How to 3D Print your ROBLOX Creation

How to 3D Print your ROBLOX Creation

ROBLOX is an online game that allows players to create their own virtual world. Now, players can export their ROBLOX files as an OBJ file that can be 3D printed. The OBJ Exporter exports all geometry, textures, and materials created inside Studio.

Exporting your file is simple:

  • Open your place in Studio
  • Go to File > Export Place
  • Note: It may be helpful to create a folder for the OBJ file as it may take several hundred megabytes.

To export specific objects in the game:

  • Double-click on the object to open it in the Explorer window
  • Right-click on the object
  • Select Export Selection

You can also add details and effects to your object using any 3D modeling program. Tinkercad and Blender are free. Once you’re ready to 3D print your creation, you can load your file to on 3D slicer software and print it.

For more information, read ROBLOX’s blog post.

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