Nora Fleming's serving ware collection adds whimsical delight to dinner parties. Her collectible minis are representative of life's special moments. Nora's newest set of collectible minis include a haunted house, a holiday train engine, a polar bear, a pilgrim hat, a smiley sphere, and a pear. To showcase this new plate companion collection at tradeshows, Nora's team contacted WhiteClouds to create large 3D printed versions of her work.

Polar Bear Statuette Pilgrim Hat Statuette Haunted House Statuette

Nora sent the six miniatures to WhiteClouds' design lead, Kelly Root. With a pair of calipers and the actual models in hand, Kelly began working to create the three-dimensional files necessary for printing. In Autodesk Maya, Kelly masterfully replicated the figurines in just under a dozen total hours of design time.

The models took almost 500 hours of print time in WhiteClouds' Creality FDM print farm. Due to their size, the holiday train and the smiley sphere models were sectioned over multiple printers, and the pieces were assembled to form the final sculptures. A polymer hard-coating filled any blemishes in the prints. Once sanded and primed, each figurine was hand-painted to exactly match Nora's minis and glazed with a high-gloss finish.

Pear Statuette Smiley Emoji Statuette Holiday Train Statuette

For more information on our 3D large product replicas, please visit our page here.

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