WhiteClouds now offers a resilient alternative to the snow-based snowman sculpture. Utilizing expanded polystyrene foam for the body and decorations, these snowmen can last into springtime and even be reused for years to come. What's more is since WhiteClouds' mission is to bring to life our customer's visions - each snowman is fully customizable to suit your needs and wishes.

Snowmen Collage Snowmen with Girl Snowmen in a store

Whiteclouds has 8 different snowman: Phil, Tim, Chisel, Mike, Kelly, Boxster, Kerry, and Cris. They come with many options for selecting hats, arms, noses, and mouths. Available sizes start at 4' tall and can go as tall as 8', unless you want a customized snowman. Each snowman has the option of selecting numerous colors of glitter to really give it that sparkling winter-time feel.

For more information about our snowmen, please visit our snowman page.

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