Author: Keena Page

Bear Down - University of Arizona Metal Letters Front View

School Campus Custom Large Metal Letters

Whether it’s a university slogan like “Bear Down” with a deep history, or simply your school name or acronym, having a display of school campus custom large metal letters can be just the thing that could represent the school spirit of your campus.

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Large Metal Letter Logo

“R” – Realife Church Metal Letter Case Study

Recently, WhiteClouds created a 13’ steel Replica of the Realife Church logo, a uniquely designed letter ‘R’ to be displayed outdoors. Created using Rolled steel metal and finished with automotive paint in the logo’s Representative orange, this Remarkable logo is sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. Great care was taken to make this icon as sturdy and secure as it could be, ensuring that it will endure against all other Rough elements, that it might Remain as a legacy of the Realife Church and their new building.

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E-axle system by Allison Transmission miniature replica

E-axle Industrial Model Miniature Replica – Case Study

WhiteClouds was commissioned to build a custom 3D scale 3D printed model replica of an E-Axle with a 60” L X proportional height and width (¾ scale). 3D Industrial models enable viewers to fully realize a product’s potential, being able to hold it in their hand, see it from a 360° perspective, and is a low-cost, lighter, and safer option to carry around than the actual product.

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Fabricated Metal Illuminated Signage Face Lit - Concierge

Channel Letters Signs

Channel Letters are most commonly used as outdoor signage of a storefront, with the explicit purpose of directing customers and serving as a recognizable symbol of the business.

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