TurboSquid is a large online media company that offers a large library of 3D models for purchase. Users can buy 3D models and artists can sell their designs to TurboSquid.

You need an account with TurboSquid to buy 3D models. Search through their extensive database to find what you need and add it to the cart. If there are problems, you can open a support ticket, chat, or call. TurboSquid has a knowledge base to answer your questions about file conversion, copyright help, and how to sell products. A program called CheckMate checks 3D models and marks the model as certified if it meets 3D modeling standards.

Artists are paid up to 80% in royalties and payments are made monthly through check, PayPal, or wire transfers. Uploading files for sale is free. TurboSquid accepts 3D models, texture maps, materials and shaders, motion capture, Plugins and CG scripts, tutorials, shapes and vector graphics, game levels and general media and accepts all file formats. Artists that want to sell their digital files need to create an account. Then just upload the file and click Publish.

TurboSquid was founded in 2000 by Matt and Andy Wisdom. They had previously worked together in Chimera Digital Imagaing, which produced 3D animation for television commercials. The company has had problems in the past, which led Tom Avgikos and David Avgikos to leave the company.

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