This Is The Place Heritage park is located on the east side of Salt Lake City,Utah. It sits at the mouth of Emigration Canyon. WhiteClouds was commissioned to build a large architectural diorama (18'x12') showcasing intricate details of the park from the monuments to art exhibits to all of the architectural buildings.

For more information, read our in-depth case study about creating the architectural diorama at Heritage Park Case Study. There is a short video that shows the installation process in this case study.

Heritage Park Overall View Heritage Park Main Heritage Park Parking View

The diorama model was masterfully crafted using multiple 3D printing technologies combined with traditional model-making processes. Full-color 3d printers were used to fabricate the 62 buildings emphasizing the correct texture replication in the wood and stone structures. Over 4,000 trees and 561 objects were included in this large diorama.

For more information about our architectural models, please visit our architectural models.

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