Build a Scale Architectural Model Home or Building

A scale model building is an exact miniature replica of a building or home based on blueprints and floor plans. Architects, builders, developers, or those simply looking to build a scale model of their dream home may have questions sometime during the process of designing and building a home or other structure. Some questions may include: How do you build a scale model home or building of the architect’s designs? And is a physical model really necessary?

The answer to the first one is simple. There are many companies who build scale home models from scratch, using materials such cardstock, wood, plastics, foam, or other materials. There are companies that are using 3D printing to create scale architectural and home models. There are also DIY instructions on creating scale models with materials you have at home.

The answer to the second question is: It depends. Scale models may be required for architects and developers to present plans to city councils for approval. For new home owners, seeing a scale model of your custom-designed home model may be useful in determining glaring misconceptions and misunderstandings of what the home will actually look like once it is built. Seeing a physical representation of your dream home or building can help the homeowner and architect to make changes that reflect your needs.

Your next questions may be “how do I find the best scale model that fits my budget and needs?” You may find that the level of detail isn’t as important as knowing where all of the rooms are situated or where the windows will face on the property.

WhiteClouds is a 3D printing service company and we offer 3D printed scale architectural home models that may fit your needs. We have options to fit your style and budget. Some of our options include a removable roof, removable second story, interior walls, or a custom base with text. The base features green grass, black letters, and a white background behind the letters.

The benefits of 3D printed scale architectural models include a faster turn-around time and exact scale dimensions based on your plans. We use your professional home plans to create the physical scale model. We can also add full color so that you can see how the exterior and interior will look with your needs in mind.

We have professional 3D modelers that are fully trained to take your plans to create a physical model, whether those plans are 3D files, PDF files, or even traditional paper blueprints. If you have 3D model files, such as an STL file, this will save even more time and costs when 3D modeling. If you have further questions regarding the models that we offer, please give us a call at 1-385-206-8700 or email our customer support team at [email protected].

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