to create a floating effect. We painted each to match the client’s specified Pantone colors in line with the respective product branding.

We designed the MDF wood display case to break down into six sections for ease in transport and assembly. The addition of heavy steel weights into the three bottom segments of the display further ensured the unit’s stability. The back panel served as a container to house the wiring for the lighting, which included conveniently removable access panels. We fit the display sections with dowels to align the case and then firmly secured the unit with hidden hardware.

The five acrylic shelves were incorporated to intersect with the Thinkbaby and Thinksport logo fluidly and to appear as though they were floating.

The lighting configuration quickly plugged together as the sections of the unit were assembled. We inserted strips of LED backlighting into a recessed channel at the rear of each logo letter to create a halo effect. The wiring leads neatly into a hidden compartment at the back panel of the display. Sixteen warm white LED downlights, eight casting light from the top and eight shining from below, flooded the entire display case to illuminate the Thinkbaby and Thinksport product line fully. Check out our video of the assembly process:

We built multiple crates for maximum protection during shipping and for the client to reuse at numerous trade shows. The total weight of the project, including the crates, was approximately 3,000 pounds.

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