Evolve Provides 3D Models of Game Characters to 3D Print

The makers of the multiplayer shooter video game Evovle released the 3D files so fans of the game can 3D print the characters before the official release in October. The Evolve website states, “Right now, you can print up 3D figures of the Hunters and Monsters from Evolve. All you need are the 3D files at EvolveGame.com—which we’re giving you for free – and access to a 3D printer.”

3D printing a character is simple:

Step 1) Go to www.evolvegame.com.

Step 2) Click About.

Step 3) Choose either Hunters, to download one of the eight Hunter characters, or Monsters, to download the STL file of either Kraken or Goliath.

Step 4) Once you find the Hunter or Monster you want to 3D print, click the character’s image to open their profile.

Step 5) Click the 3D Print File button to download the STL file.

Step 6) Use your 3D printer to print the character OR send the file to WhiteClouds. We would love to 3D print your character for you.

We 3D printed Markov on a Cube and it turned out great. Our model is about 2.5 inches tall. We printed it without support material. There were some areas that probably could have used supports but it was nice not to have to trim the supports off.

We also printed Hawk on the Projet 3500 HDMax. It is approximately 1 inch tall and has 875 layers.

When you bring the STL into your 3D printer’s interfacing software, you can resize it to the size you want and choose to 3D print with or without support material.

On the Evolve’s website, they are encouraging fans to the #4v1 to show off their 3D printed models.

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