4xFAR Lighted Letters

Whether by day or by night, this large letter display lit up the 4xFar festivities. Our team did an amazing job from start of build to install. The letters and Land Rover Logo were made with a combination of wood, foam and vinyl and have LED ambient lighting installed for the perfect special effects. To be seen from all directions and distances each letter is four feet tall and the total width is 13 feet across. To learn more, see our Large Letters page.

To maximize your viewing distance, here are some suggestions.

A general rule is that you can see a:

  • 6″ letter from 125 feet
  • 1′ letter from 250 feet
  • 2′ letter from 500 feet
  • 4′ letter from 1000 feet

To maximize marketing impact, you might consider some of these sizes:

  • 4′ letters to 10′ letters for capitalizing on use of social media immersion (think selfies)
  • 3′ letters to 10′ letters for stage presence
  • 3′ letters to 12′ letters for trade shows

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