3D Printing Pioneer WhiteClouds Announces "3DyourSCAN"

Patented "Hinge & Slice" Modeling & Breakthrough Workflow Partnership with TeraRecon

OGDEN, UT–(Marketwired – Nov 15, 2016) – WhiteClouds, the world’s largest full-color 3D printing cloud provider, today announced the launce of 3DyourSCAN, a life-size color printed, anatomical model of a patient’s CT/MRI scan designed to improve collaboration and education between physicians and patients. More than 230 million surgeries are performed each year. WhiteClouds anticipates their patent-pending “Hinge & Slice” feature will provide the most granular, detailed patient-specific models available to surgeons for collaboration and patient education.

“3DyourSCAN will help doctors better visualize complex clinical scenarios and improve collaboration among physicians and patients, providing peace of mind.” said Jerry Ropelato, CEO of WhiteClouds, “Our mission at WhiteClouds is to continue honing and delivering groundbreaking technology in order for clinicians to provide better patient care.”

3D Printing Model of Inner body

Leading 3D printing and advanced medical imaging companies partner

Parallel to the development of this technology is a partnership announcement between WhiteClouds and TeraRecon, the leading software provider in advanced visualization. Through this partnership, medical experts will have the ability to print highly-detailed patient models directly from the TeraRecon software, a platform with over 4,000 installations worldwide. This workflow provides 3D printing and cloud-based 3D reconstruction seamless and turn-key.

Said Jeff Sorenson, TeraRecon’s President and CEO, “WhiteClouds’ technology gives our customers instant access to 3D printing resources that would otherwise have high barriers to entry. Clinicians have already proven 3D printing to be a useful tool as the medical industry continues to progress towards personalized healthcare. We are excited to work with WhiteClouds to not only make 3D printing accessible, but also make prints that set a enw standard and are remarkable in terms of their detail and realism.”

Medically related projects already make up 15 percent of annual 3D printing industry revenue according to a recent UPS/Consumer Technology Association (CTA) study. With the 3D printing industry set to value at $21 billion by 2020 (according to the same study), 3D printed medical services and devices are on target to become a bigger and bigger part of the 3D printing landscape moving forward.

Dr. Jay Bishoff, Director of the Intermountain Urological Institute for Intermountain Health Care, sees the technology making “good surgeons into great surgeons.” Continues Dr. Bishoff, “These visual models revolutionize the way we perform surgery by providing insight that even the trained eye could not have seen before.”

Physical 3D modeling changes the ways clinicians work

WhiteClouds’ new patent-pending “Hinge & Slice” reproductions are the next generation in 3D printed medical models. Through its proprietary 3D-as-a-service (3DaaS) platform, WhiteClouds has the largest full-color production capacity with the ability to produce models quicker than any other provider.

“If you put a 3D model of a patient in the hands of a surgeon, they immediately realize the value. It helps in the education of the patient and family, training of residents and fellows, and planning surgical approaches. It is the ulitmate in patient specific imaging,” said Dr. Edward P. Quigley III MD Ph.D. from the University of Utah Radiology, Adavnced Visualization and 3D Printing team (Drs. Shah, Cramer, Hutchins, Quigley, and Wiggins.)

Dr. Justin Cramer of the University of Nebraska Medical Center said, “Our work has sought to make models readily available to anyone who wants them, and 3D printing is a large part of this effort. Tangible printed models facilitate interactive learning, and enable a more thorough understanding of the anatomy depicted.”

Enabling Healthcare Systems, Hospitals and Physicians to 3D Print Today

The partnership between TeraRecon and WhiteClouds, world leaders in 3D technologies, is now providing the next generation of healthcare innovation. WhiteClouds’ 3DyourSCAN is offered in 190 categories of personalized medical models which are also available through other partner channels like Anatomy Warehouse.

For more information on 3DyourSCAN, visit https://www.whiteclouds.com. For more information on TeraRecon visit http://www.terarecon.com/.

About WhiteClouds

WhiteClouds delivers a complete 3DaaS platform that enables businesses to create 3D experiences and turn them into full-color 3D printed products through the Cloud. WhiteClouds has the world’s largest full-color 3D-printing facility and the premier software platform to deliver 3D experiences and products for mass markets. WhiteClouds delivers complete solutions in Medical, Architecture, and Entertainment. Formed in 2013 and headquartered in Ogden, Utah. Form more information, go to www.WhiteClouds.com.

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